Opportunities Galore

Flipping through my to-do list booklet and looking over my social and academic calendars, I wonder how it will all get done. Lately I have been going nonstop but truly enjoying every minute. These past couple of weeks have been filled with many workshops, meetings, and even football practice. It’s the beginning of the hiring season for interns for most companies so the Collins College of Business has been buzzing. I have been able to attend quite a few informational workshops over how to dress, ways to network, and mock interviews are coming up. They have all given tons of helpful information, and I even won an Olive Garden gift card along with other fun goodies. Last week was also special because I interviewed for Student Association and received an associate position in Cabinet!

It’s officially football season, both to play and watch. Tailgating was something I had never done, and now I see why people put so much effort into their pre-game events. Student Association put on one, and gave out t-shirts, pizza, and drinks. Right after that, I ran over to the Tri-Delt/Sigma Chi tailgate where hamburgers were freshly grilled…Don’t worry I didn’t eat at both. Our Golden Hurricane boys just beat Bowling Green, and it was exciting to see classmates and friends on the field. Intramurals kicked off, and it was a bittersweet first game. Playing with the Tri-Delt girls was awesome, but losing in overtime..not so much. The intensity of all the girls was quite shocking, and our awesome coaches (from one of the fraternities) brought us kool aid and orange slices for halftime..they’d make great team moms.

I purposely almost forgot academics, because after awhile your brain stops functioning in school mode, and starts to feel like overcooked raman noodles. Although classes have been difficult, my major Energy Management has been quite educational in relaxed settings. My TEMSA mentor and I had a good talk over Hurricane Hut passion fruit smoothies (great college pick-me-up) where she encouraged me and got me back on track after some discouraging grades. We had our first official TEMSA meeting on Sunday Night which was sponsered by Williams, and the Vice President of Gas Marketing gave us an overview of what his job entailed. Again, great networking that I feel a larger school could not offer as well and as often as TU does. Something I’m looking foward to this weekend is going skeet shooting with the Director of Energy Management, Ted Jacobs, and some of my EM peers. Again a skill I’ve always wanted to learn and TU has opened the door in order for me to do so.
Laundry haunts me back at the house, and studying for upcoming tests and quizzes is not going to go away. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I look foward to letting you know I’m alive after shootin’ some skeet.

Fast Forward

from student blogger Quinn…

So its been a while since my last post. I’ll update you pretty quickly though. So this past semester, I took a Robotics class that met everyday except Sunday. Yes, everyday! Everyday does include Saturday. Although this class met everyday, it was only for the first 6 weeks of the semester. It was geared around an high school robotics competition called FIRST. We had this program at my high school , but I never had the opportunity to participate. Anyway, the class was a good experience. I was the team captain of the Booker T. Washington High School Team. Long story short, we lost in the championship. It was a good experience, and I hope to participate in the class next year.


So for springbreak my friends and I decided to go Mazatlan, Mexico. My parents weren’t too thrilled with that idea, but we all made it back safely. I really enjoyed eating 3 meals a day for under $6. The weather was great in Mazatlan. We were able to get in some volleyball games and even some football games on the beach. I’m glad I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and a semester at TU because we ended up venturing out in some parts of town where no English was spoken. So after enjoying 90 degree weather all week , I come back to Tulsa which was covered in Snow.



After springbreak , the semester was pretty much downhill. I only ended up having one final and just a couple more SA events left to plan. This was my last semester with participating in SA and it will be something that I will miss. I loved being involved with the planning and programming side of things, but it will be interesting to go to a tailgate just as a student. My final year at TU I will be President of the Association of Black Collegians. I’m very excited to be taking on this position and ABC’s executive staff has great things planned this year!

So I think I’ve filled you in on the past 4months or so. Now I can talk about the present. This summer I am back in Bakersfield, CA interning for Chevron. A few of my friends are back as well and its sure to be a great summer. Chevron is really great about plpanning networking events outside of work. For the interns, HR puts on several events through out the summer. The first event we had was a Volleyball/Ice Cream Social Event. I think I represented TU well by wearing the SA springfest Shirt created by T.Coye.



We also had a gaming tournament. I’m not the biggest gamer, but I will say that I do dominate in Mario Kart (N64). The main office at Chevron has huge screens usually used for big presentations, but that night they were used for Call of Duty, Halo, Mario Kart, etc. There was a ton of pizza and other unhealthy food at the event. I made sure to get my carbs up before I dominated in Mario Kart.


Another event that we had was the leadership BBQ. This event gives the interns an opportunity to meet the upper management of the company. I had the opportunity to speak with managers who had the opportunity to live in Indonesia and Nigeria. Both managers said that working abroad was a great experience for them and their families. Aside from the networking part of the event, we also played some picnic games.


We started off by having a water balloon toss and then followed by an egg toss. We played a couple rounds, and then things got interesting when someone threw a balloon at the HR head. I remained clean the entire time,but lets say there were a few people who weren’t so lucky.



Our most recent event was held only a couple nights ago, “The Dine and Dance.” “The Dine and Dance,” was held at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace. I actually don’t know who Buck Owens was, but he knew a lot of people and his establishment was huge. The walls were scattered with pictures of Buck and celebrities such as Robert Duvall, Dean Martin, and Brad Paisley just to name a few. We had a great dinner and then the dancing followed. I’m the not best line dancer, but that didn’t stop me from getting out there. I forget the name of the band that was playing that night, but they played a song called Tulsa Time which wasn’t that bad.



Maybe admissions can play the song during TU’s Tulsa Time. Anyway, I’m going to try and keep this blog updated as much as possible this summer because my friends and I have lots of trips planned this summer. So enjoy…until next time!

2010 Already?!

from student blogger Quinn…

Okay so I haven’t blogged in a while and so much has happened in these past couple of months at TU. School and extracurricular activities have been keeping me pretty busy. In December, SA had an ice rink set up outside of Bayless Plaza. It was a pretty cool set up. There was even fake snow and hot chocolate and cookies were served. I was pretty sad when I found out that they didn’t have my size in skates. However, Santa showed up later that evening too. Santa and I got a chance to hang out earlier in the day in ACAC when he was chilling in sleigh with his helper.

Finals weren’t too bad for me considering that I only had two. So I was actually done with finals a week earlier than most people, but I decided to stay in Tulsa for an extra week to work on an extracurricular project and hang out with friends. I wasn’t too productive on the project though so I decided to head home after staying a week.

Being back in St. Louis was awesome! I got to see friends and family who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. I actually won’t be returning to St. Louis until November because my internship and Spring Break plans (I’ll fill you in on those later). My stay in St. Louis was shortened because I went to Vegas for a week ! I’ll talk about that trip more in my next post so stay tuned!