Laboratory Assistant

Supervisor: Jennifer Holland, Rita Rhodes, or Edie Cottrell

E-mail:,,, or 

Telephone:  918-631-2981/2579/2515

Number of students requested to fill above position: 6-12

Duties of the Position: Assisting an instructor in Freshmen Chemistry I or II lab; help with setting up and take-down of the equipment and/or chemicals used; help make solutions for labs; help prepare unknowns for labs; help with the paperwork for the Freshman Labs; wash dishes and help keep labs clean; assist in the Chemistry Office (some) with filing, preparing forms, answering the phone, entering data on spreadsheets, processing reports, etc.

Skills Required to Perform the Position: At least 2 years of high school Chemistry with experience in lab work; adept with analytical balance, volumetric flasks, Spectronic 20, calculator, computer, typewriter, photocopier, scanner, etc.; knowledge of Word, Excel and other basic computer programs.

Recommended Student Classification Level: III 

Beginning and Ending Dates of the Position: August 25, 2014 - May 7, 2015

Hours Per Week: Depends on the student's schedule in coordination with lab offering time.