Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a program that lets you produce documents from different sources including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CAD drawings, web pages, etc. Acrobat should not be confused with the free Adobe product called Acrobat Reader. Reader is a free tool that lets users view PDF files. You need Adobe Acrobat (the full version) to create and modify PDF files.

Documents produced by Acrobat are commonly referred to as "PDF" documents. These documents can be viewed by various computer systems, including all Windows OS's, all Macintoshes, and all Linux or Unix based machines with a free, downloadable acrobat reader.

One of the advantages of using Acrobat to produce PDF documents is that these documents will look exactly as you see them on your computer. All of the formatting, tables, and images will be correct and as you created them in your original document, regardless of which computer the student is viewing the PDF on, or which printer the student uses to print the PDF document.

Another advantage is that Adobe Acrobat can use your scanner to scan in your documents or images directly into a PDF document. Acrobat also allows you to do simple editing to your images, like rotating, cropping, and resizing.

The PDF document also has built-in security features that you can use to limit who can edit, print, save, or even view the document.

See the Acrobat Website for an overview of Acrobat as well as Video Tours of How To's. Acrobat Overview

Faculty and staff may purchase an education licensed copy from the Campus Computer Store.

Acrobat Reader - the free Reader program is often installed with your browsers. If you open a PDF document and your computer does not open Reader, then you will need to download the program or purchase and install Adobe Acrobat.