Art Exhibits Galore!

 At the University of Tulsa there is never a shortage of interesting events to attend. Philips Hall will be showcasing art professor Glenn Godsey’s work Digits and Doodles through February 20. This exhibit is different from traditional exhibits as it showcases all of the artist’s works including his doodles and sketches! I have some pictures from the exhibit below, and I think you’ll agree that TU is home to some very talented people. Also, Glenn Godsey is the oldest sponsored yo-yo team member in the world. He was even featured in a documentary about yo-yos!

We are learning all sorts of different techniques from this man in my Illustrator class and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. I would highly recommend it to anyone who decides to attend TU!

Majors and Energy Management

One of the hardest parts about going to college is figuring out what you want your major to be aka what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Some of my friends still haven’t decided.  Honestly I just think it has to be something that you like.  As they say, “Find a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life.” I love my major, but it is very demanding. Maybe not quite as much as some of the science majors, but then again science was never my thing.  Still, there are so many cool things about being an Energy Management major, such as the fact that I get to go on field trips to rigs!  We got to wear these really dorky but fun lab coat things and hard hats.

One of the most interesting things about my major is reading The Prize- an 800+ page book that we are reading this semester.  It is probably the most interesting “textbook” I have read thus far.  I really enjoy being in Ted Jacob’s class, but it is definitely the hardest one I have had since starting here.  One great thing about my major is that there are so many different things that you can do with it. You can work in the field or in the office.  I am really excited about it. Here are some of the pictures I took the day our class went to the rig.

20131004_110910 (1) 20131004_113757


Photography at University of Tulsa

Red X Whataburger

Me last Halloween, courtesy of an iPhone

I want to preface this post by saying that I’ve never taken a photography class in my life. The only camera I was familiar with was the one on my iPhone.

However, this semester I took a photography class and it has been very enjoyable. TU offers not only digital but also black and white photography (which is what I’m currently taking). The class teaches you the basics of using a 35mm camera and how to take black and white photographs. Sounds simple but you’ll quickly learn that taking a photo, developing the film, and lastly making the print is a pretty extensive but rewarding process. I’ll be sure to show off some of my better prints once I finish the class this semester. TU offers many interesting classes like these and I encourage anyone currently at TU or considering coming here to check them out. College is a time of learning, so why not learn something new?