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Norman, OK

Hello spring

Other than football, spring is my favorite season at TU. Here’s a quick update on some of the fun I’ve been having this semester with my friends!

Woodward ParkFrozen yogurt from Yolotti is always a good idea. Peanut butter yogurt with cocoa pebbles comes highly recommended from…well, me. After treating ourselves to dessert, my friends and I headed to Woodward Park, one of Tulsa’s most popular outdoor hang-outs. We even saw a group of dolled up high schoolers posing for Prom pictures. Pretty fun!

Sarah H 2

 Now I’m not sure why the Weinermobile was on campus this week, but clearly it was. Between classes we stopped for a quick photo-opp.

Sara H 3This photo was taken after a big intramural basketball win this semester! Good news, folks. The season isn’t over quite yet. My team plays in the championship game tonight! I’m hoping we win big tonight so I can sport my Tulsa Intramural Champion shirt to class tomorrow.

Rain ‘Cane

Although weather in Tulsa was dreary and wet yesterday, I still managed to enjoy being outside as I walked to and from class- mostly for the entertainment value. Every time I walked outside I saw something that made me laugh. First it was a guy riding his yellow Tulsa bike with a friend perched on his handle bars, just along for the ride. Then it was all of the students holding soggy copies of the TU student newspaper above their heads, serving as make-shift umbrellas. One guy made an upgrade from the newspaper though. He used a plastic tray. Of course every single girl (myself included) sported rain boots and purposefully sought out puddles to stomp through just because they could. So even if the rain was an inconvenience for some, I saw the goofiness of Tulsa’s student body shine through despite the forecast. Gotta love when that happens.

The Perfect Balance

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m convinced Tulsa has it all. Academic focus and impressively high rankings on a national level, but also campus involvement, school spirit, and division 1 athletics that contribute to all of my favorite parts of college. The Tulsa family grows stronger every year with the new freshman class and it serves as a great reminder of the benefits of attending a small school. Everything from small class sizes, to our campus community makes TU something I want to always be a part of. We won an exciting football game today, so maybe that’s what is making me so sentimental about my school, but I’ll keep this brief. Hearing the roar of the football stadium chanting GOLDEN HURRICANE back in forth in a tense 4th quarter was absolutely incredible. We defend Tulsa and are dedicated to everything it stands for. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of something so strong. Plus, campus is beautiful, and that doesn’t hurt one bit either.