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"My Library" is the name given to your account with the TU Libraries. With My Library you may renew materials, save searches to run at a later date, and request that the library notify you when it adds new materials relevant to your interests.

This section provides a brief overview of each of these capabilities:

If you encounter problems with using "My Library," please let us know by e-mail or by calling 918-631-2873.

How to sign in to "My Library"

Click here to get to My Library. This will display the My Library sign-in screen.

Enter your last name and TU ID card number, then click on the button. The library system will return your My Library account information.

If you encounter any problems signing in to your account, please contact the Circulation Desk at 918-631-2873 or send the library an e-mail.

Renewing Materials

My Library allows you to keep track of your interaction with the library. You can, for example, quickly check to see what items you have currently borrowed. Just click on Items Currently Checked Out and it will display a list of the material you have checked out.

The title of each item is displayed in the form of a hyperlink. Clicking on a link will display a portion of the bibliographic record for that item. The item's due date and call number are also shown.

Through My Library you may renew most items that you have checked out. Click on the button to renew all items in the list. To renew only a few of the items, simply click in the check box next to the item(s) you want to renew, then click on the button. Unless someone else needs the item and has placed a hold on it, My Library will renew the item for you and display the new due date.

Saving Searches

You may search the catalog while still signed in to My Library. To do this, click on the "Search Catalog" button on your patron record. This will display the main catalog search screen but with the phrase "You are logged in to your My Library account at The University of Tulsa as" at the top of the screen along with two buttons. The "Logout" button will sign you out of My Library and return you to the main catalog screen where you may continue to search anonymously. The "My Library" button will take you back into your My Library patron record screen.

One advantage of searching the catalog while you are in My Library is that you may save searches for running at a later time. To do this, perform a search on a topic or author of interest in the catalog. When the search results display on the screen, you will notice a button to the right of the search box marked Save this Search. If you click on this button the current search will be saved in your My Library account where you may access it any time you log in.

In My Library, the searches you've saved are called "Preferred Searches." To access them, click on the Preferred Searches link on My Library screen. The computer will then display a list of all the searches you have saved.

The list of searches indicates the type of search (e.g., AUTHOR, TITLE, SUBJECT, WORD, etc.) followed by the search terms used. These are hyperlinked. Click on the link and the catalog will run the search for you again.

New Book Notification

One advantage of using the "Preferred Searches" feature of My Library is that on a regular basis you may quickly check to see if the library has added any materials relevant to your areas of interest simply by re-running the search.

In addition, if you check a box in the Mark for Email column, My Library will automatically re-run your search at the first of each month and send you an e-mail notification of any new books or other items acquired by the library during the previous month that match your search criteria. This is a quick and easy way of keeping up with new library materials in an area of interest.

You may remove a search any time you wish by clicking in the checkbox in the Mark to Remove column and then clicking on Update List button.

Be careful of the Clear All Searches button because it will do exactly that: delete all your saved searches!

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