Password Management

Security of University services is quite important. The best way to manage security to your services is to manage your passwords regularly.

What are qualities of a good password?

Passwords should be a reasonable length - some systems require a minimum of eight characters.

Your password should be something that you can remember, but should be something that would be hard for others to figure out. For example: you should not use your name or related items that someone might guess. You could use a word that is common to you but add numbers and characters to improve its quality. You can also add mixed case as our passwords are case sensitive.

Change my password?

Use the myTU essentials section on the IT homepage to change your password. Changing your password will change your password for all systems that use the campus user name as a login (i.e., email, off-campus access, Utulsa Home, Utulsa domain logins, WebCT)

  • Click Change Password
  • Type in your current password (may be your initial password)
  • Type in your new password in both places. Note: passwords are case-sensitive
  • Click Change button

Get My Password Reset?

If you are having trouble logging in and need your campus password reset, for security reasons, you must come to the Client Services IT Desk with a current student ID card or government issued picture ID and let us to help you with your password.