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Tulsa Audubon Society papers

Collection 1990-004  

Dates:  1935-present.

Extent:  (62 boxes).

Level of Description:  Folder level.

Name of creator(s):  Tulsa Audubon Society members.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   The papers are organized into four series: 

  • Series 1:  includes administrative papers and correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, event calendars, and the Society's newsletter, the Scissortail. This series is organized chronologically with some years further divided by subject, i.e. 1988-Tallgrass Preserve, or, 1988-Scissortail.

  • Series 2: consists of bird observation records. It contains the bird records reported to the Tulsa Audubon Society Recorder as one of the society's activities. It also contains the Recorder's annual reports, Christmas bird counts, Big Day bird counts, backyard birder and summer census.
  • Series 3: consists of the files of observer's field notes that were sent to the Recorder. They are filed by year and are the source of the records in Series 2.
  • Series 4: consists of the papers and bird records donated to the Society by members who were particularly active in the work of the society; William H. Koons (1923-1937); Anne L. Reynolds (1953-1982); Elizabeth C. Hayes (1955-1991); Pauline B. Keating (1967-1982); and Hugh S. Davis (1930-1948).

Administrative/Biographical History: 

Access and Copyright:  This material is housed off-site and will require special arrangements for anticipated use. Contact the Department of Special Collections.

Language and Scripts:  English.

Finding aid/Inventory:  Finding aid is available online.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition:   [Donated to the Society by William Koons and Anne Reynolds.]

Date(s) of description:   John S. Tomer, Mar 1995.

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Subject Headings 

Personal names 

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Series 1:  Administrative records   
1:1 Miscellaneous papers.
3:81974.   Illinois River, Lukfata Lake, River Parks.
3:91974. Chapter formation.
4:31975. Eagle roost.
4:41975. Membership drive.
4:51975. Backyard birder records.
4:71976. Scissortail.
4:81976. Illinois River, Arkansas River chloride, newspaper clippings.
4:101977.  Scissortail.
4:111977. Lukfata Dam, conservation committee.
5:31978.  Scissortail.
5:51979. Scissortail.
5:61979. Newspaper clippings.
5:91980. Scissortail, Oxley Newsletter.
6:21981. Scissortail, Oxley Newsletter.
6:31981. President's papers, financial records.
6:41981. Conservation committee.
6:51981. Newspaper clippings.
6:61981. Christmas bird count.
6:81982.  Scissortail.
7:11982. Financial records, President's notebook.
7:21982. Goals committee and other committees, Christmas bird count.
7:31982. Conservation.
7:51983.  Scissortail.
7:6-71983. Race track - Mohawk Park issue.
7:81983. Newspaper clippings.
8:31984.  Scissortail.
8:41984. Bald eagle - Marina threat.
8:51984. Prairie Reserve, River Parks, Turkey Mountain.
8:61984. Revision of Bird Finding Guide.
8:71984. Newspaper clippings.
8:91985.  Scissortail.
9:11985. Newspaper clippings.
9:31986.  Scissortail.
9:41986. Historical files.
9:51986. Committee notes.
9:61986. Newspaper clippings.
9:91987.  Scissortail.
10:11987. Historical files.
10:21987. National.
10:31987. Newspaper clippings.
10:51988.  Scissortail.
10:61988. Meeting notes, phone logs.
10:71988. Financial reports.
10:81988. Tallgrass Preserve.
10:91988. Oklahoma Ornithological Society Fall meeting.
10:10  1988.  Activities, Birds of Tulsa County.
10:111988.  Newspaper clippings.
11:11989.  Scissortail.
11:21990. Announcements and flyers.
11:31990. Board conference.
11:41990. Financial reports.
11:51990. Newspaper clippings.
11:61990.  Scissortail.
11:71991. Announcements and flyers.
11:81991. Financial reports.
11:91991. Membership roster.
11:101991.  Newspaper clippings.
11:111991.  Scissortail.
11:12 1992.  Announcements and flyers.
11:131992.  Financial reports.
11:141992.  Newspaper clippings.
11:151992.  Scissortail.
11:161993.  Announcements and flyers.
11:171993.  Financial reports.
11:181993.  Newspaper clippings.
11:191993.  Scissortail.
11:20 1994.  Scissortail.
11:21 1994.  Newpaper clippings.
12:11995.  Scissortail.
12:21995. Newspaper clippings.
12:32006-2010. Meeting minutes.
Series 2: Bird Observation Records  
From 1934 through 1966, the Tulsa Audubon Society bird records were tabulated and filed annually by the Recorder, who prepared a page for each species reported during the year.

