Phone Services

The University of Tulsa operates its own telephone system for faculty and staff. We are committed to providing quality service and personalized customer attention.

Dialing Information:

  • On Campus Number - dial the 4 digit extension.
  • On Campus Emergency - dial Security at 5555.
  • Off Campus Number- you must dial 9 before the number. (i.e.,long distance 9+1+405+377-0112, local call 9+918+774-0223). For calling card calls, dial 9 for an outside line, then follow the instructions for your calling card.
  • Off Campus Emergency - dial 9 +911

Report a Problem

Extension 2701 has been established as the repair/trouble reporting number.
The Telecommunications office is open from 7:30a.m. to 12:00p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Should a service problem develop after hours, leave your name, extension number, location and a brief description of the problem on the voice mailbox. Service will be restored as soon as possible.

Campus Emergency Phones

Twenty-four hour emergency phones are located throughout the campus. The emergency phones are located on blue pillars. The emergency phones are marked by distinctive lights. These phones are direct lines to the Security Operator. They may also be used as courtesy phones. Additionally, phones are available at doors secured by electronic card readers in Twin Towers, Twin South, John Mabee, Lottie Jane Mabee and LaFortune. These phones provide direct dial service to student rooms, the main desk, and they include a "red button" for emergency calls to the University security operator.

Employee Information:

Long Distance Dialing

  • All faculty and staff may receive a PAC (personal account code) for the purpose of making long distance calls from campus phones. You may use your PAC from any campus phone. To request a PAC, talk with your supervisor or departmental secretary.
  • Use your PAC for numbers that are not local or all calls preceded by 1. If you put a 1 in front of a call, our phone switch assumes that you are making a long distance call and will not connect until you enter your PAC.
  • PAC FAQ Link

Make a Conference Call:

The Conference feature allows you to conference up to 6 parties (including yourself) on a call. To add another party to a call follow these steps.

  • Initiate your call to the first participant, once they answer
  • Press Conf. (dial tone) The current call is put on hold; you are given dial tone to place the next call.
  • Dial the number of the new party and wait for an answer.
  • When you want to add the new person to the conference call, press Conf again.
  • Steps 1 through 3 for additional conference connections.
  • After the last participant has answered the call, press Conf. again to connect all parties to the call.

To add a call you have put on hold to another call you are connected to

  • Press Conf (dial tone). The held call light and the current call appearance light flutter.
  • Press the call appearance button of the call on hold (first call).
  • Press Conf again.
  • All parties are now connected

To drop the last person added to the conference call.

  • If your telephone has a display, press the Menu button and then press the softkey below drop.

Audix/Voice Mail

The central messaging service at the University of Tulsa is AUDIX. Using AUDIX you can check messages, record personal greetings, auto-forward your calls, and send group messages. You can use AUDIX from any touch tone phone in the world. Each extension has a unique AUDIX password. Questions, contact x-2701.   Audix Guide


Windows Devices

For Windows Mobile devices, such as Palm Treo 750 and BlackJack, use the browser on your mobile device and go to:

PalmOS Devices

For PalmOS Devices such as Palm 650, use the browser on your mobile device to download the following file from:

For more information please see the following website

If you have any questions for a University owned handheld device, please contact your System Administrator.

Services Price List (as of 04.08.09)

  • Activation of Digital Telephone Line $150
  • Activation of Analog Telephone Line $150
  • Activation of ISDN line $225
  • Telephone Move  $50.00
  • Telephone Programming $50.00 per hour
  • Telephone Technician Labor $50.00 per hour plus materials
  • Data Technician Labor $50.00 per hour plus materials
  • Card Services Programming and Labor $50.00 per hour plus materials
  • 6402D Digital Phone with display $75
  • 6408D+ Digital Phone with display $125
  • 6416D+ Digital Phone with display $220
  • 6424D+ Digital Phone with display $250
  • 2500 Analog Phone w/message lamp $50
  • 2554 Wall Phone Analog $47
  • 957 Analog Phone w/display $45
  • 6210 Analog Phone $50
  • 6221 Analog Phone $82
  • Phone Headsets (various prices)
  • Telephone Line Cords:   25’ phone line cord $8.00; 14’ phone line cord $6.00
  • Data Patch Cable $15.00
  • Seitec Analog Set w/display  $70.00
  • For quotes on CATV, Data and Voice Installation, call x-2701.