A-Z Index of Manuscript Collections

Collection Number Collection Name (Click on link for finding aid or record in the online catalog.  If there is no link, this collection is unprocessed and unavailable).
2007.020 14th Infantry papers  
2003.016 16th Engineer Regiment US Army photographs  
PK6081 .E45 1700z Persian manuscript, ca. 1700s Catalog Record
2001.031 7th Field Artillery. Vermont & Massachusetts  
2001.024 A. Richard Angell letters  
2013.022 AEF Railway Engineers photo-scrapbook  
2011.003 Air Service Mechanics School WWI-era photographs  
1000.146 Annie Heloise Abel. The Slaveholding Indian manuscript, c.1910 Catalog Record
2002.006 ABSEL business games and exercises archive, 1955-2003 Catalog Record
2005.006 Albert C. Hansen WWI archive  
1990.003 Albert A. Exendine papers  
1000.140 Albert Patrick Blair papers, 1943-1987 Catalog Record
2003.001 Albert Pike papers
1968.001 Alexandre Hogue papers
GN564.M49 A45 1907 Ovrsz Alfonso Rodriquez Gil manuscripts, 1907-1945 Catalog Record
2012.068 Algot F. Carlson WWI archive  
1977.001 Alice B. Toklas correspondence Catalog Record
1000.014 Alice in Wonderland ephemera  
1931.001 Alice Mary Robertson papers (see Papers of the Robertson and Worcester families, 1815-1932)
2009.018 Alton Conrad Rowe WWI-era postcards  
1000.147 Alvin F. Harlow manuscripts Catalog Record
1500.001.16 Amber C. Halliburton manuscript Catalog Record
1000.068 American Red Cross delegate to Belgium maps  
1992.007 Amos V. Todd WWI ephemera Catalog Record
1988.010 Anaïs Nin papers Catalog Record
2006.017 Anaïs Nin addendum
1975.005 Ancient Order of United Workmen papers, 1887-1921 Catalog Record
1988.013 Andre Deutsch collection, 1952-1995 Catalog Record
1995.021 Andre Deutsch addenda  
1986.003 Anna Kavan papers, 1867-1991 Catalog Record
1993.005 Anselm Hollo papers, 1973-1975 Catalog Record
1991.007 Arkansas Basin Development Association records Catalog Record
1000.015 Artelee Robbie Wyatt letters Catalog Record
2007.016 Arthur E. M. George letters  
1000.104 Assmann pencil sketches  
1984.001 Augustus Loftus correspondence Catalog Record
1000.148 Aurora Hunt papers, 1958-1961 Catalog Record
1000.079 Australian 25th Field Artillery (Howitzer) Division papers  
1983.009 [Austro-Hungarian and Germanic diplomatic correspondence], 1914-1951 Catalog Record
2012.032 B. F. Sheffer oil field letters, 1913-1916  
1987.007 Beaumont Bruestle - Charles Swier collection Catalog Record
2006.001 Béla Rózsa archive, 1923-2006, bulk: 1923-1968 Catalog Record
2010.035 Ben Byrnes collection of Denton E. Brome, Jr. WWI diary  
2010.025 Ben Byrnes collection of Howe Campbell WWI letters Catalog Record
2010.026 Ben Byrnes collection of Leonard H. Urquhart WWI archive Catalog Record
2010.034 Ben Byrnes collection of miscellaneous WWI photographs Catalog Record
2010.037 Ben Byrnes collection of Earl Ceedric James WWI letters  
2010.020 Ben Byrnes collection of  Edwin Conroy WWI correspondence  
2010.036 Ben Byrnes collection of Ermon Stewart WWI letters  
2010.017 Ben Byrnes collection of  Henry F. Ayres WWI diary  
2010.019 Ben Byrnes collection of Norman Sweetser WWI archive  
2010.001 Ben Byrnes collection of Ralph B. Creamer WWI diaries  
2010.021 Ben Byrnes collection of Rholie Ward WWI letters  
2010.018 Ben Byrnes collection of Thomas Hastings Travilla WWI diary and photographs  