At the end of the year, a list of species was filed as an annual report.

The sequence of species in these records followed the American Ornothologists Union Check-List of North American Birds, fifth edition (1957).

See Ethel Getgood's Birds of Tulsa County and Vicinity (1968) in Series 2 as a guide to these records.

A list of the Tulsa Audubon Society recorders is also found in Series 2.

1:1Getgood, Ethel H. Birds of Tulsa County and Vicinity. Tulsa: Tulsa Audubon Society, 1968.
Jennings, Bob. The Birds of Tulsa  County, Oklahoma. Tulsa: Tulsa Audubon Society, 1988.
List of names and length of term of Tulsa Audubon Society recorders.
:2-3Edith R. Force, recorder.  1934-1938.
1:4Wallace O. Hughes, recorder. 1938.
1:5Christmas bird census. 1942
1:6-8Ethel S. Letson, recorder.  1943-1945.
2:1-4 1946-1949.
2:5-6 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1950.
2:7, 3:1 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1951,
3:2-3 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1952.
3:4-5 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1953.
3:6-7 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1954.
3:8, 4:1 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1955.
4:2-3 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1956.
4:4-5 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  Harold Spore, recorder. 1957.
4:6-7 Recorder's reports and correspondence.  Anne L. Renolds, recorder. 1958-1961. In 14 spiral notebooks.
4:8 1958. Recorder's reports and correspondence.
4:9 1959.
4:10 1960.
4:11 1961.
5:1 1962. In 4 spiral notebooks.
5:2 Recorder's reports and correspondence.
5:3 Letitia Johnston, recorder. 1963. In 3 spiral notebooks.
5:4 Recorder's reports and correspondence.
5:5Yula M. Thomas, recorder. 1964. In 3 spiral notebooks.
5:6 Recorder's reports and correspondence.
6:1 1966.  Loons - Flycatchers.
6:2 Larks - Longspurs.
6:3 Recorder's reports and correspondence.
From 1967 through 1984, the Tulsa Audubon Society Bird Records were entered consecutively on species pages, and annual reports were made to record the list of species seen during each year.

The records for this period are filed sequentially by species.

The species order follows the American Ornothologists Union Check-List of North American Birds, 5th edition (1957).

See Tucker, James A. Traveller's List and Checklist for Birds of North America. Austin: American Binding Association, Inc., 1975, (Series 2), as a guide to the sequence of species in these records.

The Recorder's annual reports of species reported during each year from 1967 through 1991 are filed in Series 2: 9 through 10.

6:41967-1984. Recorder's codes for observers and locations.
6:5Common Loon - Pelagic Cormorants.
6:6Anhinga - Roseate Spoonbill.
6:7Mute Swan - Red-breasted Merganser.
6:10Rails and Cranes.
7:1Avocets - Buff-breasted Sandpiper.
7:2Gulls, Terns, and Jaegers.
7:3Doves, Parrots, and Cuckoos.
7:5Goatsuckers and Swifts.
7:6Hummingbirds and Kingfishers.
7:11Jays and Crows.
7:12Chickadees, Nuthatches and Creepers.
8:1Mimic Thrushes.
8:3Kinglets and Gnatcatchers.
8:4Pipits, Waxwings, Shrikes and Starlings.
8:7House Sparrow.
8:10Grosbeaks - Buntings.
8:12Sparrows and Longspurs.
9:1-5Recorder's reports and correspondence.  1967-1971.
The present system of recording the Tulsa Audubon Society bird records began in 1985 when the Recorder began to enter observations in a computer database.

The species order follows the American Ornithologists Check-List of American Birds, 6th edition (1983).

(See Tucker, James A., Traveller's ;List and Checklist of the Birds of North American, Austin: American Birding Association, Revised 1987, in Series 2)

These records are filed, as before, by species name, and each record contains the observer's name (coded), the date, and the locality (coded).

The records can be accessed by any of these attributes, and printed by the Recorder.

The Recorder's annual reports, and the annual summary of the year's records, are printed from these files.

The observers' full name and code name as well as the locality's name and code name are listed with each year's printout and filed with the Recorder's reports.

