Datatel is Changing

Coming September 27, 2011 - The New Datatel Colleague

Our current Datatel Colleague system is running on hardware that is aging rapidly and has difficulty supporting our campus needs.  Our Sun Microsystems hardware is extremely expensive to upgrade, and the current Unix operating system platform is becoming obsolete in the Datatel world.  Because of this, we are converting the system to new hardware with the Microsoft Windows operating system.  While the Datatel Unidata transaction database itself is not going to change, there are some significant changes coming for you.  The changes are summarized below

Our current plan is to take the system down at 6:00pm on Thursday, September 22.  The system will continue to be down through Monday, September 26.  We plan to be operational on Tuesday, September 27.

Please note that the legacy Datatel Benefactor system is NOT changing.  However, it will be subject to the same down time indicated above and it will remain on the old hardware.  The changes described below for Colleague do not apply.

Datatel UI 4.3 – The Next Generation

Datatel UI 4.3 is the new User Interface for Datatel Colleague.  While there is very little change in functionality or “how you use Datatel,” the appearance has been significantly enhanced.  The Datatel User Interface runs through your computer’s web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari).  There is no special software required on your machine, except for a web browser plug-in called Microsoft Silverlight.  Most University computers already have this plug-in installed.

You will need to adjust some security settings in your web browser in order to use Collageue.  The starting page when you access the Colleague site has some very general instructions on how to enable Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  An illustrated guide to making these changes in Internet Explorer (the recommended browser) can be found here (it's also listed on the Helpful Documents page in this web site).

The first time you access Datatel UI 4.3, you will be presented with a video tutorial that highlights the changes you will see.  After you view the video, you should be able to use Datatel Colleague in much the same way that you always have.

Datatel Goes Green

The current system required special printing setups, cryptic printer and form names, and provided administrative challenges when things went wrong.  To get out of the printing business, Datatel UI 4.3 provides output to PDF files.  PDF files can be saved to your filer space and viewed on your screen at any time, or you can print them to any printer that is set up on your desktop computer.  In this way, you will be much more in control of the reports that you print from Datatel.  Hopefully, you will consider the environment and decide not to print paper at all.  As with all University electronic information, please be mindful of security concerns.

An illustrated guide to printing PDF reports from Colleague can be found here (it's also listed on the Helpful Documents page in this web site).

Datatel User Names become obsolete

The use of a different user name and password for Datatel has always provided a confusion for people.  With the new system, you will log into Datatel with your Campus user name and password, the same credentials that you use for network access, email, WebCT, and other campus services.  This eliminates the need to remember multiple user names and passwords.  However, please note that, now, you will be required to change your Campus password once every six months.