Module Administrators

Each application within the Datatel software is divided into modules.  Each module has one person who is in charge of the operation of this module.  This person is called the Module Administrator.

The module administrator is responsible for training and first-level support of the module.  This is the individual to contact if you have questions about using a particular screen or running a canned report.

The module administrator is also the person responsible for granting user access to their module.  To request access to a module, send a User Authorization Form with the appropriate signatures to the module administrator.

Colleague User Authorization Form 

Colleague Advancement (CA)

All modules Patti Whitaker 918.631.2085

Colleague Financials (CF)

Accounts Payable (AP) Susan Bray 918.631.2614
Budget Management (BU) Mike Thesenvitz 918.631.2583
Fixed Assets (FX) Susan Bray 918.631.2614
General Ledger (GL) Susan Bray 918.631.2614
Inventory (IN) Vicki Cook 918.631.2658
Physical Plant (PP) Vicki Cook 918.631.2658
Purchasing (PU) Sonia Barrera 918.631.2538
Projects Accounting (PA) Mike Thesenvitz 918.631.2583
Research (RES) Kelli Adams 918.631.2883

Human Resources (HR)

All modules Sherry Eskew 918.631.2250

Student Systems (ST)

Academic Records (AC) Ginna Langston 918.631.2641
Admissions Management (AM)

Undergraduate: Alicia Townsend

Graduate: John Bury

International: Travis Taylor

Law: TBD




Accounts Receivable (AR) Pete Sandman 918.631.2613
Campus Organizations (CO) Pam Smith 918.631.3359
Cash Receipts (CR) Pete Sandman 918.631.2209
Curriculum Management (CU) Cindy Watts 918.631.3985
Degree Audit (DA) Sharon Oster 918.631.2223
Financial Aid (FA) Billy Huggins 918.631.3326
Faculty Information (FI) Cindy Watts 918.631.3985
Graduate School (GRAD) John Bury 918.631.2712
International Student Svcs (INT) Travis Taylor 918.631.2329
Registration (RG) Ginna Langston 918.631.2641
Residence Life (RL) Kay Winn 918.631.2378
Retention Alert (RA) Ruby Wile 918.631.2331


Communication Management (CC) Pam Smith 918.631.3359
Core Demographics (DM/OR) Sarah Sparks 918.631.2352