Ben Byrnes collection of Leonard H. Urquhart WWI archive

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The University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Ben Byrnes collection of Leonard H. Urquhart WWI archive
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Ben Byrnes collection of Leonard H. Urquhart, 1916-1941. Coll No. 2010.026. McFarlin Library. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. University of Tulsa.

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Contains letters, uniforms and miscellaneous materials of Leonard H. Urquhart, of Company F, 2nd Virginia Infantry, and later Co. F, 116th Inf Regt, 22nd Inf Div.

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 The University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives 2010 June

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  • Urquhart, Leonard H., [1886-1960]


  • Military chaplains -- United States
  • United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces. American expeditionary forces. 29th Division.
  • World War I Collection.
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- Correspondence.
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- Photographs.

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Collection Inventory

 2010.026.1 Correspondence 1916-1918   99.0 Folders

 2010.026.1.1 "Dear Mother - I arrived all O.K. but rather tired. We have been working steadily since we got in and it is after ten now...." Camp Henry Carter Stuart, Richmond, VA circa June 28, 1916   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.2 "Dear Mother, Father & Sisters, Well believe me we have had some time down here. Rain, rain, and them some more rain. This camp looks like a lake surrounded by a big fence...." Camp Henry Cartyer Stuart, Richmond, VA June 29, 1916   1.0 Letters 3p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.3 "Dear Mother. Believe me this day is some hot. Every body in camp is sick today. We were inoculated against typhoid fever yesterday afternoon and it makes your arm swell up and makes you rather sick. We have to be inoculated twice again before we are through here...." Camp Henry Carter Stuart, Richond, VA July 1, 1916   1.0 Letters 3p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.4 "Dear Mother, Your dear letter received and was some glad to hear from you...I am sorry that you feel so badly about me. Now stop your worrying as there is going to be no active service for us...." July 5, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.5 "My dearest Mother...We arrived Tuesday afternoon at 4.30. Exactly five days and nights since we left Richmond...." Brownsville, TX July 14, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.6 "Dear Mother, Have been so busy the last couple of days that I have not had a chance to write. Yesterday morning we had a hike of ten miles and it was some hot and dusty...." July 22, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.7 "My dearest Mother, The box arrived this afternoon late...the things were in good condition and just the things that I needed most. The housewife was what I wanted as I had none in my squad...." July 25, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.8 "Dear Mother...Every one down here is well. I have been laid up the last three days on account of an injury to my knee. Was hit with a maul while driving stakes for a tent...." Brownsville, Texas July 29, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.9 "Dear Mother...It is our loafing time now. No more drill till 4.15 and it is only 2.30 now. I have not had a pay day yet or I would have sent some money...." Brownsville, TX July 31, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.10 "Mother Dear, Your letter rece'd this morning and will answer it right away. I have a good chance ot answer as I am on detached service. Twelve privates, 3 corporals, 1 sergeant, one cook and the 1st Lieutenant compose the detail. We are guarding the First National Bank...." Brownsville, TX1 August 4, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p

 2010.026.1.11 "Dear Mother, Your letter rec'd yesterday and as I am still on duty at the bank can anwer it right away. There is going to be some large manouvers here the latter part of this week and the first of next. All of the Va. troops and one battery of field artillery are going to Pt. Isabelle Friday...." Brownsville, TX August 9, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p

 2010.026.1.12 "Dear Mother, Your letter rec'd yesterday and was glad to get it as I was flat on my back. This is Sat. and I have been sick since Wed. at noon. I have what is called the "Dengue Fever." It is a sort of 1st cousin to Malaria...." Brownsville, TX August 12, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.13 "My Dear Mother...I have gotten over my attack of sickness now but it has left me pretty weak and shaky. I was in bed three days with it. It is caused by constipation and mosquitoe bites and the cure is bed, quinine and physic and I took plenty of all three so I am up pretty quick...." Brownsville, TX August 17, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p

 2010.026.1.14 "My dear Mother...We have been repairing the damages from the hurricane of last Friday. It tore things up proper down here in the camps. I have not gone back to the camp yet. Am on duty at the bank till Sept. 1st...." Brownsville, TX August 23, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p

