New Member Retreat and My First Race

Some fun things have happened recently.  First was the new member retreat for Kappa, (see pictures below).  The second is that I got to participate in a race for rowing called a regatta, but I’ll talk more about that later.

The retreat…first, the car I went in had a very difficult time getting there!  Our GPS led us to a factory and a very creepy small house on a hill.  When we finally got to the house, it was huge and we laughed because we were the second ones there and when other people arrived they said they had gotten lost too.  We also ate a lot, which is one of my favorite things to do!  Then we played a game where we had to guess who our bigs were based on clues. (A big is kind of like a mentor with which new sorority members are provided to help guide them through anything they might have questions about.)  I refused to go first because I am shy and that makes me uncomfortable, but when I heard the clues I knew it was my big.  Next we went upstairs and the seniors talked to us about what it means to be a Kappa, and because it was Kate’s and my birthday, they brought us cupcakes.  Then we got to make up a song about Kappa. We decided to make a song based on Taylor Swift’s song Love Story.  It turned out really cute.  By the end of the night I was really glad that they had this event because it was so fun and it was a great thing to do on my birthday.

The other thing was amazing was the regatta.  It wasn’t exactly a real regatta with medals and things but we raced Kansas in a scrimmage.  Since I am more of a coxswain (the person that steers the boat) I don’t typically race in the boat, but someone got sick and I did get to race.  It was really exciting because based on times our boat won 3rd which would have meddaled if it were a real race.  I also was really excited to spend the whole day with my friends and get to see the experienced rowers.  Because it was parents weekend my parents even got to see me row, which is awesome.  All and all it was a pretty exciting race for me.  I unfortunately don’t have pictures from this so just trust that it was soooo fun :)

Last Call for Fun

The semester is coming to an end which means summer is almost in reach.  You would think this means that the fun is over and everyone is starting to buckle down for finals. For the most part that’s true, but there is never a lack of fun at TU.

This past week was my fraternity’s (Kappa Sigma’s) 51st annual philanthropy week, coined “Kappa Sigma Olympics”.  Our local philanthropy is The Little Light House of Tulsa which assists families of children with special needs.  And our national philanthropy is the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign which provides charitable donations to organizations such as The Fisher House Foundation in support of our military veterans.

Throughout the week we hosted various events to raise money and promote awareness and support.  We had a dinner is which the entire campus was invited to come out and take part in, Burn Co (a local BBQ favorite) provided the food.  And saturday we had a kickball tournament with all the sororities competing and a dance competition that night.

Kickball is pretty intense, but the dance competition is where the main focus is. The sororities start practicing months in advance all for the chance to win the coveted title. Kappa Sigma also puts on a step show as a warm-up to the dance competition. This year Tri-Delta (Delta Delta Delta) took the title, but it was a great show overall.

(Photos from the kickball and dance competition can be viewed here

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here is a guest blog post from Maribel O., a senior Energy Management Major from Arkansas….

When I first decided to be a guest blogger for the TU Admission Blog, I thought it would take me a couple of minutes to write something funny, insightful, and inspiring.  Yet, this brought to mind so many of the memories that I have experienced at TU. Both good and bad.  And it surprised me how quick my journey at TU has been.  Allow me to share my story with you…

As a small-town girl from Huntsville, Arkansas, I wanted to get out of Arkansas. And fast. I traveled to colleges in Missouri, Oklahoma, and California in search of the perfect one.  I wanted to retain the small-town feel that I had grown up in, but not sacrifice the thrill of football games and Greek life.  I found the perfect mix at TU. This sounds super cheesy, but I knew I wanted to be a Hurricane the moment I set foot on campus.  I even made a life-long friend out of my tour guide at Tulsa Time.  (Shout out to Sara M)!  The professor whose class I sat in for Tulsa Time ended up being one of my favorite professors and I proceeded to take two of his classes (Dr. Settle WILL make you learn economics).  My admission counselor was beyond awesome and the entire staff or counselors, advisers, and professors eased the transition from high school to college.

First semester I joined a sorority and I am proud to call some of the most incredible, talented, and caring women on campus my sisters.  But some of my closest friends are non-Greek and I love that TU has the type of environment where affiliation does not impede friendships, but rather fortifies them.  Campus has so much diversity; I have friends from Indonesia, Scotland, China, Venzuela, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Germany, Nigeria, and India.  It is incredible how much you can learn from your friends!  Who knew Kazakhstanian women love telenovelas as much as I do!

Finally seniors!! My best friends and me on bid day 

With friends after brunch with alumni

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