Class Scheduling

Scheduling for a Class-Related Activity

The classroom space in Tyrrell Hall is available for scheduling by faculty for these two types of requests.

  1. Faculty may apply to use a Tyrrell Hall classroom for a semester-long class allowing them to experience the benefit of the academic technology. In this case the instructor should use the application to describe the class-related activity anticipated. Applications will then be reviewed towards the middle of the current semester for the next semester. This means that you will most likely be scheduled in a regular classroom until your application has been accepted. Applicants will then be notified either way.

  2. Instructors may request a classroom for a special class-related activity during the current semester when use of the Tyrrell Hall classroom technology is desired. Scheduling for this activity might include:
    • a one-time use to use the clickers or to record the class
    • two or three class periods to record student presentations
    • a one-time use to record lectures absent of the class.

Apply to use the teaching laboratory for a semester-long class Apply for the Semester Long Class-Related Use

Your application will be reviewed. You will receive notification either way.

Request a classroom for a special class or class-related activity during the current semester.Request a Special Class Activity

Your request will be reviewed. You will receive an email notification of the status of your request.