John Carlisle Johnson WWI archive

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The University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives
John Carlisle Johnson WWI archive
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0.5 Linear feet 2 boxes.
General Physical Description note
The paper materials within this collection are in poor to very poor condition, being brittle and/or discolored with segments broken away or missing. Photographs are in fair condition although the portrait of Carlisle's mother is severly tarnished.
These materials are in English.

Preferred Citation note

John Carlisle Johnson WWI archive, 1913-1919. Coll No. 1980.010. McFarlin Library. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. University of Tulsa.

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Scope and Contents note

Consists of the correspondence, writings, personal ephemera, and photographs of 1st Lieutenant John Carlisle Johnson of the 167th Infantry, 42nd (Rainbow) Division, American Expeditionary Forces.

The correspondence is comprised of 60 autograph and typescript letters from Johnson to his wife Beula Addison Johnson, his mother and father, and a friend, Cliff Jones. Johnson's letters (dating from 1917-1919)--written from officer's training camp, from New York prior to his being shipped overseas, and lastly from France and Germany--document his experiences of the war from the trenches. Also included are 2 carbon copy transcriptions of Johnson's letters, an invitation to the Johnson's wedding (1913), and 7 undated autograph letter fragments. The letters are arranged chronologically.

The writings consist of autograph and typescript drafts of short stories, memories of the war, and scripts for a radio program series about the war. The writings are arranged alphabetically by title or first line.

The personal ephemera includes an autograph/typescript list of names with rifle and bayonet numbers of the "Pioneer Platoon" 167th Infantry and autograph notes, possibly an outline for war memoirs.

The photographs have been organized into two categories: wartime experiences, and family and friends.

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 The University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives 2013 September

McFarlin Library
University of Tulsa
2933 E. 6th St
Tulsa, OK, 74104-3123


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Provenance unknown.

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Collection Inventory

Correspondence to wife, Beula 1917-1919 

Scope and Contents note

All correspondence is handwritten and signed unless otherwise noted.

 1980.010.1.1 Letter c1917 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I can't tell you Darling how I hatd to leave you and how my heart aches for you tonight. Boy is ashamed to say he wept most of the way to Des Moines...." 1 sheet. Written from Des Moines, Iowa.

 1980.010.1.1 Letter 1917 Jan 5 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart & wife. I am conposed and comfortable this afternoon and feel like writing you a good letter...I am very fortunate in my billet this time...." Written on YMCA - AEF letterhead, 5 sheets.

 1980.010.1.2 Letter c1917 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: This week has been just like all the others with the possible exception of a few bright days and the artillery and aeroplane activity that goes with clear weather...." Written on National War Council YMCA letterhead. 8 sheets.

 1980.010.1.3 Letter 1917 January 31 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: I drew a little xmas package through the red cross issue and this tablet was in it. I just wrote to the little girl whose card was enclosed and am scratching off a little note to you...." Written on 1/2 sheet stationary stamped with the American flag. 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.3 Letter 1917 June 16 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart. I have only a minute to scratch of [sic] this note...I haven't heard from you since I wrote last and have nothing new to tell you..." Written on YMCA - AEF letterhead. 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.4 Letter 1917 Saturday 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I have done nothing lately worth writing about so have no news to offer. I am living the quiet life trying to keep as much money as possible for the rainy day...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.4 Letter 1917 Sunday 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I got up this morning and after breakfast met H--- and went out to St. John's Cathedral for the 11 o'clock service. I can't being to describe it to you Sweetheart for it is certainly a wonder...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.5 Letter 1917 Wednesday 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I expect to get my final orders tomorrow and will be busy all day geting straightened out and ready to sail. I don't think we will leave port before Sunday or Monday but can never tell...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.5 Letter c1917 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: Your Wednesday letter arrived tonight and you came very near getting a wire tonight to pack up and spend next week with me here. I started to telegraph two or three times and finally made up my mind that all this parting would have to be done over again and you would have a long lonesome ride both ways to think it over...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.6 Letter 1917 August 29 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: I have just returned from Hoboken and have really nothing definite to report yet. I was instructed to report again Friday and also report to the Medical Officer. I went to him and got a shot in the arm this time for paratyphoid...." Written on Hotel McApin (New York City) letterhead. 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.6 Letter 1917 August 30 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...Last night our crowd of four hired a car and saw N.Y. from here to the great Coney Island. We passed throught the East side and the ghetto and I hope I never see such congested conditions again...." Written on Hotel McAlpin (New York City) letterhead. 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.7 Letter 1917 September 3 

Scope and Contents note

Sweetheart....I just returned from another trip to Bedlow's Island in an attempt to get my glasses....We do not take three dose of Para-typhoid here but as soon as we get the second one we are ready to sail. I get the second day after tomorrow (Thursday) and hope to get on board ship by Saturday...." 6 sheets with envelope.

