Keeping Warm in the Winter

Casey Reed
There is a saying in Oklahoma, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Even though we have 4 distinct seasons, each of them is usually interrupted with days of unseasonable weather, giving you a nice break.

Today is a good example. It’s the middle of February and it’s almost 70 degrees outside. Most of our students are wearing shorts. I snapped this shot of a few TU students playing in the fountain outside Collins Hall at 11:30am this morning…

Knowing Oklahoma, it will snow tomorrow.

-Casey Reed

February Part 1

The weather never ceases to amaze me in my lifetime of living in Oklahoma. This past weekend we had freezing rain and snow. But as soon as it came, it was over and temperatures soared back to mid-50s. I still think there’s a good chance for at least one big snow before winter is over…we’ll see.

Saturday was the TU Men’s basketball game against Houston. We stomped the floor with them, score of 72-48! And the final game was held for the Tri-Delta “Hoops for Hope” philanthropy (supports St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital.)  It was a pretty intense match-up, even if it was for philanthropy!

The Grammy Awards was also hosted this past weekend. It really did feel weird with the news of Whitney Houston, but as they say “The show must go on.”  And Adele deserved all 6 Grammys. She’s definitely one for Gaga to keep an eye on.haha

A bit of advice and a reason to GET GOLDEN

What is my # 1 piece of advice for prospective students? I’ve said it before…VISIT CAMPUS!

Get a campus tour from real-life students. Meet with faculty members. Sit in on classes. Have a conversation with your admission counselor. Eat in the cafeteria. Attend a sporting event. Visit for a second time, during a different season or with a different family member. You learn something with each campus visit.

Have you visited all of the colleges you applied to? Use your winter break to plan some trips for the spring semester- whether it’s across the country or only across town. Even if it’s cold outside.

-Casey Reed