 2010.026.1.15 "My Dear Mother, yours received yesterday and one from father today and was glad to receive them as this bank job is getting tiresome. I will be transferred back to the camp the first of the month...There are still rumors floating around as to when we will go home but there is no real truth in any of them though things are quiet here as can be...." Brownsville, TX August 25, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.16 "My Dear Mother...Well we are going to be relieved of this bank job tomorrow afternoon as it is one thirty A.. now. Am on guard till three o'clock. Will get asleep about 3.30 and have to get up at eight. That is all the sleep I get as it is too hot to sleep in the day time...." Brownsville, TX August 31, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.17 "My Dear Mother...You know I as down at the bank a whole month and I got as soft as a 'butter ball' and when I had to start drilling and hiking it sure did fix me. We had an eighteen mile hike yesterday in 'full or heavy marching order'. When we have the full pack we have a weight of sixty-eight (68) pounds on our back and shoulders...." Brownsville, TX September 9, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.18 "My Dear Mother...We had a competitve drill this morning with the other companies in our batallion and this afternoon the best in each batallion will drill for the best in the regiment then the best in the regiments w3ill drill against the best in the destrict for the crack company...." Brownsville, TX September 11, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.19 "Dear Mother...I don't know how much longer we are to stay here. There are all sorts of reports circulating around here. I am afraid though that we shall not get back for sometime. We had a fine 'dress parade' yesterday evening. We passed in front of General Parker at Forty Brown...." Brownsville, TX September 20, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010l.026.1.20 "Dear Mother...Mary Will sent me a mighty nice little gift. A box of home-made candy and believe me it sure was good. Now what do you think of that. Miss Ellen never sent me a thing the whole time I have been gone but the fruit father brought to Richmond to me...." Brownsville, TX September 23, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.21 "Dear Mother, I am going to write to you tonight even though it hurts my hand to write...It is getting a whole lot better and the doctor is going to take the stiches out in a few days. I am sure going to have a fine souvenir of this Border trip...." Brownsville, TX October 9, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.22 "Dear Mother...I did not lose any of the thumnb but cut part of the knuckle off. Have saved the piece of bone and am going to bring it home as a souvenir...." Brownsville, TX October 13, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.23 "Dear Mother...I sure did recieve [sic] the candy and cake and sure did appreciate them...I hardly got any of it for the boys sure did flock around me. My had is getting along fine though I am still excused from all formations and drill. I only take a guard once in a while to help pass the time away...." Brownsville, TX October 17, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.24 "Dear Mother...Am alone in camp today as the company is out with the regiment on a 'manouver hike'. My hand is getting along fine but the doctor will not let me do regular duty yet as the new bone forming in my hand makes it rather stiff and sore. The Major Surgeon says he is afraid by thumb will be stiff but I don't think so as I can bend it some...." Brownsville, TX October 20, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p

 2010.026.1.25 "Dearest Mother...I suppose by now you know that Stanly Wile has gone home on a 30 day furlough. I asked him to call you up and tell you about my hand. I heard about Spick getting his ankle hurt. It was a fracture instead of a clean break and was done in proctice. I expect I will play if my hand is well enough...." Brownsville, TX October 21, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.26 "Dear Mother...Believe me I sure would like to get some of those tomatoes out of the garden. We have plenty of them but they grow in cans. Only had fresh ones twice since we have been here...." Brownsville, TX October 22, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.27 "Dear Mother...This is our day of rest. Went to Sunday School this A.M. We had 73 present in our class out of one hundred on roll...." Brownsville, TX October 29, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p

 2010.026.1.28 "Dear Father...Am sitting in the guard tent on a cot writing this and it is very inconvenient. Our company is on guard from yesterday at 6 o'clock P.M. till this evening at the same time and i have not had a wink of sleep...." Brownsville, TX October 30, 1916   1.0 Letters 3p

 2010.026.1.29 "Dear Mother...Am glad that you have met Mary and like her. She sure is one nice girl. I know very well that they are both jealous. Mary thinks that I am still corresponding with Ellen and Ellen does not like her because I do...." Brownsville, TX October 30, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.30 "Dear Mother, Your letters of the 29th and 31st both on hand today when I came in off the hike. This is usually our day of rest but rest we did not. Hiked out eight miles with our pack (68lbs.) and [had] to attack and defeat an imaginary enemy. We charged about 1000 yards at a dead run with all that weight in the hot sun...." Brownsville, TX November 4, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.31 "Dear Mother...We are resting today to get in shape for our 4 day hike that starts tomorrow A.M...I don't think that your petitions are going to be in time as there is a well founded rumor that we will be sent home soon after our hike. There is a rumor that 25,000 more men will be sent back after election and we are mighty sure of being included...." Brownsville, TX November 7, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.32 "Dear Mother...We have been here in San Benito since yesterday at 1 P.M. Will leave tomorrow A.M. for Palmers' Ranch, about fifteen miles from here. Then Sunday we will march back to Brownsville...." San Benito, TX November 10, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.33 "Dear Mother...We sure had some nice time on our hike. The first night was bad but the rest O.K. Sat. night we camped on a big ranch that was sure some rattlesnake farm. There were over fifty snakes killed Sat. afternoon...." Brownsville, TX November 13, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.34 "Dear Mother...Have had only one sandwich and one canteen of water since six o'clock this A.M. This is sure a hard life but I rather enjoy if as it is all out of doors...." In the field somewhere in Texas Circa November 20, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.35 "Dear Mother...Malcolm is out of the hospital now. Was up here in my tent a little while ago. He is looking real good, has not fallen off much. Seems to be awful pale but that is because the rest of us are so dark...." Brownsville, TX November 26, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.36 "Dear Mother...We fought yesterday from 5.30 A.M. to 6 P.M. on one sandwich and covered about twenty two miles. We were sent home from the front to the read and from the right flank to the extreme left. It is the excitement of going against real men and pitting our endurance against the other side that keeps us going...." In the field Tuesday night   1.0 Letters 3p