 1980.010.1.7 Letter 1917 September 6 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I got my second dose of vaccine today and it felt like he ws putting it in with a crowbar instead of a needle...I finally got my orders but there is nothing I can really tell you Sweetheart...." 1 sheet with envelope.

 1980.010.1.8 Letter 1917 September 7 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: Your boy has been terribly disappointed the last few days in not getting letters from you and I wonder if you are addressing them across now. If so I should get them when I go on board and that will help some...." 3 sheets with envelope.

 1980.010.1.8 Letter 1917 September 13 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: Contrary to my fondest hopes we left this harbor without delay...There is a rumor that we may land before getting to Europe and if so I will mail a letter to you there if permitted...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.9 Letter 1917 September 23 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...This morning the bath steward woke me at 6 o'clock for my turn at a bath...It is no satisfaction really to take a salt water bath for you can't get a lather up and if you use soap you can't take it off without taking another bath...." 4 sheets.

 1980.010.1.9 Letter 1917 September 28 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: I have absolutely nothing new to tell you at present and am only writing this to let you know where my thoughts are...I am lonesome and want you beyond any other thing I know of...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.10 Transcription 1917 August 18-September 28   Carbon copy typed transcriptions of letters dated 1917 August 28 through September 28. 8 pages. 3 addtional sets of transcriptions plus one partial copy.

 1980.010.1.11 Letter c1917 September-October 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart wife...we have had a lot of very amusing things happen and I know you would laught yourself sick to hear us talk French. We get a mixture of French and slang all together and some of the combinations are rich...." 3 sheets.

 1918 Letter 1917 October 9 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart wife: I have written several letters to you lately but most of these are still unposted and will never be posted I think. I presume all my letters to you lately have been terribly cut up for the regulations are very strict. About all I can tell you is that I am well and safe and your are not to worry about me at all...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.13 Letter 1917 October 12 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: It has been more than a month since I have had a word from any of you at home and I suppose my letters to you have been about as satisfactory. The great trouble with it all is that I cannot write anything worth while to you or give you any idea of what I am doing or where I am...I am afraid of the diseases so prevalent here and this war will cause our country a world of trouble when the troops return and spread it all over...." 4 sheets.

 1980.010.1.13 Letter 1917 October 19 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I live in hopes from day to day that my mail will get through and that I will have some news from you. I haven't a thing new to write except that I am well and as happy as anyone could be under the circumstances...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.13 Letter 1917 November 4 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart wife...Thursday was All Saints day and I tried to go to an English church but gave it up in disgust. The whole thing seemed to be --- on the shedule of things in this country and I could not ever find out the time for service...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.14 Letter 1917 November 7 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I woundered what you would think of 'Over the Top' and since I have been here I have been sorry you were getting your impressions of the war from that book. Practically everything is changed since that time in methods but of course it is no lawn party now.... 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.15 Letter 1917 November 11 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I am getting the 'Star' pretty regularly now and it helps a lot in giving me the impressions of home folks. I can almost feel at home to sit down and read the 'Star' after dinner. We compose our papers and discuss events written up a month ago as though they were most recent...." 6 sheets.

 1980.010.1.16 Letter 1917 November 16 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I am writing this in a cafe as the quarters have no stove and it is so cold I can't write there...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.17 Letter 1917 November 25 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I have a comfortable place to stay and work. This morning I exercised my rights as an officer and had my drunken orderly build a fire before I got up. He was so surprised to get a good American cussing out...." 10 sheets.

 1980.010.1.18 Letter 1917 Thanksgiving 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...You have undoubtedly figured out what B.C.M. stands for but I will tell you any way. I may not spell it right but it means Bureau Central Militaire and that is in Paris and is the only place that always knows where to find every man in A.E.F...I have made a resolve to never volunteer for anything and to take my --- as it comes by order...." 15 sheets.

 1980.010.1.18 Letter 1917 December 5 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: After more or less hard travel with little sleep and an occaisional meal I arrived here day before yesterday. I have been assigned to the headquarters company of the 167 Inf. as Instructor and have no idea how long this detail will last...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.19 Letter 1917 December 8 

Scope and Contents note

Sweetheart...I have read and reread your letters and they certainly gave me the old warm feelings I long for so much when you are around...I notice you are sending me the wedding ring for Xmas and I will be more than proude to wear it...." 4 sheets.