1979.006 Ben Graf Henneke archive of Performing Arts (Theatre ephemera) Catalog Record
2007.033 Ben Johnson film archive Catalog Record
2007.017 Bert Hebbes letters  
1979.011 Bifur archive Catalog Record
2007.037 Bill and Anne Bakewell Davis collection of Cyril Connolly papers Catalog Record
2008.009 Bjarne W. Holm photographic archive  
2008.027 Bob McCormack cameras  
2008.049 Bob McCormack photographic studio archive  
1979.021 Booth family papers Catalog Record
1000.017 Boy scout bicycling meet photographs
2007.008 Brenda Maddox papers  
  British Trench Maps (see World War I collection, Maps) 
2001.008 Bruce McAllister papers Catalog Record
1960.001 Buell-Thawley glass collection
2001.011 C. A. Rothenheim memoir  
1000.066 C. J. Graham trench maps (see World War I collection, Maps)  
2001.025 Canadian lantern slides  
  Canadian war pictures (see William Rider-Rider Canadian war photographs)  
2005.001 Carl E. Rollyson papers Catalog Record
1978.015 Caroline Gordon - Allen Tate correspondence Catalog Record
1994.001 Chapman - Barnard Ranch oral history project
2001.020 Charles Alfred Bredin WWI-era papers  
2009.005 Charles Ford WWI-era letters 
2012.033 Charles G. Aldrich WWI-era photograph album  
1500.001.13 Charles W. Graham manuscript Catalog Record
1979.012 Christopher Isherwood papers Catalog Record
1996.007 Claire Sprague archive of the Doris Lessing Society Catalog Record
1500.001.06 Clift family papers, 1900 Catalog Record
D.1994.001 Clyde Lowery ledgers, 1940-1984 Catalog Record
1991.006 Comic books on microfiche
1988.001 Constance Holme papers Catalog Record
2007.034 [Cookery and Recipe Book], ca. 1689-1760 Catalog Record
2009.038 Corinna Haven Putnam and Joseph Lindon Smith WWI archive Catalog Record
2009.060 Correspondence relating to the translation and publication of the works of Jean Rhys 
1976.002 Cyril Vernon Connolly papers Catalog Record
1976.013 D. H. Lawrence papers Catalog Record
2000.013 D. S. Swayne ephemera  
1985.001 David Emery Gascoyne papers Catalog Record
1000.026 David Farmer and Rennard Strickland papers of John Rollin Ridge Catalog Record
2005.021 David Henry Esten Keller WWI scrapbooks  
1981.007 David Plante papers Catalog Record
2008.023 Dennis E. Nolan papers Catalog Record
2010.035 Denton E. Brome, Jr., WWI diary Catalog Record
1980.001 Derek Stanford papers, 1965-1968 Catalog Record
1991.001 Dewitt Lipe Cherokee Strip papers Catalog Record
1979.008 Dexter Fellows circus photographs Catalog Record
2006.002 Donald E. Hayden papers  
1976.010 Doris Lessing manuscripts Catalog Record
1975.003 Dorothy Miller Richardson papers Catalog Record
1500.001.29 [Douglas James Moore manuscript]:, 1863-1891 Catalog Record
1989.001 E. Nelson Bridwell collection Catalog Record
2003.009 Eberl family WWI-era letters 
2007.019 Ed Granger journal Catalog Record
1981.002 Edgar Fitch Bullard papers Catalog Record
1500.001.10 Edith autograph book, 1881-1887 Catalog Record
2005.002 Edith Nesbit archive Catalog Record
1976.014 Edmund Wilson papers Catalog Record
1000.022 Edward H. Boos - Flathead Reservation photographs Catalog Record
1979.010 Edward Charles  (E. C. E. Hemsted) correspondence Catalog Record
1973.002 Edward Dahlberg papers, 1921-1971
Edward Dahlberg correspondence 1964-1967.