 2010.026.1.37 "Dear Mother...We don't expect to drill anymore this week. Are all resting up for Thanksgiving dinner. We are sure going to have one. Turkey is the main dish of course. Well from all we can hear we are due for a winters stay...." Brownsville, TX November 28, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.38 "Dear Mother...There are plenty of troops ordered home but it seems as if the 2nd Va. was forgotten. There are well substantiated rumors afloat today that the 1st Va., the 1st Ia. and the Iowa Artillery are ordered to move soon but nothing about us...." Brownsville, TX December 1, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.39 "Dear Mother...Expect we will have an easy time until time to leave here. It seems as if the 1st Regiment will get home before we. It seems as if they have orders to move soon...." Brownsville, TX December 4, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p

 2010.026.1.40 "Mother Dear...Am rather afraid that you will be dissapointed [sic] about us getting back by Xmas. A lot of lumber has been issued our regiment for fixing the tents into winter quarters and boarding up the mess hall...." Brownsville, TX December 6, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.41 "Dear Mother...We have another big Norther on now...We have been issued stove for each tent and a supply of wood. We have also received [sic] one big overcoat though we still wear the khaki clothes and light weight underclothes. I sure have a bunch of clothes...." Brownsville, TX December 9, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p

 2010.026.1.42 "Dear Mother...The 'old man' got a well deserved 'balling out' from the Major this P.M> during parade and took his grouch out on us. Restricted the entire company to the company [street] for the night. Wouldn't even let us go to the canteen on the Y.M.C.A...." Brownsville, TX December 11, 1916   1.0 Letters 7p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.43 "Mother Dear...Am glad that you have decided to make the trip to see father. It will do you good and will be a fine trip for you. I sure do appreciate the clippings. I am going to put them all on the bulletin board so all the fellow can see them...." [Camp Leedy], TX December 13, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.44 "Dearest Mother...We played a game of football today and beat the Pulaski team again to the tune of 12 to 6. We just have to have something to pass the time is the reason we were playing on Sunday...." [Camp Leedy], TX December 17, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.45 "Dear Mother, Six months ago I quit my job and started to lead a soldiers life. I have sure enjoyed it but things have been mighty hard at times...The 1st recieved [sic] official orders last night. They will leave as soon as transporation can be sent. We expect to follow them shortly...." Brownsville, TX December 19, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p

