Food Pantry Worker

Number of students required to fill above position:  10

Duties of the Position:  Researches and identifies new food sources, aids in building food source database.  Pulls grocery items from pantry shelves.  Bags groceries at food pantry.  Packs grocery items in sacks or cartons, arranging heavy and bulky items at bottom of sack or carton.  Verifies pantry list of grocery items; carries packed sacks, or places sacks in grocery carts, and pushes cart to customer's vehicle, upon request.  Places groceries into customer's vehicle.  Collects shopping carts from parking lot and surrounding areas and returns carts to store.  Stock pantry shelves when needed.  Clean work area and carry empty boxes and trash to dumpster.  May also assist in unloading delivery trucks.  Assists food pantry and literacy directors with various administrative tasks; general garden assistance including watering, pruning, harvesting, inc.

Skills Required to Perform the Position:  Ability to carry and lift weights up to 30 lbs.

Recommended Student Classification Level:  V

Beginning and Ending Dates of the Position:  August 26, 2013 - May 8, 2014

Hours Per Week:  Monday & Tuesday 1:30 - 7:00 pm