The Office of Admission wants to congratulate two of our outstanding University Ambassadors. Not only were Jordan Moyer and Sam Graves elected Homecoming Queen and King, the two seniors also got engaged! Congratulations you two!!

-The Office of Admission 

Casey Reed

Cheers TU!

 What a fun couple of weeks! Fall has finally arrived on campus with some cooler weather (although it still reached 90 degrees on Monday), and we just had an amazing Homecoming Weekend! I was honored to be on Homecoming Court and named as a Top Ten Senior this year, so most of my activities this past weekend revolved around shmoozing with amazing alumni and attending fun events!

On Friday, I started off my day giving a tour to Lovie Smith—yes, THE Lovie Smith. Head football coach of the Chicago Bears, ex-defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, and TU alumni. He played football here and coached here, so it was really nice to have him back on campus and an honor to be able to give him and his wife a private tour!

On Friday afternoon my family came in town for the Parents Weekend side of Homecoming Weekend, and it was so nice to have them here! I haven’t seen them in a while, so it was great to drag them along to all of the events! On Friday night we went to a fancy dinner in the new Lorton Performing Arts Center honoring the Distinguished Alumni for this year’s Homecoming (such amazing people!), and then we went to the bonfire, which is one of my favorite Homecoming events!

We have a huge pep rally with the band and all of the dancers and cheerleaders, and then we light the biggest bonfire in Oklahoma and watch fireworks shot off of our own intramural field! It is so beautiful!



I feel bad for not posting anything all month. So I will incorporate everything into one post. (Don’t worry, it will be short) 

First up was homecoming. For those of you that don’t know, homecoming is also Parents Weekend at TU. So along with alumni, the campus is bustling with parents and family coming to see their college son/daughter. For the freshman, this event is really exciting especially since the last time some may have seen their parents was months ago when they moved in! So TU makes sure to have a weekend filled with awesomeness. Friday night is the bond fire and Saturday is the tailgate out on the New U with a lot of free food, shirts, and other merchandise for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately I missed the bond fire, but I’m sure fellow bloggers have pictures and stories about the festivities. I did make it to tailgating and the game on Saturday. Not much to say about the football game because we WON!!! Pretty good game, the Golden Hurricane bruised up the Mustangs pretty bad.

That same weekend was also Halloween. Even though it was a Monday night, my fraternity decided to throw a party. Everyone came out in their costumes and it turned out to be one of the best Halloween parties I’ve been to. I was the Big Bad Wolf and I forgot to get a pic with Little Red so maybe next year…

October went by pretty fast, especially at the end. Only a few more weeks till thanksgiving break. Can’t wait.

 TU was also randomly visited by the C-SPAN bus.haha.