 1980.010.1.19 Letter 1917 December 16 

Scope and Contents note

Sweetheart: You can tell by the paper and pencil that this letter is being written under unusual conditions...this outfit is on the road and hitting the --- on long hikes. Lord only knows where we are going and he hasn't published any orders...." 5 sheets.

 1980.010.1.19 Letter 1917 December 23 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...Since I got here I have found out that the regulations have been changed so that an officer can divide up his pay. If it is true I can leave directions to have a certain amount paid to you each month. I don't need much money as long as I am with troops and I can send you $125.pp a month...." 4 sheets.

 1980.010.1.19 Letter 1918 January 1 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: At last I have had some word from you. I got three letters dated late in November and one of them had the ring in it. I put the ring on and it is a perfect fit. I am never going to take it off and I wish I had had it at first...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.20 Letter 1918 January 26 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I have been terribly busy the last few weeks without ever time off for Sunday and as a result did not get to write to you last Sunday...we are having much better weather now and the sun has been out for nearly a week. Life takes on a different aspect under these conditions and we all perk up and get to work...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.20 Letter fragment 1918 January 

 1980.010.1.21 Letter 1918 February 3 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart...I have been terribly busy all week and have more work piled up on me now than I know what to do with. It is no cinch to be both a regimental and company officer at the same time and I haven't stirred off my own little farm since we landed...." 16 sheets.

 1980.010.1.22 Letter 1918 February 23 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart wife: The unexpected has happened! Todya I got your Xmas box with all the good thing in it and at the same time the box from RBJ Hous came. You have no idea how much I appreciated it all especially the little folder with all your pictures in it...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.23 Letter 1918 March 8 

Scope and Contents note

"Still in France but almost in Germany. Sweetheart...I have been in the trenches since I wrote you last and will still be here for a while. My tour of duty in the trenches starts before the regiment goes in and ends after every body else has left so you can see that I get plenty of it...." 5 sheets.

Carbon copy typed transcription of same; 3 copies, 3 pages each.

 1980.010.1.24 Letter Undated 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: You can easily see that I don't know what date it is by the above heading. I think it is about Aug. 1st but I know it is eight days since I wrote you last. At present I am sitting in a ditch behind a tree in the midst of a forrest. The reason I am in a hole is that I get some protection from shell splinters, and in the forrest to be out of observation from airoplanes. At present I, and what is left of my outfit, are out on the front line and you can bet we taking life as easy as possible...." 2 typewritten sheets.

 1981.010.1.24 Letter fragment 1918 August 9 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: I am enclosing with this letter a part of a letter I wrote or started to write during a lull in the battle. You can see I had to stop rather abruptly...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.25 Letter August 20 

Scope and Contents note

"Sweetheart: I am settled now for a while and will finishe the letter I started on the 14. That night moving orders came and the next morning the Col surpised me by ginving me a 48 hour leave of absence and a chance to look for a few misisng men in the hospitals at Paris...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.25 Letter fragment Undated 

Scope and Contents note

"...These Luxemburgers have switched around now and they can't do too much for us. They are glad that the Germans have been driven out and the war finished...." 1 partial sheet.

 1980.010.1.25 Letter fragment c1918 

Scope and Contents note

...I took great pleasure in mentioning Geo Washington's name and seeing my Captain cringe. They really expect us to pull all kind of new stunts in the firing line and think our maneuvers and warfare is a development of Indian fighting...I am writing this in a very poor light in the hold of another ship on our last lap. We traeled all night in a rotten English train..." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.25 Letter fragment Undated 

Scope and Contents note

I have receive three letters from you written since the armistice was signed and evedently I have not received some written before you spoke of you and your mother just recovering from the 'flu' and a little later you remarked that 'Irwin's death was a shock'...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.26 Souvenir postcards 1919 

Scope and Contents note

Series of 5 postcards with brief handwritten descriptions written on verso. They have been numbered, indicating there may have been as many as 14 sent; however,only #2-3, 5, 12 and 14 are present.

 1980.010.1.26 Letter fragment Undated 

 1980.010.1.26 Letter fragments Undated 

 1980.010.1.26 Letter fragment Undated 

Scope and Contents note

"....I expected to have some word as to how you liked the victrola combination of the 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'Marsailles' (I guess that is the way to spell it)...." 2 sheets.

