The New Datatel Colleague - Top 10

Datatel Colleague has moved to a new system, with a fresh, new interface.  Here are the top 10 things to know...


10.  Access Colleague at
9. Log in with your CAMPUS username -- the same credentials you use for email, WebAdvisor, network access, etc.
8. You will access Colleague through your computer's web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).  You may need to adjust some settings in your web browser.  Please see the illustrated document Internet Explorer Settings for Datatel UI4 for instructions specific to IE (this document is also listed in the Helpful Documents page on our web site).  For Firefox and Safari, the pop-up blocker instructions are shown on the Datatel Colleague start page.

7. When you log in, a Quick Tour video will display.  Watch the video, then check the "Don't Show Me Again" box.  You may watch it again by choosing "Quick Tour" from the Colleague "Help" menu.
6. Colleague goes green -- instead of printing reports to paper, you will print reports to PDF files.  You may save or print the PDF files as needed.  See the document Printing PDF Reports for Colleague UI4 for instructions on how to do this.  This document is also listed in the Helpful Documents page on our web site.
5. A few function key have changed to be compatible with your web browser:
   - Ctrl-D (Field Delete) is now Alt-Ctrl-D
   - F10 (Save and stay in the current screen) has been moved to F9
   - F9 (Save and exit the current screen) is now Shift-F9
4. - to report trouble within the new Datatel Colleague

     your system administrator – to report trouble with your PC and the new Datatel Colleague
3. You no longer have to switch applications when typing in “application-specific” mnemonics (SPRO, REQM, GLBS, etc.)

2. You can CANCEL your search results using the double-up-arrow at the bottom of the Search Results form

Search Results Cancel


1. DON'T PANIC!  Everything works (almost) the same way it always has.

The full manual "Datatel Guide to User Interface 4.3" is now available in the TU Software Downloads site.  This is not software that you need to install, but a TU Campus Login is required for access.