Keeping Warm in the Winter

Casey Reed
There is a saying in Oklahoma, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Even though we have 4 distinct seasons, each of them is usually interrupted with days of unseasonable weather, giving you a nice break.

Today is a good example. It’s the middle of February and it’s almost 70 degrees outside. Most of our students are wearing shorts. I snapped this shot of a few TU students playing in the fountain outside Collins Hall at 11:30am this morning…

Knowing Oklahoma, it will snow tomorrow.

-Casey Reed

Fall Happenings!


Fall Semster is my favorite semester because of all the fun happenings both on and off campus! Homecoming and Football being two of my personal favorites along with coming home for the Holidays!

Tulsa State Fair was fun, we went with some of the freshmen on campus and saw Eli Young Band for 2$. Great night that did not break the bank!

 Anna, Sarah, Myself, Alec, Christopher, & Thomas, some of the TU Top Ten Freshmen


Courtney, Alexa and I at Starbucks at Utica with our parents during Parent’s Weekend


Sarah, Maggie (My roomate) and I tailgating for the Pink Out!

One of my best friends and I with the President and his Wife!


Attending TU has so many benefits such as a great education, wonderful one-on-one time with professors and numerous internship opportunities. While these things are all great and a wonderful reason to consider attending TU, there is more to TU and the city of Tulsa than just educational benefits. Tulsa is full of so many opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

One of the many benefits of being a TU student is free admission to the Gilcrease Museum, home of the world’s largest, most comprehensive collection of art of the American West. While there is definitely an educational element in the museum, it is a ton of fun! The Gilcrease has a lot of paintings and such inside and beautiful nature and art outside. I went with a bunch of friends and we had an absolue blast, besides getting to work on our archery. :)


A lot of cool opportunities can come out of simply paying attention to all of the free things about which the college sends e-mails. I had actually never seen Pirates of the Caribbean before (I know, crazy), but the TU Student Association purchased some tickets to the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the score with the movie being played on the screen behind them. So my first time to see The Curse of the Black Pearl was with a live orchestra! It was pretty incredible. Here is a photo of the screen at intermission along with the orchestra’s seats.


On a completely unrelated note, one of the things I really enjoy at TU are all of the gorgeous flowers that are planted around the campus. Here is a photo of some really pretty flowers with the library in the background!

And with that I will leave you with wishes for a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!