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Correspondence to parents 

 1980.010.1.27 Letter 1917 September 1 

Scope and Contents note

Dear Mother & Father...I got my final orders yesterday but of course they are very confidential and I cannot write you anything of them. I will arrange to write you and mail the letter the day I go abroad...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.27 Letter 1917 September 5 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Daddy...I will know tomorrow I hope how much longer I will have to stay here and then I can tell whether or not I will need more money...." 3 sheeets.

 1980.010.1.27 Letter 1917 September 15 

Scope and Contents note

"On Board Ship. Dear Daddy, We woke up this morning to find that the train had stopped and now we have nothing to do but take life easy while the engineer goes on a ---. The rumors are wild as to how long we stop but we can do nothing but go when they get good and ready...." 1 sheet.

 1980.010.1.28 Letter 1917 November 7 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Daddy....your letters have been very interesting and I have enjoyed them a great deal. I want to congratulate you on your success this year...." 2 sheets.

 1980.010.1.28 Letter 1917 November 10 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Mother & Father: The day after I wrote you last the package of knitted clothes came in and was immediately put into service...." 6 sheets.

 1980.010.1.28 Letter 1917 Thanksgiving 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Mother & Father...I have been very [lucky] in getting your packages again. The first one arrived yesterday and Mother's bit of eats came today. I know you would be lots happier tonight if you knew that I was writing this letter with a can of divinity on one side and a piece of cake on the other...." 11 sheets.

 1980.010.1.29 Letter 1918 March 14 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Mother & Father...I have been in the front line ever since I wrote you last and have had a real taste of war. The more I see of it the less I like it but I can understand a lot of things never know before...." 4 sheets.

 1980.010.1.29 Letter 1918 May 4 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Mother & Father....This week has beenn very full, every day bringing a new course of drill and instruction to be added to the previous accumulation. The progress we are making is really wondrous...." 3 sheets.

 1980.010.1.29 Letter 1918 July 2 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Father & Mother...Since I last wrote you I have covered considerable territory mostly by night marches and now we are 'someplace else in France'/ We came out of our long tourwith honors and now if I ever get a croix de guerre I can put a star on it for the citations received...." 5 sheets.

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Correspondence to others 

 1980.010.1.30 Letter Undated 

Scope and Contents note

"Dear Cliff....The more a man sees of death and destruction, the less he likes it. A person can easily reach the stage where blood does not nauseate him and can soon become accustomed to the stench of the battle-field but as he becomes hardened to these things, he also gets a larger perspective and cannot help but wonder why such things take place...." 3 sheets typed.

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 1980.010.1.31 Photographs 

 1980. Photograph Undated   17.8 x 12.1 cm Sepia-toned professional photograph, Pennel's Studio (Junction City, KS).

Scope and Contents note

Unidentified Company Officer pictured in uniform, standing at ease in a field.

 1980., 2c2, 2n Photo-postcard   8.1 x 13.7 cm Sepia-toned photo-postcard, 2 copies plus photo-negative.

Scope and Contents note

Sepia-toned photo-postcard featuring John Carlisle Johnson and another officer; the Statue of Liberty can be seen in the background.

Postcard is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. G.F. Massey, 4243 Montgall, Kansas City, MO, with a handwritten message from Johnson's wife, Beula: Christmas Greetings to the Massey's. John sent these with instructions to send you one. There were taken in N.Y. before he sailed.

Second copy has no caption.

 1980. Photo-postcard   12.8 x 8.8 cm B/W photo-postcard.

Scope and Contents note

Picture of a man in uniform and garrison cap holding a camera. Handwritten caption reads "O. Daugherty"

 1980. Snapshot   7 x 8.7 cm B/W snapshot

Scope and Contents note

Picture of a man in uniform and garrison cap posing on a city street. Handwritten caption on verso reads "Lt. O. Daugherty in Leone."

 1980. Photo-postcard   13.8 x 8.7 cm B/W photo-postcard

Scope and Contents note

Unidentified man in uniform, pictured standing outside a residence in the bright sunlight.

 1980. Photo-postcard   8.9 x 13.9 cm B/W photo-postcard

Scope and Contents note

Sailor manning a large gun on a navy war ship. Handwritten caption on verso reads "An argument against 'U boat' warfare."

 1980. Photo-postcard   13.8 x 8.8 cm B/W photo-postcard

Scope and Contents note

Man pictured standing in long coat and helmet. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "This is my old orderly in the Hq. Co. One of the best boys I ever knew and cannot read or write. The helmet did belong to a German."

