Parking Permits

Registration for parking permits will be conducted on an annual first-come, first-served basis within groups sequenced in the following order: full-time faculty, all other employees, resident students, and nonresident students. Registration will be available online or at Parking and Card Services located in Fisher Hall.

Online Registration is available throughout the year to obtain a permit. You will be required to login using your TU username and password.

If you miss your timeslot, you may log on anytime after your assigned date.

Upon registration, a parking permit will be issued that must be affixed lower portion, passenger side of the front windshield. Permits may be moved to any registered vehicle.

Parking permits are nontransferable (to another person) and must be removed from the vehicle under the following conditions:

  • Change of vehicle ownership.
  • Termination of association with the University.
  • Permit expiration. (All permits expire on the day before classes start for the Academic term.)
  • Improper placement of parking permit.

All parking permits will be parking lot-specific, or "non-roving." Under this system, a car may be parked only in its designated lot. The only exception is that shuttle lots will be open to all permits.

Parking Rate Plans will vary depending whether the requester is either a campus resident or nonresident and, in some cases, the choice of designated lot.