Faculty Resource Center

Faculty Resource Center

We provide support in using a variety of technologies for education and research. We provide one-on-one support as well as service support. Our facility is available for use by faculty and staff working on curriculum and research. The facility includes PC's and Mac's, special software such as Camtasia, along with special hardware such as scanners. We are located in the McFarlin Library, rm 4100

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Faculty Resource Center is to promote and support the integration of technology in teaching, learning, and research at the University of Tulsa.

The Faculty Resource Center strives to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide instructional support to faculty that aids in the integration of technology in the curriculum.
  2. Support students and faculty with their use of Harvey, our Blackboard Learning Management System.
  3. Support the variety of academic softwares.
  4. Provide a forum for consultation, discussion and sharing of ideas among the faculty.
  5. Provide technology services and resources that meet faculty's needs and are consistent with the University of Tulsa's mission and goals.
  6. Consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.


The Faculty Resource Center provides a variety of services. While our main focus is on faculty we also support students and staff in a variety of ways.  We:

  • Provide educational and technical support to faculty on Harvey.
  • Provide support for third-party connections to Harvey.
  • Provide support to instructors using Harvey tests and LockDown Browser.
  • Provide educational support for a variety of academic technologies including Camtasia, SMART Notebook, and Google Earth.
  • Support faculty using multimedia such as video and audio processing.
  • Support the development of instructional materials including.
  • Facilitate the use of the Scantron for test scoring.
  • Work with faculty on the use of the McFarlin iClassroom (Schedule an instructional computer classroom).
  • Provide student and faculty training on web site development geared towards research and organizational websites.
  • Provide instructional and technical support for the academic and multimedia technologies used in Tyrrell Hall.

Teaching and Learning Resources

The FRC is a facility with various special softwares along with people to support the campus. While our goal is to empower faculty in the use of Harvey and accompanying tools we their efforts with specialized training.  The facility is available for use by faculty. Drop in or schedule a time to ensure availability.

The Scantron is located in the Faculty Resource Center. It is provided as a self-service station although initial training is required.

Support, Help, Training

Faculty please contact Janet Cairns (jcairns@utulsa.edu, x-3101) for discussion and help.

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