Catalog Record
Catalog Record
2000.008 Edward E. MacMorland WWI letters  
2004.004 Edward L. Brown archive  
1989.002-x Edward Parmalee Smith letters Catalog Record
1984.051 Edwin H. Johnson archive Catalog Record
1995.001 Eliot Bliss diaries Catalog Record
1986.001 Elizabeth Jennings manuscripts Catalog Record
1991.002 Elizabeth L. Banks correspondence Catalog Record
1985.002 Elizabeth (Coles) Taylor manuscripts Catalog Record
1931.004 Ellis Clark Soper collection
1976.009 Ellsworth Mason collection of Robert Graves papers Catalog Record
1988.002 Ellsworth Mason papers
1984.008 Elmer Gustafson papers
1988.011 Enid Bagnold correspondence Catalog Record
2000.007 Erich Pattky WWI-era German photographs  
1977.003 Ernest Hemingway ephemera Catalog Record
1971.001 Erskine Caldwell manuscripts Catalog Record
2003.002 Euchee language archive  
2008.006 Everett Ellis Hibbard scores Catalog Record
1984.009 Ewart Milne papers Catalog Record
1979.017 F.A. Schmidt scrapbook 
2000.001 F. Morris Lookout tapes
1976.003 F. Scott Fitzgerald ephemera Catalog Record
2010.015F. Watkins WWI diary  
1976.024 Fannie Brownlee Misch photograph of Lilah D. Lindsey
1980.002 Farm Security Administration photographs Catalog Record
1000.073 Ferdinand Huszti Horvath WWI archive  
1979.001 Flannery O'Connor correspondence Catalog Record
1000.089 Francis Burton Jordan papers  
1992.001 Francis Steegmuller letters Catalog Record
1977.004 Frank Galbreath papers Catalog Record
1975.002-7 Frank J. Bonawit Oklahoma oil well documents Catalog Record
1983.008 Fred Graves collection
1978.003 Fred F. Randolph collection Catalog Record
2009.034 Fred R. Batchelder WWI diary  
2003.030 Frederick Jurgens family WWI-era letters  
2001.014 French aerial photographs of the Western Front  
1000.057 French Trench newspapers  
2001.027 George J. Arvedon collection  
1981.008 General Historical manuscripts, documents, and photographs Catalog Record
1984.010 George Bernard Shaw ephemera
2005.005 George Martin archive 
2002.001 George Melley archive 
1988.003 Georgette Heyer (Rougier) letters Catalog Record
2005.022 Gerald E. Leeds' School of Aerial Photography lecture notes  
1000.005 Gertrude Stein collection Catalog Record
1000.005.1.10 Gertrude Stein annotated photographs, 1925-1929 Catalog Record
2009.045 Gillian Parker - Rebecca West materials  
2001.030 Gordon. A soldier's escape : memoir (Soldiers capture on the box)  
1000.001 Gordon W. Lillie (Pawnee Bill) papers, 1900-1937 Catalog Record
1500.001.19 Grace Raymond Hebard manuscript of Washakie : An account of Indian resistance of the covered wagon and Union Pacific Railroad invasions of their territory, Circa 1930. Catalog Record
1985.003 Graham Greene papers Catalog Record
1500.005 Great authors poster collection Catalog Record
1978.002 Gregory Corso notebooks Catalog Record
1995.002 Gus Welch papers
2003.006 Gustav Keller WWI-era letters  
1894.061 Guy W. Logsdon research papers, 1894-1974  
2009.007 H.M.S. Digby WWI-era photograph album  
1500.001.05 Hamilton Bee manuscript of Journal of a Three Months Cruise in the Prairies of Texas in the Summer of 1843 Catalog Record
2003.029 Hans Schilling, Lt. WWI-era ephemera 
1000.112 Hans von Steffans WWI-era letters 
2006.003 Harold Leventhal proletarian archive, 1902-1975 Catalog Record
2001.026 Harold S. Sherwin WWI archive  
