Rain ‘Cane

Although weather in Tulsa was dreary and wet yesterday, I still managed to enjoy being outside as I walked to and from class- mostly for the entertainment value. Every time I walked outside I saw something that made me laugh. First it was a guy riding his yellow Tulsa bike with a friend perched on his handle bars, just along for the ride. Then it was all of the students holding soggy copies of the TU student newspaper above their heads, serving as make-shift umbrellas. One guy made an upgrade from the newspaper though. He used a plastic tray. Of course every single girl (myself included) sported rain boots and purposefully sought out puddles to stomp through just because they could. So even if the rain was an inconvenience for some, I saw the goofiness of Tulsa’s student body shine through despite the forecast. Gotta love when that happens.

Tulsa Colors

Flaming red. Brilliant gold. Majestic blue. These are colors I’ve have become accustom to seeing on campus┬ánot only on students’ t-shirts but also in the turning trees and Fall sky. Here is a peek at the beauty I experience daily on campus.

what a gorgeous combination!

P.S.- Trees in Texas (where I’m from) don’t do cool things like turn colors. Which is why I am so excited about the beautiful Fall weather here!!