The University of Tulsa's administrative computing system consists of Colleague and Benefactor, by Datatel. Benefactor supports the area of Institutional Advancement, containing alumni and fund raising information.

Colleague supports the rest of the campus, and is divided into three main applications: Student Systems, Colleague Financials and Human Resources.

Another component of the Colleague software is a product called WebAdvisor, which provides web-based student and faculty access to their records in the Colleague database.

Datatel Colleague Has Moved

You can now access Datatel Colleague at .  Use your CAMPUS user name and password to log in.  Please review the Top 10 Things to Know before you begin.

The full manual "Datatel Guide to User Interface 4.3" is now available in the TU Software Downloads site.  This is not software that you need to install, but a TU Campus Login is required for access.

The New Datatel Colleague - Top 10 Things to Know

Datatel Colleague has moved to a new system, with a fresh, new interface.  Here are the Top 10 Things to Know>>

Datatel is Changing

The Datatel Colleague system is about to have a significant upgrade, scheduled for September 27, 2011.  more>>

Datatel Logins

Datatel login credentials are maintained separately from the campus username and password used for other campus services.  more>>

Maintenance Schedule

The administrative systems are down for backup every day from 3:30am until 6:00am central time.  In addition...  more>>

Module Administrators

Each application within the Datatel software is divided into modules. Each module has one person who is in charge of the operation of this module. This person is called the Module Administrator. more>>

Helpful Documents

A list of helpful documents can be found here>>

Off-Campus Access

For security reasons, the TU Virtual Private Network (VPN) software must be running on your computer in order to access Colleague from off-campus.  more>>

Datatel Client Web Site

Datatel provides its customers with access to a variety of information about the system, on the web site. You can view and download documentation, view on-line dictionaries for the query language, read about upcoming features and more! You must register with Datatel in order to gain access.  more>>