1990.001 Harriet George Barclay collection Catalog Record
1000.023 Harry G. Chapman papers Catalog Record
2009.044 Harry Love photographic archive  
2005.020 Harvey D. Higley WWI-era field notebook  
2003.024 Heinrich WWI-era correspondence  
1975.001 Helen Corke collection Catalog Record
1976.001 Helen Rushmore archive Catalog Record
2001.021 Henry Augustus Batchelor III archive  
1975.004 Henry B. Bass "Dear Everybody" newsletters Catalog Record
1500.001.23 Henry C. Merriam papers  
  Henry Miller manuscripts, Circa 1970 Catalog Record
1981.009 Historical broadsides collection
1931.005 Historical newspapers
2002.011 H.M.S. Crusader wireless telegraph signal log  
2003.026 Homer Alva Armstrong WWI memorabilia  
2006.008 Hopi Agency archive Catalog Record
2001.034 Horace Aldritt WWI letters  
1996.009 Horace Goldring machine gun manuscript Catalog Record
  Household manuscripts and recipe books library  
2002.004 Howard O. McClure letters Catalog Record
1995.003 Hudson Hawley Lost Generation Papers, 1923-1955 Catalog Record
1991.008 Hugo A. "Hap" Gruenberg WWI archive Catalog Record
1000.050 I. J. Clendinnen post-WWI scrapbook  
1983.005 Indian Claims Commission papers Catalog Record
1975.006 Indians of North America Historical manuscripts and documents, 1724-1981 Catalog Record
1988.004 Inez Lacey Evans papers Catalog Record
1982.007 International Petroleum Exposition (IPE) archive Catalog Record
2000.019 Interview with Wayne Swearingen Catalog Record
1976.019 Ira Hobart Evans papers Catalog Record
2006.006 Iraq and Afghan Wars military ephemera
2012.079 J.A.C. Colston WWI diaries Catalog Record
1988.007 J. Howard Woolmer Poetry bookshop collection Catalog Record
1500.001.17 J. L. Hargett manuscript, 1968 Catalog Record
1894.003.1.6 J. M. Hause photographs
1996.004 Jack Powell collection of Sherlock Holmes
2009.019 James B. Williamson WWI letters  
1000.012 James Joyce correspondence Catalog Record

2001.071 Jean Carlisle Barnes WWI ephemera  
1976.011 Jean Rhys archive Catalog Record
ND237.M415 J68 1845 Jervis McEntee, A journal of facts, folly & fun, 1845 Oct 9-1846 Sep 29. Catalog Record

Digital copy
1989.002 Jesse Bartley (J. B.) Milam papers
1992.002 Jesse V. Howell papers Catalog Record
1979.009 Jim Halsey Company poster collection Catalog Record
1974.001 Jim Steiner - Tony Isaacs collection of sound recordings of Ponca & other Indian songs Catalog Record
1990.008 Jing Masks Catalog Record
1978.016 Joan Flint collection of Washington Irving papers Catalog Record
1988.006 Joe Randolph Ackerley - Patricia Murphy correspondence Catalog Record
1963.002 John Bennett Shaw collection of John Steinbeck  
1980.010 John Carlisle Johnson WWI archive
1976.006 John Davenport collection of Malcolm Lowry Catalog Record
1972.001 John Dos Passos papers
2007.006 John E. Barry collection
1977.002 Jonathon Edwards collection of Ezra Pound
1977.005 John Fowles papers Catalog Record
1979.019 John G. Ellinghausen papers Catalog Record
1000.002 John G. Gammie, The Sage in Israel and the Ancient Near East papers Catalog Record
1500.001.20 John Heckewelder manuscript, 1820 Catalog Record
1500.001.22John J. McKay manuscript, 1964 Catalog Record
1000.025 John Rogers papers Catalog Record
2007.030 John Rolph, Additonal papers of the Scorpion Press Catalog Record
