Using Cyberduck

Using Cyberduck


Cyberduck is a Mac OSX secure file transfer program used to transfer files between your local machine and a desired server such as your Filer or Orgs.  It's use is very similar to WinSCP on Windows.

When would you use Cyberduck to connect to your filer?  When you are off campus and do not have access to the VPN.

Download Cyberduck from the Cyberduck Home page.


  1. Start Cyberduck.  Cyberduck
  2. Choose SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) pointed to by the green arrow. 
  3. Enter the server information
    • Filer -
    • Orgs -
  4. Enter your username for the selected server.
  5. Do not enter your password.  This will be asked later.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Once you have successfully logged into your account you will see a window come up with files and folders displayed from the server. To copy files, you can just drag the files/folders from the Cyberduck window to your computer or from your computer to the Cyberduck window.
  8. Click Disconnect to close the server connection and disconnect.