J. Newton Rayzor Hall

Status: Project Complete

Rayzor HallJ. Newton Rayzor Hall features 37,616 square feet of space for the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments. Located between 4th and 5th Places east of the Allen Chapman Activity Center, the two-story gothic-inspired structure blends seamlessly with the campus' existing architectural design. The building towers entrances at the southeast and northwest corners with dramatic vestibules leading into the building.

Rayzor Hall includes 24 integrated classrooms and teaching/research laboratories, 33 faculty and graduate student offices, two conference rooms, and five student commons areas with a student organizations office. Its $14 million price tag reserves $1.4 million for a permanent maintenance endowment.

J. Newton Rayzor Hall is a welcome move for the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments, which outgrew their previous space in Keplinger Hall.

Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis made the lead gift for Rayzor Hall in memory of her father, who was an accomplished attorney and businessman. His lifelong passion for higher education was demonstrated through his generous gifts to several institutions. Honoring his example, Evelyn and her late husband, Lester Nienhuis, have a long history of supporting TU, and Rayzor Hall will be a lasting symbol of their leadership and generosity to the university.