1500.001.08 John S. Oskison manuscript of Unconquerable : the story of John Ross, Chief of the Cherokees, 1828-1866, 1936 Catalog Record
2007.028 John S. Tomer collection of bird prints  
1983.001 John S. Tomer collection of Edith Force Kassing papers Catalog Record
1985.004 John S. Tomer papers Catalog Record
2000.009 John van Schaich maps 
1975.002 John W. Shleppey collection
1975.002 John W. Shleppey - Outdoor Advertising collection
1975.011 John W. Shleppey Native American artifacts collection
1976.007 Joseph Jacinta Mora - Hopi Indian photographs Catalog Record
1994.010 Josiah Clark Chatfield WWI archive
2010.023Joshua R. Abell World War II letters  
2007.007 Juanita Bourns collection
  Julien Maclaren-Ross - Rupert Hart-Davis correspondence
(a part of the RHD papers)
1963.003 Katherine Mansfield papers, 1907-1978 Catalog Record
2012.026 Kathryn Webb gift of Samuel Farrell family documents, 1826-1972 Catalog Record
2010.012Alan Wagoner photographs  
1500.006 Keepsake archive
1978.008 Kent Frizzell Wounded Knee papers
2000.017 Kriegs Erinnerungen (War Memories) photographs, 1915-1916 (64th Feld Fleiger Abteilung)
1993.001 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) papers, 1928-1932, 1995 Catalog Record

1974.006 Kurt Vonnegut papers Catalog Record
2000.002 KVOO voice library Catalog Record
1894.069 KWGS FM89 radio scripts Catalog Record
2001.013 La marina sul Piave photographs  
1894.070 Lambda Tau Beta chapter archive Catalog Record
1976.004 Laura Riding Jackson papers Catalog Record
1999.001 LaVere Francis Shoenfelt Anderson papers
1000.149 Legends of the Spanish Southwest manuscript, Circa 1930. Catalog Record
1981.001 Len Weaver collection of Siegfried Sassoon Catalog Record
2009.032 Leo McCusker WWI diary 
1000.027 Leonard Tourney papers
1990.006 Lerona Rosamond Morris collection Catalog Record
2001.072 Les Ruines Apre le Passage des Allemandes photo-postcards  
2007.015 Leslie A. Jenner archive  
1973.001 Leslie Poles Hartley correspondence Catalog Record
1987.008 Leta McFarlin Chapman papers Catalog Record
1976.016 Lilah D. Lindsey collection
2004.001 Lisle & Grace Billington correspondence Catalog Record
2009.036 Lloyd Henderson Grandy papers  
1987.003 Logan Pearsall Smith letters  
1982.018 Lois Johnson circus collection Catalog Record
2009.030 Louis Vogeel WWI diary  
1971.004 Lynn Riggs papers Catalog Record
1981.010.4.1 M.P. Shiel correspondence Catalog Record
2005.008 Malta souvenir. Rememrarance [sic] of the greatest war in history Catalog Record
1500.019 Manuscript and incunabula collection
  Maps of the American West Online Exhibit
1991.003 Margaret Crosland correspondence Catalog Record
1976.005 Margaret Drabble papers Catalog Record
1987.002 Margaret Storm Jameson correspondence Catalog Record
1992.013 Marie Whitehill Kendall College photographs
2007.010 Mark A. Olsen letters
1979.020 Martin Bell papers Catalog Record
2004.003 Martin L. Goddard papers Catalog Record
1979.014 Martin Secker - Richards Press publishing archive Catalog Record
2007.005 Mary O'Brien - Nell Stapler Bradshaw archive
2007.003 Michael Dale Speer collection of Erskine Caldwell Catalog Record
2000.004 Midwest Refining Company papers Catalog Record
2000.016 Milly B. diary  
1981.010 Miscellaneous literary manuscripts and documents Catalog Record
2008.033 Mollie Colwell handmade stereocards  