 1980. 8c2 Photo-postcard   13.1 x 8.8 cm B/W photo-postcard

Scope and Contents note

A butcher, his help and family members, pictured on the stairs and landing of a residence. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "This was somewhat of a [---tion]. Here Axer had a boy slaughtered. 1. Herr Axer; 2. the Butcher; 3. Frau Axer; 4. Bernard Axer; 5. the Hired man; 6. Elizabeth; 7. a dead boy on the way to 'worst'. Ouch!"

Second copy has no caption on verso.

 1980. Photo-postcard   8.7 x 13.3 cm B/W photo-postcard, trimmed.

Scope and Contents note

Little girl in winter coat pictured standing in the snow. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "This is the little dirty faced French baby who had to kiss me. 'Bon nuit' ever[y] night. Lt. Evans standing in door."

 1980. Photo-postcard   8.8 x 13.2 cm B/W photo-postcard, trimmed

Scope and Contents note

Seven civilian adults and one small child posing for the camera. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "The whole family in [Faverolles]. The old lady who wrote the letter is standing behind the boy."

 1980. Portrait circa 1912   22.3 x 16.1 cm B/W studio portrait, very tarnished, with portfolio. C.F. Squires photographer (Lawrence, Kansas).

Scope and Contents note

Studio portrait of John Carlisle Johnson's mother. Portfolio is inscribed "Lovingly yours, Mrs. Johnson."

 1980. Snapshot   7.7 x 10.2 cm B/W snapshot, trimmed

Scope and Contents note

John Carlisle Johnson's mother and father pictured seated on the porch of their home. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "Waiting breakfast. My pictures were doubled and got [------]."

 1980. Portrait   15.4 x 10.6 cm Sepia-toned studio portrait, mounted

Scope and Contents note

Man and woman pictured seated, each with a child on their lap. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "Emma, Billy, Grace & Johnnie Ellsworth."

 1980. Photograph   4.9 x 3.3 cm B/W photograph, mounted

Scope and Contents note

Small portrait of Emma Ellsworth.

 1980. Portrait   16.4 x 10.7 cm B/W studio portrait, mounted. Bourne studio (Clarion, Iowa).

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of a middle-aged man and woman. Same man is pictured in 1980.

 1980. Portrait   16.5 x 10.9 cm Sepia-toned studio portrait, mounted. Schafer Sisters studio (Clarion, Iowa).

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of a middle-aged man, seated. Same individual as in 1980.

 1980. Portrait   16.6 x 10.8 cm Sepia-toned studio portrait, mounted. J.M. Buck photographer (Paola, Kansas).

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of a middle-aged man with chin-only beard.

 1980. Portrait   16.4 x 10.9 cm Sepia-toned studiio portrait, mounted. J.H. Kent photographer (Rochester, New York).

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of two elderly women, one standing, the other seated, reading a letter.

 1980. Portrait   16.6 x 10.9 cm B/W studio portrait, mounted. Lewis studio (Eureka, Kansas).

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of a smiling baby, seated.

 1980. Photo-postcard   13.7 x 8.7 cm Sepia-toned photo-postcard

Scope and Contents note

Small girl and a younger boy pictured standing in the yard of a residence, holding hands.

 1980. Photo-postcard   13.7 x 8.8 cm Sepia-toned studio portrait on a postcard

Scope and Contents note

Portrait of a young boy and girl in dress clothes and hats. Handwriten caption on verso reads: "Evelyn was just 4 years, 8 mos. old when this was taken."

 1980. Snapshot   6 x 8.4 cm B/W snapshot

Scope and Contents note

Elderly man pictured standing, with 3 young people seated on a log fence in the country.

 1980. Photograph   16.3 x 21.6 cm Sepia-toned photograph, mounted. W.E. Turner photographer (Falland Islands).

Scope and Contents note

Man in top hat, bow tie and cane stands next to a dead sea lion on the shore, with other people looking on. Handwritten caption on verso reads: "This sea elephant drifted ashore."

 1980. Snapshot   7.5 x 5 cm Sepia-toned snapshot

Scope and Contents note

Interior view of a well-furnished room with multiple framed paintings hanging on the wall.

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Personal ephemera 

 1980.010.1.35 Wedding invitation 1913 November 1 

Scope and Contents note

Formal wedding announcement/invitation, reception card and envelope for Beula Addison and John Carlisle Johnson. St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri.

