McFarlin Signature Society

Your signature: It is a statement of identity, a binding promise, a claim of ownership, and a stamp of pride. At the bottom of a letter, it cheers a friend. At the bottom of a contract, it moves a mountain. It is one of your most versatile tools.

For those who want to leave your mark on McFarlin Library at The University of Tulsa, we have created The McFarlin Signature Society, established in 2013 for a younger generation of giving to TU. A gift of $500 provides support for the general needs of McFarlin Library and our annual fund endeavors. Through your donation we can make the growing need for electronic journals and resources possible, keep on the front end of technology upgrades, and provide the staff support critical to the daily operation of McFarlin Library.

For more information on how to move McFarlin Library another step forward and help TU students prepare to make their own mark on the world, please contact Amy Gerald, Director of Development for McFarlin Library, at (918) 631-3733 or via e-mail at .