1000.129 Munitions factory photographs  
1983.003 Muriel Spark papers Catalog Record
1994.009 Naked Spur archive Catalog Record
1987.005 Natalie Clifford Barney - Romaine Brooks correspondence Catalog Record
1988.013.22 Nathaniel Benchley correspondence
(Part of the Andre Deutsch collection, 1952-1995)
Catalog Record
2007.006 Nell Stapler Bradshaw archive  
2008.044 New York Air Brake - WWI munitions factory photos  
1984.079 Nimrod magazine papers Catalog Record
1971.004.2 Noel Kaho papers on Lynn Riggs Catalog Record
2003.011 Norman MacLeod archive of Rebecca West
2006.012 Oklahoma collection Catalog Record
1980.008 Oklahoma highway commission papers
1981.003 Olivia Manning papers Catalog Record
1992.020 Osage allotment cards Catalog Record
1000.150 Otto A. Rothert manuscripts Catalog Record
2003.004 Otto Biber 
1984.004 P.E.N. archive Catalog Record
1931.001 Papers of the Robertson and Worcester families, 1815-1932 Catalog Record

Digital Collection

Creek letters to Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson
1992.003 Parke Atherton Dickey papers Catalog Record
2011.009 Patricia Allan-Burns collection of Eliot Bliss Catalog Record
2010.014Patricia Hollingsworth Francis Ford Coppola materials 
1984.005 Paul & Lucie Leon James Joyce collection
2003.005 Paul Baumann WWI-era letters 
1992.006 Paul Havenstrite WWI ephemera
1976.008 Paul Henry Giddens collection of Pennsylvania oil region photographs Catalog Record
1979.003 Paul Scott papers
1987.009 Pauline McFarlin Walter papers
1992.021 Peggy Hamilton.  Three Years or the Duration:  The Memoirs of a Munitions Worker  
1995.008 Percy Douglas Willcock WWI ephemera  
1894.082 Permanent records of the Publications Board of the University of Tulsa, beginning May 28, 1936-May 27, 1946. Catalog Record
2007.009 Perry Douglas Erwin lettersTranscript
1500.001.11 Peter Parnell Duffy manuscripts, 1935 Catalog Record
1997.002 Peter Quennell correspondence to Dorothea Gould Catalog Record
1988.009 Peter Quennell manuscripts Catalog Record
1995.006 P. H. D. Dempsey ephemera
1000.021 Philander Reeder diaries Catalog Record
1988.008 Philip Larkin letters
2006.056 Philbrook transfer of WWII photographs  
1978.013 Phonodisc collection
2001.015 Photographs of the Ypres battlefield and Antwerp  
1976.023 Postcard collection Catalog Record
1000.138 Press clippings scrapbook Catalog Record
1500.023 Printing ephemera
2003.025 Printz family WWI-era letters  
2012.040 Progress Dinner of United Business Interests to the Aviation Industry  
2001.028 Propaganda leaflet  
1979.002 R. A. Lafferty papers Catalog Record
1990.005 Raymond Lasley Osage Nation papers Catalog Record
1986.002 Rebecca West papers Catalog Record
1971.003 Redmond S. Cole papers Catalog Record
1000.062 Remembrances of the Great War, Hounslow, photograph album  
1982.002 Rennard Strickland papers
1500.001.04 Report on the Anna Beaver property. Miami district, Oklahoma. Catalog Record
1000.004 Rephotographic survey project photographs Catalog Record
2003.032 Richard Assmann pencil sketches  
1992.008 Richard Centing collection of Anna Kavan
1988.012 Richard Ellmann papers Catalog Record
1988.014 Richard Murphy papers Catalog Record
2005.011 Richard  Rosser photo-negatives of Rebecca West
1974.007 Richard Tenney papers Catalog Record
