Tyrrell Hall

Recently renovated, Tyrrell Hall is home to TU's teaching laboratory. Six state of the art classrooms offer the opportunity to experiment with technology and to explore how it might enhance and extend face-to-face classroom interactions.

tyrrell hallTyrrell Hall is now home to six state of the art multimedia classrooms. Envisioned as a teaching laboratory, Tyrrell Hall offers a place where faculty can experiment with technology and explore how it might enhance and extend classroom interactions both near and far.

Two classrooms accommodate small seminars of 10 to 15 students; two classrooms are suited to classes with 18 to 20 students; one classroom accommodates 30 students and the auditorium will seat 108.

Tyrrell Hall rooms offer:

  • two-way video conferencing
  • formal lecture capture
  • a way to informally preserve class discussions
  • presentations and other activities
  • clicker response systems
  • SMART boards and SMART podiums
  • three dimensional document cameras
  • Blue-Ray/DVD players
  • other audio and video support.

Because Tyrrell Hall is intended to serve as a teaching laboratory space, priority will be given to academic reservations. Faculty who wish to teach a class or a class session in Tyrrell Hall should submit an online application.

When the classrooms are not needed to accommodate a course, they can be reserved for special events. To reserve space in Tyrrell Hall for events not related to a class, please submit an online reservation request.