M. Teresa Valero
Applied Professor of Art/Graphic Design

Advisory Board
Mark Brewin, Communication
David Moncrief, Communication
Bill Hinkle, Communication

The Certificate in Advertising, better known as the Ad Program at TU, has been crafted to offer the aspiring marketing communications, advertising, media, public relations, graphic design, and broadcast video production student a concentrated, comprehensive program designed to prepare the graduate for a lucrative position in the account service and/or creative field.

Certificate Requirements

Students will be required to complete 21 credit hours to be chosen from an approved list of courses, some of which will satisfy general curriculum requirements. Courses are to be chosen from a minimum of two academic departments (art and communication).

Certificate Requirements

Credit Hours

Core  15 
Electives    6 
Total Hours Required for Certificate 21 

Required Core Courses

  • Art   3243, Graphics Communications I
  • Art   3443, Photoshop
  • Com 3433, Principles of Advertising
  • Com 3453, Media and Concept Strategy
  • Com 4543, Branding

Elective Courses

  • ART 3113, Web Site Design
  • ART 3273, Typography and Graphic Production
  • ART 3293, Package Design
  • ART 3343/COM 3243, Advertising Design Concepts
  • ART 3453, Advertising Design
  • ART 3463, Illustrator
  • ART 4072-6, Portfolio: Graphic Design
  • ART 4243, Digital Video and Animation
  • ART 4433, Advanced Web Site Design/Flash
  • ART 4803, Special Topics in Design
  • ART 4903-6, Third Floor Design
  • COM 3473, Video Broadcast Production: Studio
  • COM 3573, Video Broadcast Production: Location
  • COM 3623, PR Cases and Campaigns
  • COM 3633, Writing for Public Relations
  • COM 4443, National Student Advertising Competition
  • COM 4613, Internship

Students interested in fulfilling the requirements should consult the director of the program. 

Minor in Advertising

To pursue a minor in advertising, students must complete the 15 hours of core courses listed in the requirements for the certificate in advertising