Faculty & Staff Public C-Lab:  Lab available for Faculty and Staff to use, with an emphasis on access to University Services (Shared Space, Colleague, Utulsa Home, etc).  This lab can be accessed both on and off campus with either an installed view client on a computer, mobile device, or a thin client device. 

    There are 30 public stations in the C-Lab, that are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Being public stations, no personal content will be saved after logoff.  Please ensure that you save your data to the appropriate network shares (Shared Space, Utulsa Home).

    C-Lab Station Software Profile:
            -Windows 7
            -Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
            -Adobe Acrobat X
            -Internet Explorer 9 
            -Email Available through Campus Connection
            -Recent Or Updated Browser Plugin’s
                Adobe reader

    The C-Lab is intended for use by departments and individuals that need access to a generalized, non-dedicated Windows computer to accomplish University related tasks.  As the VPN is NOT required to access the C-Lab from off campus, it provides secure access to University related services from a home computer (with a View Client). 

   Departments may also purchase and utilize a Thin Client to connect to the C-Lab, for general use in the office.  The intent would be to provide a workstation experience for user’s who may only need irregular (less than 4 hours a day) access to a computer (part time, temporary, GA, etc).  
Note:  As this is a public access lab, printing will not be available. 


   If a department needs a more specialized C-Station experience for their users, there are a variety of options available for a yearly subscription. 

Options may include:
        -Specialized Software or Setup
        -Departmental Printers
        -Guaranteed Access to C-Stations (more than 4 hours a day)


    Built on the VMWare infrastructure, Central IT has a dedicated server cluster of Dell R810’s to host the VMWare View environment.  The hardware profile allocated for the View Environment mimic’s the environment that currently hosts 140 University servers containing campus-wide services like Exchange, Colleague, Image Now, MS Lync, etc.

    Central IT has been utilizing VMWare View for the student public labs in McFarlin Library for the past 2 years with great success.