 2010.026l.1.46 "Dear Mother...Capt. F. is doing right nice now. We had been [feeling] pretty punk since Thanksgiving till a couple of days ago but the non-coms stopped the bad part. We were due to have non-com school last Tuesday at 1 P.M. and we changed it into a regular statement ofa bald fact. The real reason he has not had mutiny on his hands is the bunch of non-coms he has behind him. We have really stopped all kinds of trouble not for his sake but for old Co. F...." Brownsville, TX December 23, 1916   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.47 "Dear Mother...Believe me we have had some Christmas weather. The temperature has been as high as eighty in the last week and no lower than 60 [degrees]. We are fixing our tents up now for real winter quarters. Are raising the walls higher and putting doors in...." Brownsville, TX December 28, 1916   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.48 "Dear Mother...Capt. Figgat had a letter from Pres. L.C. Johnson in which he says that more than likely the N.O.W. will continue to paya us after the first of the year...I am going to apply for a furlough again and request passes from here to home and return. Will let you know...." Brownsville, TX December 30, 1916   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.49 "Dear Mother...Well our friends the First left this P.M. You can bet thier [sic] preperations [sic] for departure in the last few days has caused more than one envious eye to be cast in thier [sic] direction. We gave them a royal send off though. Well we are plumb alone now...." Brownsville, TX January 2, 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.50 "Dear Mother...This old regiment is getting mighty reckless now. They do not care what they do. Don't even care if drills are not done properly. There was a bunch of about three uundred that called on Lt. Colonel Millar and raised the dickens and asked that War Dept. be written and asked to send us home. He got awfully mad and threatened to court martial the entire regiment...." Brownsville, TX January 4, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.51 "Dear Mother...Co. F. played another game yesterday and cleaned up to the tune of 12 to 0. no one hurt but Hugh Hill and he bruised his shoulder very badly...I sure am glad the N.O.W. has continued paying us till we return as things look now as if we will have at least three months more...." Brownsville, TX January 8, 1917   1.0 Letters 6P, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.52 "Dear Mother, You can't guess inn a thousand years who called on me today. He has been in the army three years, in from Roanoke and a part relative of ours. Earnest Urquhart. Used to live up on [Twelfth] St. N.W...He is with the 28th U.S. stationed at Fort Ringold near here and is on special duty to the Brownsville district...." Brownsville, TX January 10, 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.53 "Dear Mother, Well we have been in this God forsaken place six months and a day now...They do not teach anything at the Y.M.C.A. now. For a while Spanish was taught and I took it for three lessons. that is as long as the teacher was here...." Brownsville, TX January 12, 1917   1.0 Letters 2p

 2010.026.1.54 Printed envelope, Texas-Mexican Border Views, addressed to Mrs. L. H. Urquhart, Roanoke, VA from Brownsville, TX. circa 1916-1917   1.0 Item Envelope only

 2010.026.1.55 "Dear Mother...It is mucha frio here now and has been for the last three days...I have stopped all the cracks in my tent today and fixed up proper. It is mighty snug tonight. Our mess Sgt. and two cooks have been reduced. They did not keep the kitchen or dining room clean. Sure serves them right as they have been might dirty in serving us...." Brownsville, TX January 15, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.56 "Dear Mother...Am glad everyone is well at home. All of we boys are well and killing time. We are sure living fine. Have had two big wild duck pies in the last two days and one of the fellows killed a wild hog or javelin (havelina) and we butchered him yesterday...." [Brulay], TX January 21, 1917   1.0 Letters 6p

