Spicing It Up a Bit!

One of the things that I feel is really great during college, but especially TU, is the fact you choose what you want to study. I’m an education major but this semester I have a huge variety of classes which are mostly mandatory to fulfill other requirements but it is spicing up the typical classes I took last semester. For example I’m taking geology which I have not studied since sixth grade so that is interesting! I’m also taking a class that is based on Wagner’s ring. I literally had no idea what that was about when I signed up for it so in case you were wondering it is about four operas which deals with a ring that was forged when a dwarf renounces love and that ring controls everything. Also, one of the goddesses was traded to the giants in return for building a fortress and that goddess happens to be the only one that can tend to the apples that keep the gods youthful and powerful. Anyway it is definitely an interesting  semester with a lot of variety which is nice especially because I’ve met a ton of new people! Tulsa Time is coming up so I’m sure all of you reading will hear more about that! Hopefully we’ll see a ton of you on campus soon!