 Richardson and Rister manuscript, ca 1930 of The greater Southwest; the economic, social, and cultural development of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and California from the Spanish conquest to the twentieth century. Catalog Record
2003.008 Robert Alfred Doring WWI archive  
1978.001 Robert Bruce papers Catalog Record
1981.005 Robert Frost  ‑ John S. Van  E. Kohn collection
1989.005 Robert J. Farris collection: slides of North American birds Catalog Record
2007.018 Robert J. R. Harvey archive  
1980.003 Robert Kirsch papers Catalog Record
1984.003 Robert Liddell Lowe papers
2006.009 Robert W. DeMoss papers Catalog Record
1980.006 Robert W. and Paula McSpadden Love papers Catalog Record
1986.004 Rose Macaulay letters Catalog Record
2001.023 Rowland C. Taylor archive, 1914-1918 Catalog Record
2010.102 Roy G. Saunders collection of Mattie Dial Hughes WWI letters  
1986.012 Ruby Mae Jones collection, 1920-1986 Catalog Record
2001.019 In Ruhleben Camp, Ruhleben Bye-Election, Ruhleben Camp magazine. 1915-1917 Catalog Record
Catalog Record
Catalog Record
2010.022 Rumsey Bissell Marston WWI letters  
1999.002 Rupert Hart-Davis papers Catalog Record
2007.025 Russell Olive Weathers collection
1980.004 Ruth Prawer Jhabvala manuscripts Catalog Record
2005.007 S.A. Kuny diary 
1000.090 S. Arthur Devan photo-journal Catalog Record
1989.003 Sally Appel papers Catalog Record
1000.061 Salonika Macedonia WWI-era photograph album  
1894.088 Sam P. McBirney archive Catalog Record
1990.002 Samuel Grant Kennedy scrapbook Catalog Record
1500.001.2 Sarah Allison manuscript, 1836-1886 Catalog Record
2003.022 Schreiner Reinholt Rott WWI-era ephemera 
2006.007 Science Fiction and Comics ephemera
1988.015 Scorpion Press archive Catalog Record
2008.043 Scott Elwyn Swearingen videotapes  
2007.029 Sheila Wingfield letters Catalog Record
1500.024 Sherlock Holmes collection 
2002.005 Sidney J. Perelman letters Catalog Record
1981.001 Siegfried Sassoon collection  
1974.002 Simon Watson Taylor - Pataphysical and Surrealist collection
1987.001 Sitwell collection Catalog Record
2013.020 South Vietnamese propaganda Catalog Record
2001.009 Southern Production Company/Sinclair Oil and Gas Company Kodachrome transparencies Catalog Record
1998.001 Stafford Davis collection of Sherlock Holmes archive  
1000.033 State Capital Printing Company papers Catalog Record
1000.094 Stereoscopic Library . World War through the stereoscope (Set of 100)  
1000.095Stereoscopic Library . World War through the stereoscope (Set of 300)  
1976.012 Stevie Smith papers Catalog Record
2001.001 Susan M. Arkeketa papers Catalog Record
1979.024 Sverre Braathen circus collection Catalog Record
2003.031 Tagebuch ueber den 22/55 p.s. Mercedes Wagen des General-Kommandes, Strassburg Catalog Record  
2007.024 Terlton time capsule Catalog Record
2007.023 Terry Harmon stereo cards
2007.040 Terry Miesse vintage photographs
2000.023 Theo Freudenberg WWI journal  
1978.009 T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot papers Catalog Record
2006.018 Thomas Amburn collection of Béla Rózsa chess games
1991.016 Thomas C. Kyle WWI travel diary Catalog Record
2007.014 Thomas Faulkner diary  
2010.018 Thomas Hastings Travilla diary, 1918-1919 Catalog Record
1963.004 Thomas Wolfe ephemera  
2001.010 Tim O'Brien papers
2001.018 Times broadsheets 
