About IT Security

Computer Security Response Team

CSRT was established a as response team for campus security related problems. The team is responsible for maintaining the security of the campus supported user systems and network at The University of Tulsa. It is charged to protect both university computer systems and the network, as well as encourage users to protect their personal computer environment. The team is required to investigate suspected violations of campus computer policies and document all cases of suspected problems related to computer security. The team has established steps.

  • For campus supported computers affected by malicious code such as virus attacks, the team will help to establish procedures to restore operations.
  • When a violation is suspected on a personal computer attached to the campus network, the network access will be terminated until the user has complied with campus computer policy guidelines.

Procedures to report any suspected incidents concerning computer/username security, email CSRT csrt@utulsa.edu.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware software is crucial in today’s networked environment. Increasingly sophisticated new viruses and spyware exploits appear daily. They can severely disrupt your work and the work of others, and destroy your files. Without your awareness, they can spy on your computer use, steal your identity and bank accounts, and turn your PC into a spam-spewing zombie or a repository for illicit materials, for which you may be held legally responsible.

The CSRT recommends all computers on the University network maintain a secure enviornment and strongly encourages the use of virus & mal-ware protection. 

Security Essentials from Microsoft is available for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and provides protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.  For more info please see the Microsoft Security Essentials website.