Using WinSCP

Using WinSCP


WinSCP iconWinSCP is a secure file transfer tool for Windows.  It allows you to connect from your Windows computer to a campus server that allows this type of connection and transfer files.  You can for example connect to your filer and get a file to your computer or put a file to filer.  You can also use WinSCP to tranfer a file to and from your orgs web space.

When would you use WinSCP to your filer?  When you are off campus and do not have access to the VPN.

You can download WinSCP from myTU or download a portable version from the internet.


  1. Start WinSCP. WinSCP login
  2. Click New to get the WinSCP Login screen. 
  3. Enter the correct server information:
    • Filer -
    • Orgs -
    • Do not enter your password.  This will be asked later.
    • Click Login to connect.
    • Once you have successfully logged into your account you will see a window come up with two sides represented. On the left hand side will be your computer's files and on the right hand side will be the files on your account. To copy files, you can just drag the files/folders from one side to the other.


    Note: to store your login information to be used the next time that you enterclick Save.  Upon your next entry you will be able to select the login from the Stored sessions.
    WinSCP Save