 2010.026.1.57 "Dear Mother, Well for sure now, we are going to be on Virginia soil in the next three weeks. The 3rd Iowa leave here the 1st of Feb and we will not be over five days behind them. Every N.G. organization will be sent from the border in the next forty five days...." Brulay, TX January 26, 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.58 "Dear Mother...We are sure coming home soon. Will leave here sometime about the 4th or 5th...There is a lot of dope here to the effect that we will not have to go to Richmond but will be mustered out at our home stations...." Brownsville, TX January 29, 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.59 "Dear Mother...We are here to clean this place up and get it in condition for the other troops. F. Co. has sixteen company streets to clean up nad that means a whole corn and cotton field and some of it full of weeds and grass...." Camp McClellan August 21, 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.60 "Dear Mother...Have worked all day with my squad. I have a fine bunch of boys and they like me fine. Will do anything for me and never give me any trouble. They are Minton, Jamison, Brown, Doss, Crothers, Johnson, Shilling. They are all recruits...." Camp McClellan August 23, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.61 "Dear Mother...What is wrong with you folks at home? Have not heard from you wince I have been here and I have written four times already. You must have fogotten that I am living...." Camp McClellan circa August 29, 1917   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.62 "Dear Mother...I never have been as hurt in my life as I am now. That was surely one hard blow. [D] told me Ruth said she was glad I was going as it would make it easier for her to forget me. But her letters to me do not read that way. I can't believe [D] was lying to me and it is sure hard to think she is deceiving me like that....." Camp McClellan circa September 3, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.63 "Mother Dear...We are feeding pretty good now. The 'old man' is not as stingy as he was last year though he is more strict. The dicipline [sic] that we will have to undergo in this camp will be more strict than in any army Uncle Sam has ever turned out...." Camp McClellan circa September 6, 1917   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.64 "Dear Mother...Well Mother i have taken your advice. Though is sure hurt to do it I have broken the engagement off. I wrote her and told her so. That is the only way to cuase her people to let up on her...." Camp McClellan circa September 10, 1917   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.65 "Dear Mother, Moved camp today and changed from bad to worse. The second time since we have been in this place. Hope they do not move us again till ready to either send us home or across. We have a place where a hill starts just at the end of the mess hall and is very steep too. My tent is the third from the end on the other side of the hill and our of sight of the road and mess hall...." Camp McClellan circa October 5, 1917   1.0 Letters 3p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.66 "Dear Mother...Summer has departed from this country for the time being. It is sure cold. Our tents are flat on the ground. No stoves and part of the men have hardly any clothing...The hardest thing is taking two baths a week in the cold water...." Camp McClellan circa October 11, 1917   1.0 Letters 6p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.67 "Dear Mother...Have gotten my passes and soon as we are paid off I am going to request a furlough on business...If I can't get one on business I am going to fake [or] some way as I must have a furlough. Did not get one last year so must have one before we cross...." Camp McClellan circa October 16, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.68 "Dear Mother, Awfully cold weather again and nearly too cold for some of the boys...We have not been issued stores yet and can't build fires in either the tents or the street...." Camp McClellan circa October 25, 1917   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.69 "Dear Mother, Believe me old Winter is back in full force...We have no stoves now and it is much too cold to sit up and write. Am writing this in the bath house, the only place on the company street that has a fire...." circa October-November 1917   1.0 Letters 5p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.70 "Dear Mother, Winter has set in proper...Were issued winter under clothing tonight and will get the O.D. winter uniforms tomorrow. Sure will be glad to get the things you are going to knit for me...." Camp McClellan circa October-November 1917   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.71 "Dear Mother...Have cleaned my rifle today and washed some clothes too. Then read and loafed all day. The first day I have really enjoyed...." Camp McClellan circa November 10, 1917   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.72 "Dear Mother, This has certainly been one week of activity. Your left just one day too soon. Monday we had a divisional review that lasted nearly the entire day. Then Tuesday we had a 'field inspection'...." Camp McClellan circa December 8, 1917   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.73 "Dear Mother, Back in the detention camp once more. Seems as if I cannot stay away. Only consolation is that the entire company is with me this time. One of our boys was taken with spinal-meningitis and we are here indefinitely...." Camp McClellan December 27, 1917   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.74 "Dear Mother...Must run from one end of the company street to the other to make sure all is clean. Must have the bath house scrubbed each morning also the latrine, all garbage must be burned in the incinerater each day and the waste water boiled away...." Camp McClellan circa December-January 1917-1918   1.0 Letters 2p

 2010.026.1.75 "Dear Dad, Wanted to write today but was knocked out of it by too much rain. My tent leaks and I had to go to bed for the day to keep from getting pretty well soaked. Things are going along very quietly now...." circa January 1918   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.76 "Dear Mother, Have been quite a busy soldier. Was only in Sgt. Kindwaters tent for a couple of days. I was in there because I had had experience in that [---] of work before. You remember I had once a week of it in Brownsville. Am in charge of Quarters again and it keeps me on the go all the time...." Camp McClellan circa January 9, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.77 "Dear Dad...Glad to know you are well and getting along nicely. Everything is moving smoothly here. The Engineer Regimient will leave here this week and the Division will leave Regiment after another. Do no know just when the moveemnt will be completed or when the 116th will leave but it will not be long...." Camp McClellan circa January 16, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.78 "Dear Mother, We have been released I am mighty glad to say. Our 'culture' was taken and those who were not germ carriers were returned to camp. We left something over thirty men as 'carriers.' A.H. is among the 'Meningcocci' carriers and has about sixty days to be cured in or be sent to Washington for treatment. He really has in for a discharge because of being under age...." Camp McClellan circa Feb 6, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.79 Envelope addressed to Mrs. L. H. Urquhart, Roanoke, VA February 15, 1918   1.0 Item Envelope only

 2010.026.1.80 "Dear Mother...I recieved [sic] special commendation from Capt. L. T. on work done by myself and the advance guard commanded by me on last Wednesday. I took it right into the enemy's lines thru his patrols right up to the main body without losing a man and captured in all over forty prisoners...." Camp McClellan circa Februrary 18, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.81 "Dear Mother...There was a call for six volunteers this A.M. for over seas service and over three fourths of the company stepped forward. Even the N.C.O.'s. Looked good to me too to know that is how the men feel...." Camp McClellan circa March 11, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.82 "Dear Mother...Things are going fine here. There will be another draft of volunteers this week. Don't think any of the non-com's will be allowed to go. Think we are all to be kept here to train drafted men...." Camp McClellan circa March 21, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.83 "Dear Mother...At school all A.M. and this afternoon the instructor took us on a hike and then a bayonet charge or attack up a mountain. It is one of the highest here and some of the fellows never reached the top. simply played out...." Camp McClellan circa March 21, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.84 "Dear Mother...I am now one of a dozen Regimental instructors. About two weeks ago the officer in charge of that work saw me at work and evidently liked my style for now I have the job...." Camp McClellan circa April 1, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.85 "Dear Mother...I am satisfied to take up my old camp life. Loaf and drill all day and go to bed early at night...Believe me I surely do miss all the home folks. Up at Merrimac I did not miss them because I knew I was near and could get in once in a while but down here it is hard...." Camp McClellan circa April 12, 1918   1.0 Letters 4p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.86 "Dear Mother...We are preparing to leave here. Do not know where we will go but expect to leave between the 15th and 30th of this month. I have been helping to fix the papers up for the final wind up and have just finished. I do not like to tell you this as I know it will worrty you but think it best that you know all about it and not to tell yhou all at once that we leave in no time...." circa April 1917   1.0 Letters 2p

