We’re too Young to Know Certain Things are Impossible- So We do Them Anyway


Today, let me give you some encouragement and roommate situations and tell you about an awesome opportunity I had because I decided to get involved!

So I’m actually writing this post having gotten off of a plane from Chicago a few hours ago! I am a part of the Society of Women Engineers and had the opportunity to go to a conference this past week in Chicago! We got to go to sessions about everything from how to interview to how to know if a company is right for you. We also got to go to a job fair with about 250 different companies. I got to learn about different internship opportunities for this summer and a TON about jobs in the real world. While I am only a freshman, I thought that this was such a great experience to get to learn about the engineering world beyond school. I went with six other girls and while I learned a LOT form the sessions and the job fair, I probably learned the most simply from advice the other girls gave me throughout the week! The reason I got to go to this conference as a freshman was that I was eager to be involved in activities and learn about engineering and life. I say this to encourage you, a junior or senior, to start thinking about what you would like to be involved in at TU or wherever you decide to go. I decided I want to be involved in the Society of Women Engineers and pursued an officer position, even my freshman year. As a result, I got the AWESOME opportunity to go to a job fair in Chicago!

First, let me start by talking about something that I was nervous about when I came to college. I came to TU as only the second student from my town to ever come here, so I was uneasy, to say the least, about the roommate situation. I did not know anyone who was going here and had to sign up for a random roommate. Terrifying, huh? Let me tell you, though, my story has been a great success story!! My randomly chosen roommate and I love living together, and while we are very different people (I’m an engineer and she’s in musical theater!), we get along very well. And though we don’t always get along perfectly (I have an eight am class on mornings she wants to sleep in), we are both freshman and are both just as lost as the other. We have had so much fun figuring out how college and life without parents works! We’ve cried together, eaten PB&J on the floor together, and stayed up half the night together. I say all this to encourage you that while everything doesn’t always turn out perfectly, your roommate is probably just as nervous and excited about college as you are and, chances are, you’ll have a lot more in common than you think!


Winding Down

What a semester it’s been!

I guess you wouldn’t know, though, since I haven’t been on here in, well…awhile…

So. Extended leave of absence behind us, alot has been happening. Like I said in earlier posts, I’ve spent this semester serving as president of my fraternity. What a job! I now know three phone numbers by heart – my house, my mom’s cell, and Stanley Security Co., the operator of the fraternity house’s fire alarm. Let’s just say their operator and I are on a first name basis… Other than that phone number, the main thing I’ve learned through my stint as executive in chief is that foreigners know NOTHING about American university Greek life. That is, fraternities and sororities. These collegiate “social societies” are wholly American concept. The other day i had to attempt to explain to my Spanish teacher, a Spaniard, what exactly a fraternity is. In Spanish. No small feat, especially when all she knew of fraternities was the typical mainstream cultural reference – Animal House. Luckily for me, that’s not the fraternity environment here at TU, so I was able to tell her otherwise without lying to her face.

Apart from my presidential duties, most of my time is spent on school work. Classes are going well, for the most part. I’ve learned quite a bit this semester – how to build an information database, why Americans are so much more opposed to taxation than in other countries, and how to say fun things like “inflation rate” and “mortgage lender” in Spanish. Finals and end-of-semester projects are creeping up all too quickly, so honestly, I don’t want to talk about classes any more.

For Spring Break I headed two hours east to the Ozark mountains in Arkansas to go caving, hiking, and camping with my girlfriend and her family for 4 days. I know – that sounds awful, but fortunately, I have awesome “in-laws,” and the time was fantastic, especially at a true natural gem like Devil’s Den State Park just a couple hours away.

As school ends, summer kicks into gear, and I’ll begin my first real job as an intern at Tulsa-based Williams Companies. Williams is one of the nation’s leaders in the natural gas industry – one that’s going to do nothing but grow in the near future. I’m really excited about it – I’ll be working in the Economics Department doing research on energy markets and the like. Again, I know, that sounds awfully boring to some. But to be the right hand research assistant to the executives of a 3000-employee company like Williams is a fantastic opportunity. It’s also great to be a TU student, as Williams HQ (which is located in Oklahoma’s tallest building, BTW) is a ten minute drive from campus. It’ll be a great summer here in Tulsa.

Like I mentioned before, finals are fast approaching, and the biometric facial recognition paper I’ve been putting off for 2 months is due in 6 days. Considering I didn’t know what “biometric facial recognition” meant until earlier today, I had better get started pronto.



from student blogger Quinn…

Okay…so I told you that I would be back with details of my Vegas experience, which was awesome! My friend Isaac, originally from Tulsa, drove to Tulsa for the holidays and had to head back to California (where he works). So we decided to take a road trip. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy trip. Considering the fact that four guys were in a car for about a day straight and the fact that I’m 6′4 spending the most of the car ride in the back seat of a 3 series didn’t make it the most enjoyable experience. However, all of that well was worth it.

I flew into Oklahoma City the night before we headed to Vegas. Isaac drove to OKC and we headed out. The trip went well and we probably listened to almost every song in my iPod, but luckily Isaac had an 80 GB almost at capacity that we played for the remainder of the trip. When we hit Arizona it started snowing pretty bad. We never thought that it would slow us down, but it got to point where had to actually pull over. So we pulled over at about 4 am at some gas station past Flagstaff and decided to take a nap. Not my idea, but hey it happened. At some point Isaac must have woken up and taken this picture.

We awoke about an hour later and got back on the road. It still was snowing, but not as bad. We had finally started seeing Vegas exits and made a detour to check out the Hoover Dam. This was my first time there and it was actually pretty cool. I can now scratch that off my bucket list.

Within an hour we had finally made it to Vegas! We got to the hotel and met up with our friend who had flown in. We didn’t waste time sleeping, but quickly hit the strip. We didn’t stay out too long because we had to rest up before our night began. Later that night was New Year’s Eve and we had John Mayer Trio tickets. I had never seen the Trio live, but I love their music and their performance was also. As midnight came around we got an added bonus as Bob Saget came out along Jeffrey Ross to do a little stand up. It was a great way to bring in the New Year.

For the rest of the trip we got to experience the Vegas nightlife and went to the Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil show. This was amazing! I had listened to the Beatles music before, but after watching this show I am now definitely fan. The last couple of days we hung out with some UT friends who had stopped in Vegas before heading to Pasadena for the National Championship. Overall, the trip was great and I didn’t lose any money gambling!