 M. J. Loyd, recorder
10:5Loons - Flycatchers.
10:6Larks - House Sparrows.
10:7Recorder's reports and correspondence.
10:81986. Loons - Flycatchers.
10:9Larks - House Sparrows.
10:10Recorder's reports and correspondence.
11:11987. Loons - Flycatchers.
11:2Larks - House Sparrows.
11:3Recorder's reports and correspondence.
11:41988. Loons - Flycatchers.
11:5Larks - House Sparrows.
11:6Recorder's reports and correspondence.
12:11989. Loons - Flycatchers.
12:2Larks - House Sparrows.
12:3Recorder's reports and correspondence.
12:41990. Loons - Flycatchers.
12:5Larks - House Sparrows.
12:6Recorder's reports and correspondence.
13:11991. Loons - Flycatchers.
13:2Larks - House Sparrows.
13:3Recorder's reports and correspondence.
13:4P.L. Seibert, recorder. 1993.
13:51992. Larks - Sparrows.
13:6Recorder's reports and correspondence.
14:11993. Loons - Flycatchers.
14:2Larks - House Sparrows.
14:3Recorder's reports and correspondence.
14:41994. Loons - Flycatchers.
14:5Larks - House Sparrows.
14:6Recorder's reports and correspondence.
15:11995 - Loons - Flycatchers.
15:2Larks - House Sparrows.
15:3Recorder's reports and correspondence.
15:41996 - Loons - Flycatchers.
15:5Larks - House Sparrows.
15:6Recorder's reports and correspondence.
Series 3: Field Notes  
This series consists of original field notes of observers who have contributed bird observation records to the Tulsa Audubon Society recorders.

These notes and check-lists contain observation notes, names of additional observers, habitat information and other annotations that were not recorded on the Tulsa Audubon Society records sheets.

They are also valuable in showing what birds were likely to have been seen by an observer on almost any day of the year in the Tulsa area from 1934 to the present.