 2010.026.1.87 Envelopes addressed to Mrs. L. H. Urquahart, Roanoke, VA April 22 and 29, 1918   2.0 Items 2 envelopes only

 2010.026.1.88 "Dear Mother...If I am sent into the trenches or retained as instructor in the bayonet I am going to put everything I have into it. Of course as an instructor I can do more good than in the trenches because if I teach fifty men to handle the bayonet well that is of more value to the army than one man at the front...." At sea Undated   1.0 Letters 1p

 2010.026.1.89 "Dear Mother, This will be about the last one while on the ship...There is one thing I want you to do occasionaly [sic] and that is to send me some cigarettes. The ones Lucy gave me in Roanoke have nearly all gone...." At sea circa July 19, 1918   1.0 Letters 1p

 2010.026.1.90 "Dear Mother, Back in rest billets again and I must say the rest and full sleep is a blessing. While in the trenches I did not get over four hours sleep during twenty four. I had an all night watch with a squad of men...." August 18, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p

 2010.026.1.91 "Dear Mother, Once more hae I shouldered my bed and trudged over another French road. We are to go into the trenches again pretty soon. Do no mind that one bit either as I want to do my bit by getting at least one of the beasts. We are now located in a little village just about two kilometers from the front line trenches...." August 19, 1918   1.0 Letters 1p

 2010.026.1.92 "Dear Mother, On the move again. We have put in quite a bit of traveling and are billeted now in French barracks. Quite nice too. Only hope these soft bunks have no 'cooties'...." September 18, 1918   1.0 Letters 2p

 2010.026.1.93 "Dear Mother, Am still in the hospital tho in much better shape than when I wrote my last letter...The greatest troubleis that the gas tends to make one slightly shorwinded. That will wear off in time thos and I will be as good as ever...." American Base Hospital #1 November 6, 1918   1.0 Letters 3p

 2010.026.1.94 "Dear Dad...Of course you knew long before this that I was laid up in the hospital with an overdose of German gas and believe me it was no pleasant experience. It had my heart and lungs in very bad shape for a long time and they are not perfectly well yet...." November 24, 1918   1.0 Letters 3p

 2010.026.1.95 "Mother dear...One of the boys in my squad took measles and was sent to the base hospital. The rest of the squad was sent here to the quarentine [sic] camp and we have not been allowed to leave...." Undated   1.0 Letters 5p

 2010.026.1.96 "Dear Mother, Recieved [sic] your letter yesterday but it was much to cold to write last night. When I went to wash this morming I had to break the ice on my water bucket...." Undated   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

 2010.026.1.97 "I sent some things home yesterday. The doilies, one of the handkerchiefs are for you. One of the hand bags and a handkerchief for the girls apiece and the little purses for E. & N. The cuff links and moccasins for father...." Undated   1.0 Item 1p letter fragment

 2010.026.1.98 A Message to Garcia; Being a Preachment. Booklet by Elbert Hubbard. East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters, 1916. Inscribed to Urquahart. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. B. W. [Herman]. Undated   1.0 Item 1 booklet

 2010.026.1.99 Envelopes addressed to Mrs. L. H. Urquahart, Roanoke, VA Undated   5.0 Items 5 envelopes only

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 2010.026.1.100 Photographs Undated   11.0 Photographs

 2010. Photo-postcard. Inscription on verso reads: John L. House, Shenanadoah, VA. Soldier boy John L. House. Camp Lee, VA. Petersburg. Undated   1.0 Photograph Sepia-tone photo-postcard. 13.8 x 8.7 cm.

