Administrative Assistant

Supervisor: Dr. Holly Laird


Telephone:  918-631-3408

Number of students requested to fill above position: 1

Duties of the Position: The administrative assistant will work to assist the Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) Graduate Assistant (GA) with their daily duties. The individual is expected to occupy the WGS office space in Chapman Hall, so as to allow the space to remain open for TU students' use for 10 hours per week. This will include greeting students when they come to use the space. While in the office, the student may be asked to perform any of the following duties:

-Attend Safe Zone training.

-Assist WGS GA in maintenance of WGS alumni database (e.g., WGS names and emails).

-Contact WGS alumni and maintain a record of their current whereabouts.

-Assist WGS GA in creating, editing, printing and distributing WGS events posters.

-Engage in campus-wide advertising for WGS-sponsored and co-sponsored events.

-Print and make copies for the WGS GA.

-Monitor office supply levels (e.g., pens and printer ink) and inform WGS GA when new supplies are needed.

-Assist the WGS GA in other WGS-related tasks, as they arise.

Skills Required to Perform the Position: The individual should possess the following:

-Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

-Excellent interpersonal skills.

-Ability to analyze and prioritize requests.

-Proficiency with computers, specifically with Word and Excel.

-Respect for individuals' privacy.

Recommended Student Classification Level: I & II

Beginning and Ending Dates of the Position: 1st day of classes August 2014, to last day of finals 2015.

Hours Per Week: 10 - 15