2006 Acquisitions in Special Collections

Date Collection / Accession Number Collection Name Collection Type
  2006-018 Thomas Amburn collection of Béla Rózsa chess games. Donation
November 2006 2005-004 The Closet Of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie kt Opened. (1669)  A seminal piece in the history recipe books and household manuals. Purchase
6 November 2006 2006-016 John C. Carpenter Library.  Arabel Johnston donated a small library of books gathered through her family over the past century and a half.  Donation
1 November 2006 2006-006 John Glenn gave some video material relating to the Iraq Conflict. Donation
26 October 2006 2006-013 Joseph Erb donated a small digital collection of materials relating to the Creek language. Donation
October   The Irish Review. March 1911 to September / November 1914. Purchase
October 1979-018 William Trevor Papers. The original corrected typescripts of ten short stories that appeared in his most recent collection: A Bit on the Side (Viking, 2004), together with the original typescript of a radio play. Purchase
5 October 2006 1979-006 Ben Henneke gave a bound together volume of 18th and early 19th century plays (PN1851 .B83 1834) Donation
2 October 2006 2006-011 Vann Family ArchivesLin and Treva Baker donated a collection of papers, photos, legers, and artifacts from this prominent Cherokee family. Donation
Between 18 July and 1 Sept 2006 2006-006 Matt Reiten, Jon Eppler, Jennifer Carlson gave various digital files relating to the Iraq War Donation 
July 2006 2006-009 Robert W. DeMoss Archive. Donation
20 June 2006 2006-004 TU Alum Walt Neikamp gave a library of books relating to the Korean War, but with some relating to other conflicts. Donation
May 2006 2006-002 Donald E. Hayden donated a library and a small collection of personal papers. Donation
  2006-001 Béla Rózsa archive. Donation