Traditions and Competitions

IMG_1675We are in the midst of Homecoming week here at TU and as a junior I have a few Homecoming traditions that I always look forward to.  Every night of Homecoming Week includes events that the whole school is invited to attend.  Organizations are able to participate in the competitive aspects of Homecoming and are judged by attendance, as well as how they place in the competitive events.  I work in Fisher South, the first-year residence hall, and our hall government competes in Homecoming each year.  The events for Homecoming this year include a Color Run, Street Painting, a Yard Board competition, a Pie-Eating Contest, and our annual Bonfire.

The theme this year is the All-American Homecoming in honor of TU moving into the American Athletic Conference for our Division I teams.  Fisher South is a very competitive building, and these events have made all of us step up our game.  My favorite event of Homecoming is Street Painting.  During Street Painting, organizations take a section of 8th Street leading up to Chapman Stadium and paint murals to show our school spirit.  We are given three hours to complete the competition and it was all hands on deck.  Our concept was “The All-American Dream” and Goldie was dreaming about a Golden Hurricane sweeping up the Bulls (our opponents for the game), Captain ‘Cane punching a bull, and our football team making the winning field goal.


My contribution was mixing the color for Goldie and painting her.


Hall Government, staff, and Fisher South friends were all helping to get the vision down on the street.


By the end of the night we were all holding flashlights in order to see exactly what we were painting.


Creating the yard board is my next favorite competition during Homecoming.  Each organization is given a board to decorate and they are then placed on one of the sidewalks by McFarlin library for everyone to see.  One of the Resident Assistants, Julia Morgan, took this project under her wing and was responsible for most of the artwork on the board.  About ten of us followed her lead and were able to paint the letters and such.

yard board

Our concept was The All-American Team featuring key figures: George Washington, Goldie, President Upham, and Captain ‘Cane. We named this “Mt. Crushmore Bulls” in anticipation of a Homecoming win.


As if Homecoming competitions were not enough, Fisher South has begun a Halloween Door-Decorating Contest that runs through the end of the month.  I love some friendly competition as does this building.  My roommate and I have fully embraced the challenge and I look forward to seeing what others bring to their hall.


Back at Home on Campus

Brittany James

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa comes to us from Brittany J., a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

“At last, I’m home.”

Those were the first words I whispered to myself as the limestone buildings and university gates came into view after my four-hour drive from Kansas City to Tulsa. Growing up, the words “house” and “home” always had the same meaning. It wasn’t until I came to college that I began to realize while a “house” is a building that provides sufficient shelter, a “home” is the place that provides comfort, support, and overall makes you happy.  While I love my family and enjoy the time I spend with them, my home is in Tulsa (as much as it annoys my mother when I say that). I simply feel so happy here and completely free to be myself. That is in large part due to the friends that I have made. Nothing beat the feeling of reuniting with those friends after three long months of separation. Even though I was sweating non-stop during move-in thanks to Oklahoma’s good ole humidity, I never stopped smiling. Continue reading