1993.002 Timothy O'Keeffe papers Catalog Record
1000.054 Trench newspapers  
1982.006 Tulsa Art Deco collection
1990.004 Tulsa Audubon Society papers Catalog Record
1500.012 Tulsa Locomotion ephemera Catalog Record
1989.004 Tulsa race riot of 1921 archive Catalog Record

Digital Collection
2013.004 Tulsa School of Poets collection Catalog Record
1979.004 Tulsa women's club papers Catalog Record
2009.055 Tyner Smith WWI archive 
2012.023 U.S. School of Military Aeronautics "War Book" Catalog Record
2012.073 United Confederate Veterans Pennant Catalog Record
2009.031 Unknown soldier, US Army 5th Infantry Division diary 
1894.--- University of Tulsa, University archives
1977.008 Unmuzzled Ox archive
1993.003 V. S. Naipaul archive
2006.011 Vann family archive Catalog Record
2001.035 Vernon Grabill WWI-era letters  
1980.005 Vernon Scannell papers Catalog Record
1974.003 Virgil Brazier photograph collection Catalog Record
2003.023 Hans von Steffins WWI-era letters  
1982.003 W. H. (Wystan Hugh) Auden papers Catalog Record
2002.016 Wagoner Fay M. Ham WWI diary 
1977.006 Waldo Emerson "Dode" McIntosh collection Catalog Record
2008.054 [Wallace] WWI-era photographs  
2008.022 Wallace Bruner Heller military ephemera. 
1976.015 Walt Whitman ephemera
2004.012 Walter Jager WWI collection  
2008.045 Walter Oswald "Toby" Watt WWI-era photographs  
2001.017 War Songs inserts  
2002.002 Wayne F. Maxwell papers Catalog Record
  Welch Family Foundation special collection of reformed and renewal theology of North America and Europe
2009.013 Wilfrid Garthwaite service papers  
2003.007 Wilhelm Forster WWI diary  
2003.027 Wilhelm "Willi" Landahl, Lt. WWI-era letters  
1979.005 William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) papers Catalog Record
1963.005 William Faulkner ephemera
2010.016 William G. Adams papers, 1918  
2007.013 William H. Hutchins diary  
2001.022 William Hammond Smith  
2001.012 William Jason Mixter WWI collection  
1995.016 William John Thorne WWI ephemera  
2009.052 William M. O'Brien papers  
2001.037 William M. O'Brien publications of "B" Co., 20th Infantry Battalion, USMCR dschsocuments.  
2001.036 William Rider-Rider Canadian war photographs  
1995.017 William Robins war machine invention documents  
1000.039 William Roderick James publications Catalog Record
2009.017 William Trevor corrected manuscripts  
2011.058 William Trevor letters Catalog Record
1979.018 William Trevor papers Catalog Record
2002.008 William V. Lovell WWI photographs  
1000.003 William W. Smith papers Catalog Record
2003.028 Willy Schimmerling WWI-era letters 
2007.022 Winston Weathers papers 
1000.080 Wireless telegraph signal log of the HMS Crusader  
1976.017 Woody Guthrie manuscripts
2004.011 WWI aerial reconnaissance photographs Catalog Record
1992.004 World War I collection Library
1992.004.4 World War I maps

1000.082 World War I maps 
1992.004.1 World War I miscellaneous ephemera  
1978.024 WWI pamphlets 
2001.073 WWI photographs  
2002.009 WWI photographs: France 1918 
1992.004.5 World War I posters 
2001.016 World War I posters 
1992.005 World War I scrapbooks Catalog Record
2001.029 World War I sheet music 
1992.004 World War I photographs 
1500.018 World War II collection Library
1996.001 Yvengeny Yvetushenko manuscripts Catalog Record
1972.002 Zoe A. Tilghman collection Catalog Record