Box 1Field card summary, 1934-1950.
Box 2Field cards, 1930-1952.
Box 31954-1959; Salt Plains, 1950-1956.
Box 41960-1965.
Box 51966-1969.
Box 61970-1973.
Box 71974-1976.
Box 81977-1978.
Box 91978-1980.
Box 101980-1981.
Box 111982.
Box 121983.
Box 131984.
Box 141985.
Box 151986.
Box 161987.
Box 171988.
Box 18 1989.
Box 191990.
Box 201991.
Box 211992.
 1993. Jan-Apr.
Box 221993.  May-Dec.
Box 231995.
 1996. Jan-Mar.
Box 241996.  Apr-Dec.
Series 4: Individual's private papers  
 William H. Koons (1923-1937)
1:1State Game and Fish Department: Permits to collect birds, 1924-1929.
1:2U.S. Patent Office, U.S. Copyright Office. Correspondence, 1927.
1:3F.M. Chapman, L. Griscom, bird identification. 1924-1928.
1:4H.C. Oberholser, bird identification. 1925-1927.
1:6M.M. Nice. Correspondence, 1928.
1:7Newspaper column, 1934.
1:8Tabulated bird data.
1:9G.P. Putnams' Sons, A.A. Knopf. Correspondence, 1928-1929.
1:10Miscellaneous correspondence, 1923-1933.
1:11Bird book manuscript. Part 1.
1:12Part 2.
1:13E.R. Force. Correspondence pertaining to Koons' death and the bequest of his papers to the Tulsa Audubon Society.
1:14Field notes. 1919, 1924.
1:15Field notebooks. 1923, 1924, 1925.
1:161925, 1926, 1927.
1:171927, 1928, 1929.
1:181930, 1931, 1933.
Photographs, hand-painted by Koons, to be used to illustrate a proposed book:
2:1Northern Bobwhite.
Mourning Dove.
Yellow-billed Cuckoo.
Belted Kingfisher.
Red headed Woodpecker, adult.
    Red headed Woodpecker, immature.
2:2Red headed Woodpecker, 1.
Red headed Woodpecker, 2.
Red headed Woodpecker, 3.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, adult.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, immature.
Downy Woodpecker.
2:3Hairy Woodpecker, 1.
Hairy Woodpecker, 2.
Northern Flecker.
Pileated Woodpecker.
Eastern Wood Peewee.
Willow Flycatcher.
Easter Phoebe.
2:4Great-crested Flycatcher.
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, adult.
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, immature.
Blue Jay
2:5Black-capped Chickadee [?].
Carolina Chickadee, 1.
Carolina Chickadee, 2.
Carolina Chickadee, 3.
Tufted Titmouse, 1.
Tufted Titmouse, 2.
White-breasted Nuthatch.
2:6Brown Creeper.
Carolina Wren.
Bewick's Wren, adult.
Bewick's Wren, immature.
Winter Wren.
Golden-crowned Kinglet.
3:1Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
Eastern Bluebird.
Gray-cheeked Thrush.
Swainson's Thrush.
Hermit Thrush.
Wood Thrush.
3:2American Robin.
Gray Catbird.
Northern Mockingbird, 1.
Northern Mockingbird, 2.
Cedar Waxwing.
Loggerhead Shrike.
Bell's Vireo.
3:3Warbling Vireo.
Philadelphia Vireo, 1.
Philadelphia Vireo, 2.
Northern Paruola, adult.
Northern Paruola, immature.
Yellow-rumped Warbler, 1.
Yellow-rumped Warbler, 2.
3:4Black-and-White Warbler.
American Redstart.
Common Yellowthroat, male.
Common Yellowthroat, female.
Wilson's Warbler.
Yellow-breasted Chat.
3:5Summer Tanager, female.
Northern Cardinal, male.
Northern Cardinal, female.
Blue Grosbeak, female.
Indigo Bunting, male.
Painted Bunting, male.
Painted Bunting, female.
Rufous-sided Towhee.
American Tree Sparrow.
Field Sparrow, 1.
Field Sparrow, 2.
Vesper Sparrow.
Lark Sparrow.
4:1Savannah Sparrow.
Fox Sparrow, 1.
Fox Sparrow, 2.
Song Sparrow, 1.
Song Sparrow, 2.
Lincoln's Sparrow, 1.
Lincoln's Sparrow, 2.
4:2Swamp Sparrow.
White-throated Sparrow, 1.
White-throated Sparrow, 2.
Harris' Sparrow, 1.
Harris' Sparrow, 2.
Dark-eyed Junco, 1.
Dark-eyed Junco, 2.
4:3Dark-eyed Junco, 3.
Dark-eyed Junco, 4.
Red-winged Blackbird, male.
Red-winged Blackbird, female.
Eastern Meadowlark.
Common Grackle.
Brown-headed Cowbird.
4:4Orchard Oriole.
Northern Oriole, male.
Northern Oriole, female.
Purple Finch, male.
Purple Finch, female.
Pine Siskin.
4:5American Goldfinch, male.
American Goldfinch, trans.
American Goldfinch, winter.
4:6-7Black/white bird photographs.
5:ALLGlass negatives:
Meadow Lark.
Song Sparrow.
White Throat, male.
White Throat, female.
Bewick Wren.
Female Yellow-throat.
Black and White.
Immature Parula.
Brown Creeper.
Trails Flycatcher.
A.L. Reynolds  
6:1J.S. Tomer's biography of Reynolds.
6:2F.M. Baumgartner. Correspondence, 1963-1983.
6:3E. Letson. Correspondence, 1970.
6:4B. Smith. Correspondence, 1962-1970.
6:5G.M. Sutton. Correspondence, 1960-1982.
6:6Miscellaneous correspondence, 1959-1983.
6:7Garden Club programs.
6:8Sutton memorials.
6:9State bird adoption literature.
6:10Photographs and newpaper cuttings in reference to Tulsa area birds.
6:11Bird records, 1971-1979.
6:12Bird lists, miscellaneous.
7:ALLField cards, 1953-1969.
E.C. Hayes  
9:1E.C. Hayes biography; copies of published papers.
9:2F.M. Baumgartner. Correspondence, 1975-1983.
9:3O.S. Pettingill. Correspondence, 1979-1980.
9:4G.M. Sutton. Correspondence, 1972-1977.
9:6J.D. Tyler. Correspondence 1983-1991.
9:7G. Zack. Correspondence, 1991.
9:8A.L. Reynolds. Correspondence 1971-1974.
9:11Miscellaneous correspondence.
9:12Recorder's annual reports.  1975-1990.
10:1Bird records, 1955-1967.
10:61978-1986, undated.
10:7Slides of [field trips], [1974-1987].
10:8G.M. Sutton obituaries, etc.
P.B. Keating  
10:9G.M. Sutton. Correspondence, 1967-1969.
H.S. Davis  
11:1Correspondence, 1930-1948.
11:2Biographical material.
11:3Papers about work.
11:4Photographic prints.
11:5Hawk protection project, including related correspondence and publications.
11:6McCurtain County, Oklahoma, cypress swamp conservation.
11:7Bird banding activities at Mohawk Park, Tulsa.
11:8Tulsa Audubon Society correspondence, publications, and photographs.
11:9Cornell University, Oklahoma expedition.
11:10Approximately 200 black/white photo-negatives of all aspects of Davis' bird work.
11:11Bird bands of various sizes.
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