Production Assistant

Supervisor: Susan Barrett


Telephone: 918-631-2566

Number of students requested to fill above position: 3

Duties of the Position: Work closely with resident and guest designers in organizing and acquiring materials and implementing lighting, scenery, and properties designs. Tracking budget expenditures on each production. Coordinating communication between the production office with both Scene and Costume Shops and directors. Traditional research for scenic, properties and lighting design as well as research on multiple materials for construction and implementation of design elements. Crew chief for various student crews assigned to produce each production. Ability to fill-in in any of the following areas when needed: scene painting, hang and focus crew, properties, set construction, or production office management. Aid in assigning all major and scholarship students to crew assignments throughout the year for each production. Serve as Master Electrician on productions and maintain all lighting equipment. Participate in production archival organization and some photography. 

Skills Required to Perform the Position: DEPENDABLE, advanced knowledge of the art and craft of theatre. Knowledge and experience in theatrical design and research, skill and expertise in digital still photography and filming is possible. Understanding and willingness to research new equipment, and acquire new materials for production needs. Must be computer knowledgable. Experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator preferable. Have a mastery of lighting instruments and lighting design implementation. Good management skills and ability to head crews for all areas of theatre production if necessary. Ability to conceptualize and construction properties (knowledge of broad range of material and applications as well as good shopping skills) for productions. Good organizational skills as well as polite and friendly demeanor when representing the university and the department to outside vendors. 

Recommended Student Classification Level: III

Beginning and Ending Dates of the Position: August 25, 2014 - May 7, 2015

Hours Per Week: 10 - 20