 2010.0256.1.100.2 Photo-postcard. Inscription on verso reads: Isaac K. Munsey. Cleveland, Virginia. Undated   1.0 Photograph Sepia-tone photo-postcard. 13.8 x 8.7 cm.

 2010. Photo-postcard. Inscription on verso reads: To my dear Mother from your son Ernie. Camp McClellan. Anniston, Ala. Dec 21, 1917. December 21, 1917`   1.0 Photograph Black/white photo-postcard. 13.7 x 8.6 cm.

 2010. Photo-postcard featuring group photo of Urquhart's company at attention. Identification noted on verso: 1.Echo, 2. Stallings, 3. Ham, 4. Sais, 5. Brisk, 6. Bryant, 7. Kisey, 8. Lambert, 9. Faison, 10. Jones, 11. Baker, 12. Piney, 13. Murdock, 14. Frand, 15. Neis, 16. Bryant, 17. Robinson, 18. Herrall, 19. [unidentified], 20. Sarah, 21. Herr, 22. Armistead, 23. Purkins, 24. Taylor, 25. Cross, 26. Sullian, 27. Carpenter Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white photo-postcard. 9.1 x 13.9 cm.

 2010. Photo-postcard featuring group photo of Virginia football team. Inscription reads: 2 va. team beat Brownsvill. t. 6:0. On verso, handwritten message from Glen Grissom (Brownsville, TX) to Miss Millie Myers (Roanoke, VA). Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white photo-postcard. 8.7 x 13.7 cm.

 2010. Photo-postcard. Inscription on verso reads: Don't give these away. 3rd Platoon, Co. F, 116th Infantry. Taken May 20, 1919 in Newport [News] as we got off boat. circa May 20, 1919   1.0 Photograph Black/white photo-postcard. 8.7 x 13.8 cm.

 2010. Soldier pictured in full uniform. Inscription on verso reads: Grissom [Glen Grissom] Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white image. 7.6 x 5.3 cm.

 2010. Group of soldiers, in uniform with rifles. Inscription on verso reads: Grissom [Glen Grissom] Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white image. 14.5 x 8.8 cm.

 2010. Group of soldiers, in uniform with rifles, lined up and waiting in a field. Inscription on verso reads: Grissom [Glen Grissom] Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white image. 8.9 x 14.5 cm.

 2010. Soldier pictured standing in front of a large growth of catii. Inscription on verso reads: Grissom [Glen Grissom] Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white image. 8.8 x 14.6 cm.

 2010. Soldiers pictured outside their tents, pitched in a field near military barracks. Undated   1.0 Photograph Black/white image. 4.4 x 7.3 cm.

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 2010.026.1.101-104 Personal ephemera 1928-1947, undated   4.0 Folders

 2010.026.1.101 Brief History of 116th Infantry, 29th Division, American Expeditionary Forces, Oct. 4, 1917 to June 1, 1919. Booklet. Undated   1.0 Item 20p booklet

 2010. General Orders No. 5. Extract: The following name soldiers of this command, having been honorably wounded in action are hereby authorized to wear the Wound Chevron prescribed in General Orders No. 110, G.H.Q., A.E.F., c.s.:- Included on the list of wounded from Company "F" is Cpl. Urquahart, Leonard H. Oct 11, 1918. Action north of Verdun; 2p. Memorandum to Battalion and separate unit commanders, 116th Infantry. Regarding General Orders No. 5; 2p. December 17, 1918   4.0 Pages Photocopied documents

 2010. Alphabetical listing of members of Urquhart's company, written on verso of a strip of parchment excised from an official document pertaining to the Virginia Volunteers, Second Regiment, Infantry. Names listed by rank; includes list of company cooks. Undated   1.0 Item 6.7 x 69.1 cm.

 2010. Invoice for hospital stay addressed to Mr. Leonard H. Urquhart, Shenandoah Hostpital, Inc. On verso, written in pencil: April 20 to 9/31. 15 day. 200 season. Trout no size limit. Open areas.... March 31, 1941   1.0 Item 1p

 2010. 1938 Year Book, Saint Mark's Luthern Church, Roanoke, Virginia. Lists Mrs. L.H. Urquhart on confirmed church membership roll (revised to Feb 1, 1928). 1938   39.0 Pages

 2010. Program for Co. F. 116th (2d VA.) Infantry Veterans Association 3rd Reunion, Roanoke, VA. Armistice Day. Features photo of Capt. Linwood G. Figgat. November 11, 1938   1.0 Item

 2010. Flag Day Program, Roanoke City Auditorium. Sponsored by Roanoke Post 3, The Amerian Legion and Voiture 1104, The Forty and Eight. June 13, 1940   1.0 Item

