All enrolled students, faculty, and full-time staff have a campus email address. 

My email Address

Your campus e-mail address is generally in the form of firstname-lastname followed by (i.e. While your login may be in the form aaa111, your email address will be

Why do I need to use my Campus email?

Due to security, confidential information, including your WebAdvisor PIN, WebCT login information, will not be sent to an external email address. Students seeking financial aid information, email information, networking or WebCT information should send emails from their campus email account in order to properly verify the request.

Setting Up E-mail Clients

Faculty and staff members should contact their system administrator to receive help in setting up mail clients to access Exchange e-mail.

General Setup Settings

Basic configuration settings, and examples to help you setup an email client to interact with the University of Tulsa email system:

Exchange Settings

  • Server name =
  • username = firstname-lastname or aaa111
  • domain (for mobile devices) - 
  • Outlook Web Access URL =

Exchange IMAP Settings

  • incoming server =
    • port = 993 (default)
    • username = firstname-lastname or aaa111
    • requires SSL
    • outgoing server =
      • port = 25 (default) or 587 (off campus/alternate)
      • username = firstname-lastname or aaa111
      • requires SSL and SMTP authentication
      • Web Access URL =

      Gmail IMAP Settings

      • incoming server =
      • outgoing server =
      • On Campus/VPN port = default, Off-Campus = 587
      • username = or
      • requires SSL and SMTP authentication
      • requires that IMAP access be enabled (see below)
      • requires that password be changed from initial/reset password.
        (password CANNOT be TU ID number) 
      • Web Access URL =

      Setup Examples

      Forward my Email

      On the IT website, under myTU Essentials, select Mail Preferences. This option will allow you to forward your email to another email address. Use this same option to stop the automatic forwarding of your e-mail.

      1. Click on Mail Preferences and authenticate.
      2. Enter an email address in the box under "Forwarding Address:".
      3. Click the box next to "Use forwarding address".
      4. Click Submit.

      * note the forwarding will not take effect for at least one hour

      Set up an Email Alias

      An email alias is a personally assigned email address. You may want to use an email alias if you have recently changed your name, or would like to have an alternate email address to give to friends.

      1. Browse to
      2. Under myTU Essentials, choose Mail Preferences
      3. Log in using your TU userid and password (NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS)
      4. Under Add Another Alias, enter what you would like to use as your email alias
        example - Susan-Smith-Johnson, Number1Hurricanefan, Ilovecats
      5. Push the enter key after you have entered your desired alias. If the operation is successful, you will see the message - Added Alias: (youralias)
      6. The alias may take up to one hour before it goes into effect. 

      Set a Vacation Notice (Auto-Reply)

      Faculty & Staff (Exchange):

          Please use the 'Out of Office Assistant' on your Outlook client, or on the Outlook Web Access,

      Students (Gmail):

          Please use the 'Vacation Responder' in the 'Settings' section of