Regulations and Fines

Parking Regulations

All parking regulations are in effect at all times and apply to all students, faculty and staff who park motor vehicles on University of Tulsa-owned or controlled parking lots, streets or property.
It shall be the duty and responsibility of Campus Security Officers, or those designated by the Director of Campus Security, to enforce all regulations applicable to this policy and to issue warnings, citations and/or bring charges of student or employee misconduct against violators.

Vehicles that are parked or used in violation of regulations are subject to towing at owner’s expense and without prior warning.

Habitual Parking Violator

 Designation as a “Habitual Parking Violator” occurs after five parking citations have been issued on the same person or parking permit within an academic year. Vehicles that are improperly parked by Habitual Parking Violators are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
Upon issuance of fifth parking citation , the Department of Campus Security will provide written warning to the registered parking permit holder (or person in possession of an unregistered vehicle) that they have been designated as a Habitual Parking Violator and that their vehicle is subject to being towed upon any subsequent violations.

Once designated a Habitual Parking Violator, the status remains in effect for the remainder of the academic year.

For information regarding individual parking records or Habitual Parking Violator status, contact The Department of Campus Security Parking Office at 3115 East 8th St or by telephone at 918-631.2571.

Fine Payment and Appeals Process

Citations issued for violations of The University of Tulsa Parking, Traffic and Bicycle Regulations must be appealed or paid to The University of Tulsa Business Office within ten (10) days from the date of the citation. If the citation is not paid or appealed within ten (10) days, the violator forfeits their right of appeal and the fine, along with a $5.00 late fee, is automatically charged to the their University account.
When appealing a citation, the appellant should remember that they are responsible for exercising prudent judgment when using their motor and non-motorized vehicles on University owned or controlled parking lots, streets or property, or when loaning their vehicles to others. Everyone is held accountable for observing and heeding street signs and markings while driving and parking. Therefore, appellants should carefully consider the basis for appealing a citation.
The following are provided as example rationale that is not acceptable grounds for appeal: 
    • Lack of knowledge of the regulations, i.e. new to campus, have not reviewed the regulations etc. 
    • Other vehicles were also parked improperly. 
    • There were no available parking spaces. 
    • Late to class or appointment. 
    • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine.

Serious and/or aggravated circumstances involving violations of these policies may be referred to the Dean of Students, Director of Personnel Services or the Office of the Provost, depending if the violator is a student, staff member or faculty member. Investigation and disciplinary action taken for these referrals will be handled in accordance with the respective provisions and policies of each individual department.

Appeals Process

Step 1: You must complete the Appeals Form located on My Parking Account.  The Appeals Form must be completed within ten (10) business days from the date of the citation. (Only one appeal per citation is allowed.)
Step 2: The Appeals Officer will review your appeal within five (5) business days and render a decision. You will be notified by mail or e-mail of the Appeals Officer's decision. 
    • If your citation is upheld, you must pay your assessed fine at TU's Business Office  within ten (10) business days of the appeals letter notification date. If you do not pay your fine within the ten (10) business days, it will automatically be charged to your university account along with a $5.00 late fee. 
    • If the Appeals Officer rules in your favor, the fine is dismissed and your parking record is cleared of the citation. No further action is required on your part.
Step 3: If you receive an unfavorable decision from the Appeals Officer and wish to appeal further to The University Appeals Board, the written appeal, a copy of the Appeals Officer's decision letter, and a paid receipt from The University of Tulsa Business Office equal to the amount of the penalty must be returned to the Department of Campus Security within ten (10) business days.
Step 4: The University Appeals Board will review all of the documentation and render a decision and notify you by mail, or e-mail, within ten (10) business days. Their decision will be the final adjudicating authority on campus. 
    • If the Appeals Board upholds the citation, you forfeit the fine that has already paid and the citation remains on your parking record for the remainder of the academic year. No further action is required on your part. 
    • If the Appeals Board rules in your favor, your university account is credited for the amount of the fine that you paid and your parking record is cleared of the citation. No further action is required on your part.

Note: Failure to follow the procedures for appeal will result in an automatic assessment of appropriate fines and a waiver of your right to appeal.

The Appeals Board

The Traffic and Parking Appeals Board is composed of students, staff and faculty. Their role is to determine facts and make decisions on the basis of whether the alleged violation actually occurred; they do not judge the necessity of the parking regulation.
The Traffic and Parking Appeals Board is composed of the following members:
• Two (2) students selected, by the Student Association
• Two (2) faculty members, selected by the Faculty Senate
• One (1) full-time hourly staff employee, selected by The Office of Human Resources
• One (1) full-time administrative/professional employee, selected by The Office of Human Resources
• The Director of Campus Security, or designee, who serves in an ex officio capacity.