 2010. Programme, Co. "F", 116th (2d VA.) Infantray Veterans Association 8th Reunion, Chase City, VA. In memory of William M. Meade. November 11, 1947   1.0 Item

 2010. Good Friday. A Message for the Day. Service program published by the Inner Mission Board of the United Lutheran Church in America, New York. Undated   2.0 Pages 2 copies

 2010. Handwritten letter from "Mac" to "Bro", written on Kyser Drug Co. letterhead, Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. November 17, 1912   3.0 Pages

 2010. Typed poem composed and written by W.A.S., in memory of 105 workers killed in an exposion at the ammunition plant at Eddystone, PA, April 1917. June, 10, 1919   1.0 Page

 2010. Envelopes addressed to Mr. & Mrs. and Mrs. W. P. Hammond, Roanoke, VA. Postmarked Mar 31 and April 10. 1925   2.0 Items Envelopes only

 2010. Typed and signed open letter from the pastor of Saint Mark's Lutheran Church, Roanoke, VA, to parishoners. April 1, 1925   1.0 Letters 1p

 2010. Handwritten letter from Bob Stone to Ann Urquhart. circa May 17, 1944   1.0 Letters 1p, 1 envelope

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 2010.026.2 Military memorabilia 1916-1918   10.0 Items Medallions

 2010.026.2.1 Medalion: For Service on the Mexican Border Undated   1.0 Item Gold medalion on green/gold striped ribbon. 3.3cm in diameter, 7cm overall length.

 2010.026.2.2 Medalion: Meuse - Argonne. Defensive Sector (recto); The Great War for Civilization. France; Italy; Serbia; Japan; Montenegro; Russia; Greece; Great Britain; Belgium; Brazil; Portugal; Romania; China. (verso). Undated   1.0 Item Gold medalion on multi-colored ribbon. 3.5cm diameter, 8cm overall length.

 2010.026.2.3 Medalion: Victory. World War Service (recto). Presented by the City of Roanoke, VA, for grateful recongnition of patriotic service in the World War 1917-1918 (verso). Undated   1.0 Item Gold cross on multi-colored ribbon, 4.4 x 7.2cm.

 2010.026.2.4 Medalion: Purple Heart (recto). For Military Merit, Leonard H. Urquhart (verso). Undated   1.0 Item Heart medalion on purple/white ribbon, 3.5 x 10.2cm.

 2010.026.2.5 Medalion: Veterans of Forgotten Wars. Twenty-fifth National Encampment, Sept 8-13, 1924 (recto). 1924   1.0 Item Silver medalion on blue/white ribbon. 3.1cm diameter, 6.4cm overall length.

 2010.026.2.6 Medalion: Leonard H. Urquhart. American Legion. Dept. of Va. Roanoke. 18th Homecoming Convention, Aug. 1936 (recto). 1936   1.0 Item Brass medalion on navy/brown striped ribbon. 3.1cm diameter, 8.5cm overall length.

 2010.026.2.7 Medalion: "Red" Urquhart, L.H. 3rd Annual Encampment. Dept. of Virginia V.F.W. Roanoke, VA. June 21-23, 1926 (recto). 1926   1.0 Item Brass cross on red/white/blue ribbon, 5 x 10.6cm.

 2010.026.2.8 Name badge: L.H. Urquhart. Roanoke, Va. 3rd Annual Encampment, Dept. of Virginia V.F.W. Roanoke, VA. June 21-23, 1926 (recto). 1926   1.0 Item Brass cross on red/white/blue ribbon, 5 x 10.4cm.

 2010.026.2.9 Medalion: Urquhart, Mrs. L.H. Post 484. 3rd Annual Encampment, Dept. of Virginia V.F.W. Roanoke, VA. June 21-23, 1926 (recto). 1926   1.0 Item Brass cross on red/white/blue ribbon, 5 x 10.4cm.

 2010.026.2.10 Name badge: Mrs. L. H. Urquhart. Roanoke, Va. Veterans of Foreign Wars. 24th National Encampment. Norfolk, Va. Aug 27-31, 1923 1923   1.0 Item Brass cross on red/white/blue ribbon, 5 x 10.4cm.

 2010.026.3.1 Summer tunic   1.0 Item

 2010.026.3.2 Winter tunic   1.0 Item

 2010.026.3.3 Money belt   1.0 Item


 2010.026.4.1 United States National Army. Defenders of Humanity. Framed, illustrated roster of Company F, Second Virginia Infantry, National Guard. circa 1917   1.0 Item Framed roster 75.5 x 65.2cm framed


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