2007 Acquisitions in Special Collections

Date Accession Number Collection Name Collection Type
28 Dec 2007 - Photocopy of an item of Connolly correspondence Donation
28 Dec 2007 2007-040 Terry Miesse vintage photographs Donation
28 Dec 2007 2007-039 Lindsey and Rosalie Alexander memorial Hemingway library Donation
28 Dec 2007 2007-038 Lindsey and Rosalie Alexander library of fore-edge paintings Donation
  2007-037 Bill and Annie Bakewell Davis collection of Cyril Connolly Purchase
  2007-036 Donald Grey Barnhouse collection Donation
28 Nov 2007   [Manuscript cookery book], ca. 1750-1900, bulk ca. 1750-1800 (TX705 .M36 1750z) Purchase/T
16 Nov 2007 2007-033 Ben Johnson film archive Purchase
13 Nov 2007 2007-032 Bruce McAllister-Dream Baby screenplays Donation
25 Oct 2007   Union Primer; and Katy Railroad advertisement about Waggoner, I.T. Purchase
23 Oct 2007 2007-030 Additional papers of John Rolph and the Scorpion Press. Purchase
23 Oct 2007 2007-029 Sheila Wingfield letters Purchase
11 Oct 2007   1 issue of modern literary magazine from Kay Calkins. Donation
1 Oct 2007   Book on Osage County from James and Jeanne Ronda. Donation
19 Sep 2007 2007-028 John S. Tomer collection of bird prints Donation
10 Sep 2007 2007-027 Jerry and Carolyn Ehlers Milam family Thanksgiving films Donation
8 Sep 2007   2 books from Joseph Bradley. Donation
6 Sep 2007 2007-026 A copy of Pomes pennyeach, donated by David Foster. Donation
30 Aug 2007 2007-025 Russell Olive Weathers collection Donation
20 Aug 2007 2007-004 Terlton Time Capsule Donation
15 Aug 2007 2007-031 Howard Family papers Donation
14 Aug 2007 2007-023

Terry Harmon Stereo Cards

31 July 2007 2007-022 Winston Weathers Collection Donation
30 June 2007   30 Books (mostly Western novels) Donation
25 June 2007 1894-003-1-5 Lois McHargue donated a group of 1909 Kendall College photos/Marie Whitehill Kendall College photographs Donation
15 June 2007 1979-006 Ben Henneke donated several more books for his collection Donation
14 June 2007 2007-034 [Cookery and recipe book] ca. 1689-1760. (TX705 .C66 1689z) Purchase
29 May 2007   Girl Scout Books Donation
29 May 2007 1979-006 Ben Henneke donated several more books for his collection Donation
17 May 2007 2007-012 W. Marvin Will papers.  A late TU faculty member. Donation
14 May 2007 2007-011 Mary Inkanish Songs.  2 CDs of Cheyenne Songs made from a copy of master tapes owned by Mrs. Inkanish's grandaughter. Donation
14 May 2007 2007-010 Vietnam Letters/Mark A. Olsen letters Purchase
14 May 2007 2007-009 WWI Letters/Perry Douglas Erwin letters Purchase
14 May 2007 2007-008 Brenda Maddox papers. Purchase
11 May 2007   Oliver Twist playbill (Nov. 19 1838). Purchase
8 May 2007   10 Girl Scout Books Donation
30 April 2007 2007-019 World War I Diary/Ed Granger journal Purchase
20 April 2007 2007-007 Juanita Bourns Collection.  A pair of limited edition poetry books by Ms. Bourns (who died in 1989), and a small collection of spiritual letters Donation
13 April 2007 2007-006 John E. Barry Collection of legal manuscripts.  This is a collection of legal manuscripts dating from 1365 to 1778  Many of them deal with the Talbot family. Donation
20 March 2007 2007-004 Norman S. Grabo Manuscript.  The manuscript of the late Professor Grabo's American Literary Design. Donation
7 March 2007 2007-001 Rosita Fanto Archive.  Ms. Fanto is an artist who collaborated with Richard Ellmann in his latter years, and her collection is supposed to fill in some of the gaps in his materials towards the end of this life Donation
February 2007   Windsor Magazine.  Several short runs of unbound issues. Purchase
February 2007 2007-013 - 2007-020 World War I papers.  Several sets from British and Australian soldiers (William H. Hutchins diary, Thomas Faulkner diary, Leslie A. Jenner archive, Arthur E. M. George letters, Bert Hebbes letters, Robert J. R. Harvey archive, 14th Infantry papers) Purchase
February 2007 (1988-010) Anais Nin letters. 4 Letters. Purchase
23 February 2007 2007-003 The Michael Dale Speer Collection of Erskine Caldwell. A collection of books and papers relating to Erskine Caldwell from TU alum, journalism teacher, and journalist. Donation
15 February 2007 2007-002 A small collection of books relating to the History of Colorado and Mining in the West, as well as some literature and poetry books from the late 19th century given by Jan Carlson, an emeritus Oklahoma State Faculty member. Donation
29 January 2007 2006-006 A CD of video materials relating to the Iraq conflict given by Steven Gross. Donation
9 January 2007 1979-006 Ben Henneke donated several more books for his collection (including I hid it under the sheets, Growing up with Radio by Gerald Eskenazi, and Ravenna Mosaics). Donation