Minister Selection

Couples are responsible for selecting and contacting the minister of their choice. Clergy or other properly recognized public officials who are registered with the County Clerk’s office are eligible to officiate at weddings in the Chapel. Should the couple wish to have a minister from outside the state of Oklahoma perform the ceremony, that person is required to register his/her credentials with the County Court Clerk’s office. The minister must either present credentials at the clerk’s office or mail a copy of credentials with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of book and page number to be used for the marriage license. Any further questions may be directed to the County Clerk’s office at 918-596-5452.

Available Ministers

Ministers NameChurch AffiliationPhone
Dr. Jeff Francis Presbyterian
Sharp Chaplain
Rev. Michael Homan Presbyterian 918-584-4701
Steve Lewis Southern Baptist 918-494-3755
M. Miles Henry Non-Denominational 918-455-2470