Legal Intern

Supervisor: Kathy Shelton


Telephone: 918-631-3535

Number of students requested to fill above position:  1

Duties of the Position: Draft documents under the direction of supervising attorneys.  Regularly observe proceedings in Protective Order Court.  Sit in and observe legal negotiations with DVIS attorney and opposing counsel.  Research current legal issues and clearly and concisely brief the issues for DVIS attorneys.  Meet with counselors and observe sessions as deemed appropriate by counselors.  Assist the DVIS Legal Assistant (Melissa Walker) with any administrative and/or clerical duties as needed by her.  Contact clients in order to remind them of upcoming court dates/time/place.  Attend court appearances as time and other duties will allow at the discretion of the supervising attorney and client. 

Skills Required to Perform the Position: Must maintain an eager and positive attitude and be willing to learn and understand the dynamics of domestic violence and the difficulties for victims in leaving domestic violence situations.  Must maintain the highest level of respect for clients, confidential client information and confidential proprietary information of DVIS. 

Recommended Student Classification Level: IV

Beginning and Ending Dates of the Position: August 25, 2014 - May 7, 2015

Hours Per Week: Variable