Attending TU has so many benefits such as a great education, wonderful one-on-one time with professors and numerous internship opportunities. While these things are all great and a wonderful reason to consider attending TU, there is more to TU and the city of Tulsa than just educational benefits. Tulsa is full of so many opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

One of the many benefits of being a TU student is free admission to the Gilcrease Museum, home of the world’s largest, most comprehensive collection of art of the American West. While there is definitely an educational element in the museum, it is a ton of fun! The Gilcrease has a lot of paintings and such inside and beautiful nature and art outside. I went with a bunch of friends and we had an absolue blast, besides getting to work on our archery. :)


A lot of cool opportunities can come out of simply paying attention to all of the free things about which the college sends e-mails. I had actually never seen Pirates of the Caribbean before (I know, crazy), but the TU Student Association purchased some tickets to the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the score with the movie being played on the screen behind them. So my first time to see The Curse of the Black Pearl was with a live orchestra! It was pretty incredible. Here is a photo of the screen at intermission along with the orchestra’s seats.


On a completely unrelated note, one of the things I really enjoy at TU are all of the gorgeous flowers that are planted around the campus. Here is a photo of some really pretty flowers with the library in the background!

And with that I will leave you with wishes for a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!



I feel bad for not posting anything all month. So I will incorporate everything into one post. (Don’t worry, it will be short) 

First up was homecoming. For those of you that don’t know, homecoming is also Parents Weekend at TU. So along with alumni, the campus is bustling with parents and family coming to see their college son/daughter. For the freshman, this event is really exciting especially since the last time some may have seen their parents was months ago when they moved in! So TU makes sure to have a weekend filled with awesomeness. Friday night is the bond fire and Saturday is the tailgate out on the New U with a lot of free food, shirts, and other merchandise for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately I missed the bond fire, but I’m sure fellow bloggers have pictures and stories about the festivities. I did make it to tailgating and the game on Saturday. Not much to say about the football game because we WON!!! Pretty good game, the Golden Hurricane bruised up the Mustangs pretty bad.

That same weekend was also Halloween. Even though it was a Monday night, my fraternity decided to throw a party. Everyone came out in their costumes and it turned out to be one of the best Halloween parties I’ve been to. I was the Big Bad Wolf and I forgot to get a pic with Little Red so maybe next year…

October went by pretty fast, especially at the end. Only a few more weeks till thanksgiving break. Can’t wait.

 TU was also randomly visited by the C-SPAN bus.haha.

Campus Visitors

I love fall break. Well, let me clarify…I love high school fall break. TU students don’t get a fall break (they DO get the entire week of Thanksgiving off, which is even better, since most of our students come from out of state and have a long trip home and everyone could use an entire week off right before finals).

Some Prospective Student Visitors

Anyway, when high schools have fall break, it means that we have a TON of visitors on campus.

The fountain in front of Collins Hall

So things are pretty lively here in Collins Hall.

Most of our admission counselors are back in the office after all their fall travel to high schools and college fairs across the country, so they are thrilled to be here to meet with families who are visiting.  One admission counselor, Karen Chen, said she hadn’t spent a full day in the office since September 1st!

Lindsley, a prospective student, and Earl Johnson, Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services and Dean of Admission

Our University Ambassadors have been working overtime giving extra tours and taking students to lunch. What would we do without our great UAs? Have I mentioned that they don’t get paid? They just love TU!

Some of our University Ambassadors about to give a tour

A campus tour leaving Collins Hall

Since we didn’t offer an official visit program this week, most of our (hundreds) of visitors this week planned individual campus visits. Some of them came with friends, and many of the visitors brought their parents, but they all got individual itineraries planned for their own personal interests. I met with one student who was thrilled because her class visits solidified her interests in biology and pre-med, and another student who decided to change his major after he really connected with a professor in another engineering discipline. It is exciting to see students exploring their interests and figuring out how TU will help them become the people they want to be.

Students and Ambassadors eating lunch

Some schools have fall break next week. It looks like it will be another busy week for The Office of Admission! See you then.

-Casey Reed