My TU Story…

photo 1Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Caitriona Gannon Harris., a TU graduate with a B.S.(1996) and M.S. (1997) in communicative disorders. She is currently the Reach Coordinator and Writing Instructor for Monte Cassino Elementary School in Tulsa.

I wish I could report that when it came to going to college, I was a decisive person.  I was not.  Rather, I attended large, state universities before I returned to my own backyard to complete my undergraduate degree and then pursue my graduate degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Tulsa.  My decision to attend TU has helped pave a life path that has been full of opportunity, support and pride. Continue reading

6th Graders Represent The University of Tulsa

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from a 6th grade classroom inSpencer7 Chicago, IL. Hear what Stella Hannon Norman, TU Alumna and National Board Certified Teacher has to say…


I have been a Chicago Public School teacher for nearly 20 years, currently teaching educational technology and social studies to 6th-8th grade students with a 6th grade homeroom. I’ve been an educator at Spencer Technology Academy (Spencer) on the West Side of Chicago for over 12 years. College Week (7th Annual) is a BIG DEAL at our school! Winning the classroom competition is an honor sought passionately by teachers and students alike.

College Week at Spencer

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