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 1980.010.2.1 "Army, Navy, Marines"   Typed short story with hadnwritten revisions, 4p.

 1980.010.2.2 "The Beast Who Roams Our Streets"   Carbon copy typed short story, 15p.

 1980.010.2.3 "Cattle Brands"   Carbon copy tyed draft with brands sketched by hand, 7p.

 1980. "Charity Begins at Home"   Typed and signed draft with handwritten revisions, 4p; carbon copy of same with similar handwritten reivisions.

[Memoirs of the war] 

 1980.010.2.5 "Trench Warfare"   Handwritten draft, 16p.

 1980.010.2.6 "After Thoughts"   Handwritten draft with corrections and revisions, 10p.

 1980.010.2.7 "The Chateau Tierry Attack"   Handwritten draft with revisions, 15p.

 1980.010.2.8 "St. Mihiel Drive (cont)"   Handwritten draft, 15p.

 1980.010.2.9 "The last few days before the Armistice...."   Handwritten and typed draft, with revisions and corrections, 14p. Includes cover only of "History of the 42nd, the Rainbow Division".

 1980.010.2.10 "Nom de Chien"   Carbon copy typed short story, 2p.

 1980.010.2.11 "Prospectus of V.F.W. Program"   Typed draft, 3p. Carbon copy typed insert to draft, 1p.

 1980.010.2.12 "Reformation"   Carbon copy typed short story with handwritten revisions, 4p.

 1980.010.2.13 "To most people the United States did not take much part...."   Typed draft, possibly related to "Prospectus of V.F.W. Program", 13p. Typed on The Liquefier Company, Tulsa OK letterhead.

 1980.010.2.14 "Yes, Doctor"   Typed short story, 5p.

 1980.010.2.14 Preparatory notes 

Scope and Contents note

Handwritten list of [memoir or radio program] topics, 1p.

Typed list of the names, rifles and bayonets of the Pioneer Platoon, Hq. Co. 167 Infantry, on YMCA letterhead notepaper, 1p.

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Radio program series   PHOTOCOPIES OF ALL 25 RADIO PROGRAMS ARE PROVIDED AS READING COPIES due to the fragility of the originals.

 1980.010.2.15-16 Programs 1-11, 14-17, 19-25: READING COPIES   PHOTOCOPIES OF ALL 25 RADIO PROGRAMS ARE PROVIDED AS READING COPIES due to the fragility of the originals.

 1980.010.2.17-43 Programs 1-11, 14-17, 19-25 (original manuscripts) 

Scope and Contents note

Program 1: "The folks here in the studio have listened to some of my yarns...."

"The First Raid."

Program 2: "In August the First Officers Camp was finished...."

Program 3: "When the Rainbow landed in France in October, 1917...."

Program 4: "I am going to give you a description of the American occupation of a quiet section of trenches...."

Program 5: "The Rainbow Division is celebrating its first occupation of the front line...."

Program 6: "I happened to over hear some boys playing war a few days ago...."

Program 7: "You have heard several stories about the various phases of trench war-fare...."

Program 8: "In trench warfare the only variation from monotony comes from attacks...."

Program 9: "This evening I ant to tell you something of the manner in which poison gas was used...."

Program 10: "Tonight I want to spend fifteen minutes convincing you and myself that the war is over...."

Program 11: "Our theme song tonight should be 'Blow the Man Down'...."

Program 14: I has been my thought for sometime to greet our comrades in the hospitals...."

Program 15: "Tonight I am telling you the story of Dick Breeding...."

Program 16: "Tomorrow is Mother's Day and for that reason I am going to talk directly to the Mothers...."

Program 17: "Those of you who have followed this series of programs will recall...."

Program 19: "A German prisoner stood before a French Intelligence officer...."

Program 20: "This is the third program discribing the Champagne battle starting July 14, 1918...."

Program 21: "When I first started this series of Human Interest Stories of the World War...."

Program [22]: "Well this program is going to be different from now on...."

Program 23: "This is the second program of the series describing the battle know to the A.E.F. as the Chateau Tierry salient...."

Program 24: "This is the third of a series of programs describingh what took place in the Chateau Thierry salient...." 2 copies.

Program 24 [version 2]: "Machine guns, machine guns, what an education the Alabamans were to receive...."

Program 25: "Last week we left Lt. Green and his platoon dodgin machine gun bullets...." 2 copies.

Fragment: "Your son has traveled a long way from home since the war...."

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