There are many benefits to be enjoyed as an employee of The University of Tulsa. In addition to salary and the many opportunities and special events associated with the university community, TU provides an excellent selection of employee benefits.

The University of Tulsa strives to maintain a competitive and comprehensive Benefits Program. The various plans the University offers were designed to provide a broad range of coverage -- for the present to provide safeguards for family security as well as for the future to help provide retirement income.

Because benefit plans provide financial protection, they represent an important part of the total compensation package. TU pays the full cost of providing many of these benefits and shares the cost of the rest with its employees.

The benefit programs are re-assessed annually to determine if the best coverage TU can offer is being provided. As a result, policies and plans change from time to time. Announcements from the Office of Human Resources will be sent to employees when changes occur.

Detailed information about the full benefits package is available to current employees of the university by visiting campus connection at