Students New to Campus

Things you should know

  1. Full time students, staff, and faculty receive a campus computer username. This username is your identity to computer services on campus. You should protect your password for your security. Your campus username is used to manage your campus email, access your courses, view your schedule, account balances, GPA and allows you to login to campus lab computers.
  2. Campus services will use your campus given email address ( for communication. If you prefer to use an additional email to your campus email, forward your email address. This will help your professors, student services, and fellow students more effectively communicate with you.
  3. As account holder, you are responsible for the access and use of your computer username. You are expected to read and understand the campus computer policies. Before you begin to use computer related services, you should read the Ethics Code and Policy for Computer Use.
  4. For information or support concerning computer related services at The University of Tulsa see the IT Desk web page.

Before You Arrive

  • WebAdvisor - Online Course Schedule, Enrollment, Grade Check
  • Purchasing Dell Computers with our education discount
  • Check your Email and Harvey for advanced course notification.

Change Password, Manage Email

Information Technolgoy provides each of you with an email address and personal disk space. To access these services, you must know your campus user name and password.

WebAdvisor - Online Course Schedule, Enrollment, Grade Check

WebAdvisor allows you to view your class schedule, grades, and other information in the University administrative data base. On-line registration is also available during registration periods. more

Purchasing Dell Computers with our Discount

The university has a relationship with Dell Computers for you to purchase a laptop or desktop at a discount. more

When You Arrive/Starting Classes

  • Harvey - accessing online course materials
  • Networking and bringing a personal computer to campus
  • Disk Space - access to your personal disk space (utulsa home/filer)

Harvey - access online course materials

Many of your professors use Harvey to support your classes. Harvey is online, access anywhere, anytime to our virtual academic commons.  We formerly referred to it as WebCT.  Harvey is powered by Blackboard.  We are progressively upgrading to Harvey from our WebCT Vista version.  Some of your courses may still be in the Vista version until the entire campus gets migrated.  You can find your courses in both versions in Harvey.

You may access Harvey with the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login in your campus username and password. 
  3. Find your courses from both versions on the Harvey Courses page.

Login to Harvey your campus username and password (same as you use for your campus email).

Bringing a Personal Computer to Campus

There are several things that you should know

  1. In order to access the network, you must have a network card and cable (unless you have wireless). Find out more about Computer Networking Services and how to get connected.
  2. Need a hub - IT checks hubs out to those who are in a room sharing a port
  3. Connecting your computer via an ethernet cable
  4. Secure and protect your computer, virus scan and others
  5. You must understand the university computer usage, networking, and security policies.

Filer - Your Campus Disk Space

Each of you have personal disk space (called Utulsa Home or filer). This disk space is a good place to keep your work that needs to be backed up. The disk space can be accessed from all lab computers on campus. It can also be accessed from off campus.