A Place to Visit: The Guthrie Green

This marks my second year at TU and with that second year comes a whole new wealth of knowledge. Lucky for you readers, I am willing to part with that knowledge. There are tons of fun and unique activities to take part in on campus but there’s a whole bevy of things to do outside of the University of Tulsa as well. Downtown Tulsa is a robust and busy area, rich with art and community (and it’s only 3 miles away from campus) that students can take advantage of while attending TU. Downtown Tulsa is home to locations like The Guthrie Green, an outdoor performing space and garden. Every week they show classic films, have concerts, host fairs and all kinds of great activities (and it’s usually free too). In the past week alone I’ve been to The Guthrie Green to see a movie, visit a technology fair, and see a hip hop concert. The Guthrie Green has a little something for everyone and I encourage all TU students to take advantage of this unique location. For more information on the events The Guthrie Green will be hosting here is their website http://www.guthriegreen.com/

-Sebastian Pineda

Tulsa Race for the Cure

Each sorority and fraternity has a special philanthropy they support.  My house’s philanthropy is Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness.  To raise money for the foundation we held a dinner on Monday called Kappasta where we served pasta… obviously! It was really good.  We even got breadsticks from Olive Garden.  Anyway, we sponsored a dodge ball tournament, and a bunch of teams from around campus sign up and play against each other.  It is so  fun!  I had a lot of work to do, but I didn’t want to leave.

These events lead up to the big event… Tulsa’s Race for the Cure, which was held last Saturday.  I did an untimed race, which is fine because I am slow (but I was really proud of myself because I went a lot faster than I thought I would)!  I had a lot of fun and  my sorority sisters were there to run with me!  One of the girls walked with her Grandmother, who is a cancer survivor.  I finished the race just before it began pouring rain, yet I still got soaked.  Here is a picture of us after the race (after it started raining):20130928_095629

Spring Break!

I couldn’t go home for Spring Break this year because I had rowing practice.  It was great to be rowing because in the beginning of the week the weather was really nice, and I just enjoyed being out on the water!  However, the best part of the break for me was being able to see my parents! I am very close to my parents and not being able to see them in nearly two months has been hard because last semester I somehow managed to see them every month.  Anyway, they came to visit me at the end of spring break!  We had so much fun because we got to explore Tulsa.  

We went to the Gilcrease Museum, and to some of the restaurants that I had heard had amazing food, and went shopping! In case you were wondering some of the best places to eat are: McNellie’s, Mod’s, The Coffee House on Cherry Street (as I have said before), Tally’s, Elote Cafe, The Brook, and The Phoenix.  Although we only went to McNellie’s and Elote Cafe while my parents were here, I would recommend all of them!  There is a lot of great food in Tulsa.

The Gilcrease was really cool too because students get in free, and it is always fun to look at new exhibits.  It is slightly different from the Art Museum in St. Louis (where I’m from) because the Gilcrease has more art and artifacts from the American West.  I also had fun shopping at the mall, but my mom said that her favorite place to shop is still Utica Square (which is really convenient because it is so close to campus).  I really enjoyed having my parents here, and I look forward to seeing them again. :)20130324_123242