Last Call for Fun

The semester is coming to an end which means summer is almost in reach.  You would think this means that the fun is over and everyone is starting to buckle down for finals. For the most part that’s true, but there is never a lack of fun at TU.

This past week was my fraternity’s (Kappa Sigma’s) 51st annual philanthropy week, coined “Kappa Sigma Olympics”.  Our local philanthropy is The Little Light House of Tulsa which assists families of children with special needs.  And our national philanthropy is the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign which provides charitable donations to organizations such as The Fisher House Foundation in support of our military veterans.

Throughout the week we hosted various events to raise money and promote awareness and support.  We had a dinner is which the entire campus was invited to come out and take part in, Burn Co (a local BBQ favorite) provided the food.  And saturday we had a kickball tournament with all the sororities competing and a dance competition that night.

Kickball is pretty intense, but the dance competition is where the main focus is. The sororities start practicing months in advance all for the chance to win the coveted title. Kappa Sigma also puts on a step show as a warm-up to the dance competition. This year Tri-Delta (Delta Delta Delta) took the title, but it was a great show overall.

(Photos from the kickball and dance competition can be viewed here

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here is a guest blog post from Maribel O., a senior Energy Management Major from Arkansas….

When I first decided to be a guest blogger for the TU Admission Blog, I thought it would take me a couple of minutes to write something funny, insightful, and inspiring.  Yet, this brought to mind so many of the memories that I have experienced at TU. Both good and bad.  And it surprised me how quick my journey at TU has been.  Allow me to share my story with you…

As a small-town girl from Huntsville, Arkansas, I wanted to get out of Arkansas. And fast. I traveled to colleges in Missouri, Oklahoma, and California in search of the perfect one.  I wanted to retain the small-town feel that I had grown up in, but not sacrifice the thrill of football games and Greek life.  I found the perfect mix at TU. This sounds super cheesy, but I knew I wanted to be a Hurricane the moment I set foot on campus.  I even made a life-long friend out of my tour guide at Tulsa Time.  (Shout out to Sara M)!  The professor whose class I sat in for Tulsa Time ended up being one of my favorite professors and I proceeded to take two of his classes (Dr. Settle WILL make you learn economics).  My admission counselor was beyond awesome and the entire staff or counselors, advisers, and professors eased the transition from high school to college.

First semester I joined a sorority and I am proud to call some of the most incredible, talented, and caring women on campus my sisters.  But some of my closest friends are non-Greek and I love that TU has the type of environment where affiliation does not impede friendships, but rather fortifies them.  Campus has so much diversity; I have friends from Indonesia, Scotland, China, Venzuela, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Germany, Nigeria, and India.  It is incredible how much you can learn from your friends!  Who knew Kazakhstanian women love telenovelas as much as I do!

Finally seniors!! My best friends and me on bid day 

With friends after brunch with alumni

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So TU, Think You Can Dance?

What an amazing weekend!

This weekend, I got to see one of the best performances that I’ve ever seen at TU! On Friday and Saturday night, TU hosted a dance competition called “So TU, Think You Can Dance?” The production was based on the famous TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?” which made it all the more fun. The original auditions for the competition were in October, and dozens of people tried out from all areas of the school–all different majors, interests, styles of dance, etc. The directors and choreographers of the show cut it down to about 30 if you include understudies, and then selected the top ten from those 30 to dance solos at the performance.

The performances featured 21 dances including the soloists, and the styles ranged from contemporary to tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. There were some pieces choreographed by faculty, some by students, and even one that was choreographed by a professional dance company in New York City who sent a dancer down to TU to teach it to our dancers! The new Lorton Performing Arts Center was sold out, and there were even 100 people that had tickets that had to be turned away because the number of people present was above fire code. It was incredible! The energy of the audience was insane, and you could feel it emanating from the dancers as well. They were so incredible to watch–no one had any idea that we had so much talent right here on our own campus!

My pledge sisters and I--two of whom danced in the show--after the performance!

I had five sorority sisters that were in the performance–three of which were in the top ten–so it was especially fun for me to watch them completely in their element. All of them have danced their entire lives, but they have never had an opportunity such as this one to showcase their dancing to their friends, much less the entire campus. I felt so blessed to be able to share that moment with them as a member of the audience, and I was astounded again and again as each dancer performed. There were numbers that made me cry and numbers that made me smile. I was such a mess of emotions by the end of the night that I couldn’t even keep it together! Seeing my sisters jump off of the stage at the end of the show and run into the huge group of girls from my sorority that had come to watch was one of the most amazing moments I’ve had at TU so far. All of the dancers did an absolutely incredible job, and I am so glad that I was able to see such an amazing production before I graduated. On top of the amazing dances, the show brought in professionals and professors alike to serve as judges. The principal dancer of the Tulsa Ballet was even a judge! The judges selected the top 5 dancers, and then the audience got to text in votes for the winner. There was a different winner each night, so it kept the entire campus on its toes. It was such an amazing weekend, and I hope that they make this production a yearly event so that I can come see it again when I’m in law school next year!

It is amazing to me that even as a senior with four years at TU under my belt, I can make these amazing memories each and every day. No matter how monotonous life gets, TU always keeps it interesting, and for that I am truly thankful. I was just thinking today how much Tulsa has become my home, and how by the time I’ve graduated law school I’ll have lived here for almost a third of my life. It has truly become a part of me, and I’m not sure that I’ll be ready to leave when the time comes. I love this city, I love this campus, and I am so grateful for the blessings that I have experienced as a result of being here. I’ll definitely be a Golden Hurricane for life. Go TU!