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Beginning of the year fun!

Another year has started and I am so glad to be back on campus at TU! This is my second year here but last year I lived in Fisher West Suites. This year I get the chance to live in Fisher South, the all freshman residence hall, since I now work for housing.  Let me tell you, this dorm is the most social place and I love it! Everyone is always out and doing things whether it’s watching all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend, playing games, or just hanging out.

One of the great things that happens during the first semester are Hurricane Thursdays. Every Thursday is a different event, which are mainly geared towards getting the freshman involved with things on campus, but are open to every TU student. So far we’ve had events such as First Thursday which was a big activities fair, Pizzas of Tulsa that was put on by RHA so everyone can sample the different pizza places around town, and a Pool Party Fiesta which included live music and Qdoba. Most recently the hall government in Fisher South put on Boxer Bash, which is a dance in your underpants! Everyone dances the night away while their boxers are proudly shown on the outside of their pants. We got to enjoy a DJ while also getting to eat tons of pizza, donuts, and cookies in the shape of boxers!

It’s only been a month of school and I’m so excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

Imagine Dragons and the Beginning of Springfest

Spring is on its way!  These past couple of weeks have been very busy, as I’m sure most of you can understand.  One of the events the Student Association (SA) puts on is Springfest, which is a week of fun activities that give us things to look forward to when finals are quickly approaching.  This week is Springfest, but last week is when the SA got the Imagine Dragons to come and play for us which was pretty amazing!  TU students got in for free which is an extra bonus! They also sold over 4000 tickets to the public which meant there was a huge crowd!  My friends and I were the first people at the barricade and Dan Reynolds gave us all high-fives.  We also shared a moment during Underdog, when he pointed to me and sang the verse while I sang along and our eyes locked.  I know realistically this doesn’t make us best friends but I like to imagine it does! It was an awesome night with an amazing band of really genuine guys! Springfest is this week and the theme is “The Wonderful World of TU,” so an example of some of the fun events that will be taking place are, Lilo and Stitch Luau, Mulan Training Camp, Princess and the Frog Mardi Gras Carnival, Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade, and Cinderella Carriage Rides with the Cinderella Ball later that night! Lots of activities and lots of fun is on the agenda for this week here at TU!!


 My roommate Jessica (right) and I (left) at the concert:






 Also for the encore they all came out wearing TU t-shirts and they said they wanted a piece of TU and Oklahoma to take back with them, which was incredibly cool!:



 At the end of the concert they gave the set list to Jennifer, who lives in my suite, which as crazy! Just in case you’re wondering what they played here it is!:



Snow Day and Service Day

We had our first snow day but unfortunately it did not result in a snow day from school! Nevertheless the snow made campus even more beautiful than it typically is.  Originally I am from New Jersey so for the majority of my life I got white winters every year, but after living in Arizona for so many years I forgot what it meant to actually have to walk in the snow on your way to class.  It was definitely a nice experience though and I enjoyed watching people have snow ball fights and build snowmen.  I even saw guys building a snow fort outside of the John (John Mabee is the all male dorm) and by the time my class was over i came back outside to see it was even furnished with chairs and all!

The view walking out of the Admissions building!

The view walking out of the Admissions building!


McFarlin Library and one of many snowmen!

McFarlin Library and one of many snowmen!

Also last Saturday was service day as someone posted about earlier! I went to an elementary school and the building they are in was a junior high but it was closed for a year and the elementary school just opened.  They have been slowly but surely making a ton of improvements.  It was too cold on Saturday to paint since originally we were going to paint hopscotch patterns outside.  Instead we created a template so when it does warm up a bit they have a good idea of where to paint.  The hopscotch patterns were from the United States, Nigeria, and Great Britain.  I worked on the one from Great Britain with Kerry who lives with me.  Together we made this massive template:

Hopscotch Great Britain style!

Hopscotch Great Britain style!

I was very proud of us!  After that we moved on to cleaning out a storage room and then we joined the others outside and moved lots of dirt in preparation for re-mulching and planting flowers in the spring.  We even had help from some little boys that went to the school and saw us working!  If volunteering is something you’re interested in TU makes it so easy to log some hours!  Plus it is a great feeling knowing you are with 400 of your other classmates all doing some good and giving back to the community!